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23: "Not just someone. You."

"Out of everything we could be doing tonight, we're going to a party," I grumble, leaning down to slide my foot into the heel awaiting it. He turns to glance at me, his eyes locking on me as though he were in shock. He was perched on the edge of the bed wearing chinos and another shirt that gripped his perfectly sculptured body, making me want to rip my eyes out.

"Jesus, Rose," he breathed, his eyes trailing over me as he whistled. "We don't have to go anywhere."

"I'm going to freeze, aren't I?"

He didn't respond, instead continued to gaze at me like I was his main meal, and he was starving.

"Drake," I swallowed, smoothing down my dress as I turned to see myself in the mirror. I'd gone for a long red bodycon dress with spaghetti straps, my hair loose around my shoulders. I had strappy red heels to complete the look, and I'd put on minimal make up other than soft red lips.

"You won't freeze, you're too fucking hot."

"You look great too. So shall we go?"

He nodded as I walked before him, when his arm suddenly snaked around my waist, turning me towards him.

"Victoria, you look beautiful. Seriously, beautiful."

He sounded so sincere I could only blush in response, determined to let him see what he could have, if only he behaved. Jones, now known as Shannon (she changed her mind constantly- it was exhausting.) was wearing a tight black dress that showed her endless legs, her eyes widening as she saw me and Drake.

"Jesus Christ and all the orphans. If you two aren't the hottest shit I've ever seen-"

"Sshh. I need a drink," I hissed, allowing her to walk me to the kitchen as she giggled.

"He hasn't taken his eyes from you once yet," she observed, pouring a healthy amount of vodka into a glass before topping it up with coke. I sipped it gratefully, as I tried not to meet Drakes eyes.

Which were permanently on me.

I didn't have any competition here though, the proof would be in the pudding I suppose. Let's see how he is when surrounded by more college girls.

"Apparently this party is going to be amazing, you need drink up because we're going soon."

Drake was now in conversation with Brodie who was gazing at me hungrily whilst sipping his drink. I smiled politely before knocking my drink back, pouring myself another quickly.

"Uh, do we need to get you some kinda help? Only that went down way too fast."

I waved my hand at Shannon before downing the next drink.

"I need to steady my nerves," I explained, as I noticed Drake call me over, explaining that our cab had arrived.

"What are you nervous for?" Shannon demanded, sliding her hand into Axels as we walked down the steps. I felt a hand slip into mine as I descended the steps, and I gripped onto it gratefully. The thumb began to circle the skin on my hand as I felt its partner slip around my waist. His familiar scent enveloped me as I allowed myself to be helped down the steps.

"Thank you," I murmured, as I felt his lips graze my hand.

"I got you."

I wasn't sure if it was the vodka trickling into my veins, or if it was the way he said that; but suddenly I had butterflies.

We arrived to the party a little later, and we sat on these cool seats that were actual swings. How did people afford this shit? I whispered to Drake that I was go im ng to get a drink with Shannon, as he nodded with a smile. It didn't take me long to find the alcohol; it was like I had a nose for the stuff. Shannon was with me, poring through the gin that was on offer, before we settled on a Parma Violet version.

"Pour me one babes, I just need to pee," Shannon complained as she darted off leaving me alone with the alcohol.

Which was really no problem.

"That's so sweet, it's like drinking soda," chuckled a voice from beside me as I turned to see a tall blond guy, his blue eyes twinkling at me as I smiled.

"It's my guilty pleasure I'm afraid," I confessed, before rooting in the cupboard for a gin glass. I'd drink it out of a shoe if I couldn't find anything appropriate, but a gin glass would be better. The blond used his height to reach into a cupboard behind me, handing me the glass.

"British, right?"

"Yep. Thanks for this," I held up the glass as I poured a healthy measure in.

"You're welcome. Tell you what, why don't you come outside with me? There's some huge sofas that are like beds-"

"Beds outside?" I repeated, as I finally located the lemonade. I poured it in as he leaned closer to me, his hand brushing my hair back as I froze.

"Yeah, sexy. Come and see them with me."

I had a response on the tip of my tongue when suddenly the familiar scent arrived, a strong arm sliding around my waist as he pulled me to him.

"Nah, you go. Alone," he muttered darkly, as I frowned at him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know she was with someone," he said quickly, his eyes taking in the broad chest and strong arms.

"Well now you do."

"Drake. What was that?" I hissed, reaching for my drink as he stopped my hand, lacing his fingers through mine as he backed me up against the wall.

"What was what?"

His voice was low and husky, captivating my attention as he dragged his hands around my waist, holding me in place firmly as he pressed his body against mine.

"That- telling him I'm with you! I'm not!" I snapped hotly, as he looked at me with a bemused expression.

"No? So why are your nipples so hard against my chest? Why are you gazing at me like you never want me to leave you? Come on, girl. Stop fighting me."

His thumb brushed my lip roughly as his other hand gripped my ass tightly.


His lips danced across my collarbone as I felt the voices and music around us disappear. His lips were like oxygen, and I needed to breathe.

"Who could be better for you than me? Look around, Victoria. Who?"

My hands were now on his back, the rippling muscles beneath my fingers making me ache with desire.


He lifted his head to mine, and I felt myself begin to weaken.

"I want you, no one else," he said softly, his hand tilting my head back to gaze at him.

"How do you know though? Because I can't be treated like any other girl-"

"Because, Victoria. I feel something for you that I've never felt before for anyone, and all we have done is kiss a few times."

My heart hammered in my chest as I allowed myself to feel hope, that this creature in my arms could possibly, just possibly, be mine. The desire to kiss him was almost overpowering, making my stomach do somersaults as he finally looked at me. His face seemed to be in pain almost, as I frowned at him with concern.


"I love you, Victoria. I just do." he said simply, as I felt my body scream with urgency and desire. How many men had told girls this to get them into bed?

"God, I hope you mean it," I choked out, as he chuckled softly.

"When I saw him move your hair I almost broke his fucking fingers. I can assure you, I mean it," with that he leaned down his lips on mine as we kissed urgently my tongue exploring his mouth deeply. He tugged on my hair as I whimpered, my body begging to be released.

"So can we leave this party yet..." I moaned, chewing on my lip as he nodded.

"If you want to go-"

"Drake. I never wanted to leave the bedroom."

His eyes darkened then as he grabbed my hand, marching us towards the door. He muttered something to Axel who grinned broadly at us, before pulling me out of the door.

He got into a cab that some girls had just left, as they gazed at him.

"Sorry girls, this ones mine. Plenty of others in there though," I smirked, as Drake rolled his eyes.

"If I'm yours...then that means you are mine." he growled in my ear as I bit my lip so hard I tasted blood.

"I've been yours for a while now, wouldn't you say?"

"Hardest girlfriend I've ever had to get. Ever. Even harder than Misty Evan's in elementary school, and she made me do tests."

I burst our laughing as his lips met mine again.

"I'm going to make you do one too," I winked, before looking up at him. "Wait, did you say the g word? Drake Anderson wants to be someones boyfriend?"

"Not just someone. You."

He silenced me then with his lips on mine, hoisting me onto his lap as I gasped against his mouth.

"Careful, don't rip my dress!" I cried, as he studied me mischievously.

"Why? Is it designer?"

"No, my Dad got it for me," I bit my lip as he closed his eyes sadly, his fingers caressing the straps.

"Then I promise, I will take it off very, very carefully."

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I'm conscious I've got younger readers so in terms of the smut, I will do either bonus chapters or a little smut book for you all with the scenes in.

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