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29: Yes you fucking are.

I was sneaking out to see my boyfriend, feeling like a naughty school girl. I closed the door quietly behind me as I crossed the road, seeing him standing in the doorway gazing at me.

In just his bottoms.

"Evening," I whispered, as he pulled me into his arms.

"You actually came," he chuckled softly, opening the door to allow me to pass him.

He led me to the room he was in, and I smiled as he closed the door.

"I'm old enough to drink, have sex, drive a car and vote, yet here I am sneaking out to see you."

Drake made a face as he looked at me curiously.

"You must be referring to England, because the legal age here is a little different, especially for drinking."

I shrugged my jacket off as I climbed into the bed, which was still warm from his body. He slid in next to me, and our limbs intertwined instantly. He kissed me softly, and within seconds it had turned into a more urgent kiss, his hands roaming over my body as I responded with a low moan.

"Drake, in your Grans house?!"

He smirked against my jawline as he sat back, letting out a sigh.

"Well yeah, up until the point where you mentioned my Gran..."

"Sorry," I giggled, as I sat up on my elbow, gazing at him. He had switched the light off, but I could still see him in the moonlight that spilled through the window.

"I love that your Gran lives opposite me," I murmured happily.

"Yeah, me too. Can you start to change at the front of the house, leaving the curtains open-"

"Well that's my Aunts room so...whatever floats your boat."

He grimaced before running his fingers down my bare arm, causing me to shiver involuntarily.

"You really are gorgeous, Drake Anderson."

"I'll have you know I'm more than just a pretty face, Miss Marshall," he tugged me down to him as I kissed him, my tongue meeting his as he chuckled.

"Stop kissing me like that or we're going to end up making babies."

"No because we would use a condom-"

"I hate condoms, just saying."

"All guys do, tough shit."

"I'll get one now shall I?" he sat up as he pushed me back onto the bed, his mouth dotting kisses down my throat as I felt myself succumb to him. He removed my clothes expertly, and I trailed my hand down his body until I felt his hard cock.

"Is that ever not angry?" I asked breathlessly, as he smirked.

"Its fucking furious tonight, isn't it?"

My heart was hammering in my chest when he pulled a condom over it, his mouth on mine as he eased himself into me. Despite having done this already, I still inhaled sharply when he entered me, my mouth pressed against his neck as he began to thrust slowly.

"God, Victoria..."

His voice was close to my ear as I wrapped my legs around him, losing myself in the moment as he picked up pace.

"I'm not going to come, just so you know," I whispered as he tugged on my hair slightly.

"Yes you fucking are," he growled in my ear, his hands pinning mine down as he smirked at me, lifting me by the hips as I felt a whole new sensation sweep over me.

"I can't..." I whispered as his fingers began to work their magic on my clit, combined with the way his thick cock was sliding in and out of me.

"Oh Victoria, yes you can," he kissed me deeply, and I knew I was going to let go despite my early reservations. Just as I began to shudder and moan beneath him, he suddenly flipped me over, pounding into me with such strength I genuinely thought he was going to put me through the wall. His hand clamped around my mouth as I began to moan involuntarily, my body on fire from his touch. Suddenly my skin was incredibly sensitive, his fingers gripping my hips as he slammed into me, my core suddenly releasing what felt like a thousand orgasms beneath him. He let out a growl as he thrust hard, his fingers slipping into my mouth as I sucked on them slowly. .

"Fuck!" he gasped, as his seed filled the thin material between us.

I felt him pull out as I fell to my side, unable to move. He walked to the bathroom, which was attached to his room by a door. I passed him when he came out, and he caught me by slipping a hand around my waist.

"What the fuck was that, huh?"

I shrugged, hiding a smile as I headed into the bathroom. When I came out he was in bed, his arm outstretched for me to crawl in beside him. He pulled me close to him as he kissed me slowly, before we finally fell asleep, our foreheads touching and our arms wrapped around each other.

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