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30: He's my friend

"So you're too busy to come with me to a party but you're good to go to one with him?"

"If it's so important to you that I go to one of your drunk ass parties, I'll go, but just because I'm your girlfriend it shouldn't mean it's compulsory that I go," I argued, as I ran my fingers through my hair. He was lying on the bed watching me, a scowl of his handsome face.

"It's not compulsory, I'd just like you with me."

"I know, Dray, but I have to study. If I want to get a good grade that is."

"Just try and come. I'd love to see you."

He had slid off the bed, before standing behind me as he gazed at me in the mirror.

"It's Halloween, so you may have to dress up," he confessed, as he kissed my shoulder softly.

"It's not even Halloween, what are you on about?" I chuckled as he groaned, his hands on my stomach as I batted them away.

"You're like a teenage boy, constantly wanting to fuck," I murmured, as he nodded.

"Well I kinda am a teenager..."

"No you're not. You're twenty."

He frowned, doing the math in his head as I tried to hide my laughter.

"Oh yeah. Well, I'm just a horny twenty year old then."

My phone beeped, and I leaned over to check it as he studied me.


I rolled my eyes at him as I responded, stopping to think before continuing the text.

"Greg, yes. He is asking about the assignment."

"I bet," he drawled, as I swatted his arm.

"Can you drive me to the library? I've got to get on with this," I gestured at the mounting papers on the table as he yawned.

"Only if-"

"Drake, you are in my room, without the knowledge of my Aunt. If she catches you up here-"

"She won't."

He pulled me over to him by the loop in my jeans, making me squeal as I fell onto him.

"I just want to kiss you anyway, stop getting the wrong idea."

He pressed his lips to mine as I sighed against him, my heart pounding as his fingers unhooked my bra with ease.

"Dray!" I yelled, pushing him off me as he began to laugh innocently.

"I'm sorry, my bad..."

His eyes fell to my nipples as I tried unsuccessfully to clip it back together.

"Argh, that's it, you're too distracting."

He smirked as he stood up, reaching behind me to hook the bra back together. He took the opportunity to brush his thumbs over my nipples, as I sank my teeth into my lip.

"Drake Anderson, stop this right now. I have to study-"

Suddenly I heard my Aunt calling up the stairs, as Drake made a face.

"Stay there," I ordered, as he chuckled, falling back onto my bed.

I heard my Aunt walking up the stairs, her hand pushing my door open as I waved at the closet wildly.

"Just a second Aunt D!" I yelled, hauling my top off to make it look like I was getting dressed. I leaned against the closet doors where I heard Drake gasping for breath from laughing.

"Sorry dear, it's just that Greg's here-"

Greg whistled as he stood behind her, before laughing.

"Don't worry Aunt Dottie, I've seen it all before."

"Not with my niece you haven't," she huffed as I yanked the top over my head desperately, praying Drake didn't burst out and murder him.

"Greg said you need to study?"

"Yes, I do. Erm, I thought we were meeting at the library?" I stared at Greg in confusion as he frowned.

"Yeah, but you don't drive so...here I am."

"Oh what a nice man," beamed my Aunt as I smiled weakly. "Well I'll leave you to it."

She walked away as Greg flopped onto my bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Genuinely considering changing my major. I'm drained with all this hidden meaning bullshit."

"Mmm," I walked over to the closet, before opening it slowly. Drake almost fell out, as I caught him, laughing.

"Funny how you're allowed in and I'm not huh?" he growled at Greg who sat up in surprise.

"You're not allowed in? Why?"

"Because apparently she doesn't look at you like she looks at me," he smirked, before bending down to kiss my lips. "So I see you got a ride to the library now. I'll pick you up, then we can go to the party."

"Dray, I'm not sure I want to go..." I groaned as Greg sat up, suddenly looking awkward on my bed.

"Just a party babe; me, you, some shots..."

I was not going to be able to win this arguement, certainly not now anyway.

"Greg, can you go and distract my aunt whilst I get Drake out?" I sent a pleading look to Greg who did a mock salute. He walked past us, calling for my Aunt as Drake pulled me close to him.

"What the fuck? Is that how he is when he's here? All cosy on your bed-"

"I'm not having this arguement. He's my friend."

"But you're my girlfriend."

"Drake, get a grip. Seriously."

I hated his attitude when it came to Greg, and he knew it.

"I'll see myself out," he snapped, pushing past me to the hallway. I could hear my Aunt laughing from the front room as Greg tried to answer the quiz show questions she was watching.

I walked downstairs dejectedly, and hauled my bag onto my shoulder.

"Let's go Greg," I called, as my Aunt peered at me from her armchair.

"Now tell me you're not seeing Drake Anderson."

I coloured immediately as she began to smile.

"If you're going to be sneaking him up to your room, then you may as well be clear with me."

I groaned, closing my eyes as Greg grimaced at me.

"I'm sorry..."

"I can't say I blame you. He's a fine looking young man. Just be careful. That's all."

"I know. I am being."

"Make sure he wears protection-"

I cringed as I waved goodbye, walking our the front door as Greg joined me, laughing.

"Did you tell her he was in there?" I demanded, my eyes flashing.

"No! She's a savvy woman, your aunt."

"Urgh. How bloody embarrassing."

"What, me seeing you with just a bra? Don't sweat it, you're not the first."



"Shut up."

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