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26: The Counter

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"Kiss me, Victoria," he growled against me, as his fingers caressed my slick folds. I let out a moan against his lips as he slid himself into me easily, filling me with his swollen member.

He began to rock against me, the friction between us causing intense stimulation of my clit. He was slow, and controlled with each thrust, pulling his full length all the way out before slamming it back in. He kissed me all the while, as he gripped my hips for leverage.

My hands were gripping the side now, my knuckles white as I tried not to fall. His hands moved to my ass as he began to drill into me, his mouth finally moving to my throat as I gasped.


"Ssshh, be quiet," he ordered, as his fingers pressed into my ass cheeks. Above us I heard Brodie moving around, whistling to himself as I struggled to contain my excitement.

"You are going to make me split this fucking rubber, I swear," he whispered as I grabbed fistfuls of his hair, making him curse beneath his breath.

We heard laughter outside, and our eyes met with shock.

"Oh God-" I whispered, as he suddenly began to thrust fast and hard.

"I can't stop-" he muttered.

I didn't care, arching my back against him as he filled me completely. My stomach was in knots and I held my breath, feeling his body go stiff as he emptied himself into me.

I was shivering with delight as he kissed me, pulling out from me slowly. I felt painfully empty without him, and I reached for him. He quickly disposed of the condom, before tugging his joggers up. He positioned himself back where he was, as I held him close.

"I was so close," I mumbled as he slipped a finger inside of me suddenly, pumping it in and out as his thumb stroked my clit.

"Drake, stop-" I begged, as the door opened, revealing Shannon and Axel.

"Ooh, look at those flushed cheeks. Anyone would think you were fucking," crawled Shannon as Axel studied us.

"Wait, you're not, are you?!"

Drake slowly moved his hand, making me shiver with desire as he did. He rested it on my leg, slick from my juices.

"Nah. We were gonna watch a film."

I stared at him in horror as I realised on the floor beside his feet sat my underwear.

Oh. God.

"What film?" asked Axel as he inspected the pancake pan, holding it up to Shannon. "Shall I make pancakes?"

"Excellent idea," smiled Drake, sliding me down from the counter as he tugged my shirt down. I dropped to my knees, swiftly grabbing my underwear as Drake arched a brow in my direction. He shoved them in his pocket, as I made a face at him.

I needed them on!

We walked over to the sofa, as Drake sat down, pulling me down onto his lap, and more importantly, his fingers. I grabbed a blanket as I covered us, his fingers sinking into their previous position easily as I moaned into his mouth.

"What about a horror?" said Shannon, as she whipped eggs in a bowl.

"Mmm," I responded, as Drake flicked my clit with his thumb softly.


He was kissing me now, and pumping his finger in and out of me quickly as I rode his hand, trying not to move too obviously.

He was a fucking expert, I had to give it to him. As I came around his hand, he chuckled as he watched me intently. I bit my lip until blood trickled into my mouth, a slight whimper escaping my lips as I heard him laugh wickedly.

"What's so funny?" asked Axel as he poured the batter into the pan. "Did I miss something?"

"Yeah, something like that," Drake said, finally releasing me as he sucked on his finger.

"Mmm, delicious."

"You want some? I've made enough to go around?" Shannon asked, as I snorted in response. Drakes shoulders began to shake as we laughed, tears streaming down my face as she stared at us blankly.

"You two are fucking weird."

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