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37: Every Damn Day


She had what?

Kissed Greg.

It had been two days since she told me, and I was still waking up with her in my arms. I watched the digital clock at the side of my bed change as I glanced down at her. Her hair cascaded over my arms, her head buried in my neck as she slept solidly. I'd never done a real relationship before, so it felt surreal her being back with me after our time apart, but if anything I felt closer to her. As she slept in my arms, I realised that all I cared about was that she was with me.

It didn't matter where we were, who we were with, but I needed her with me. She was like an addiction- when she was near me I felt...complete.

I was jealous though. It didn't seem to matter to me that I had kissed another girl- it meant nothing. It was a game, and I was pissed off. That didn't make it right, but what she did felt worse.

She stirred in my arms and I watched as she greeted the world with her sleepy eyes.

"Hey baby," I whispered, as I gazed at her.

"God you look serious," she cackled, stretching her limbs as I sighed. "What are you thinking about?"

She had this way of being stupidly direct, and I didn't have the ability to lie to her in any capacity. I pulled the duvet around us as I moved down the bed next to her, kissing her nose softly.

"Greg," I admitted, as a look of panic passed over her face. She licked her lips nervously before she spoke, her voice quiet.

"What about him?"

"I dunno. The fact you've kissed him makes me want to kill him."

"But I was the instigator. I needed to know I felt nothing, because I wasn't entirely sure I didn't," she bit her lip as I inhaled sharply, suddenly annoyed all over again. I couldn't react like that though, I'd pushed her away.

"So what did you feel?"

I didn't want to hear it, but I did. I needed to know what she felt, to make sure we were making the right decision. She laid back, shifting so her gaze was focused on the ceiling. I propped myself up on my elbow as I waited, my hand resting on her stomach as she spoke.

"Before you, I could've had a thing with him, if I'd wanted to. But I never felt an attraction that was strong enough. I guess when you and I broke up-" her voice quiver slightly before she glanced at me, checking I was ok. I nodded, reassuring her as she continued. "He was really there for me. He had countless opportunities to try it on, and he didn't. I guess I was hurting... and I thought, what if..."

Jealousy gripped my heart as she spoke, and I tried not to imagine what had gone through her mind.

"So we had been drinking heavily-"

"You were drunk?" I snapped with annoyance, as she shook her head.

"I was then first time I asked him, but he said no."

So he was actually a decent guy, I thought as I gritted my teeth. At least if I thought he'd took advantage of her it might've been justifiable to keep hating him.

"So I asked him again," she said, glancing at me nervously as I narrowed my eyes, wondering if I should stop her now. "Are you sure-"

"Just tell me."

"So he did."


We were silent for a moment, as I tried not to imagine his lips on hers, her hands on his body.

"I didn't feel anything like I do when I kiss you."

It should've eased the pain, but it didn't.

"It was shit?" I asked hopefully, as she laughed softly.

"No, it just didn't have anything behind it. Like I didn't know if when he kissed me how I would feel. It could've gone the other way, but I'm glad it didn't."

Great. So he was a good kisser to boot. Wonderful. But here she was, in my bed.

"You kissed someone too. I bet that wasn't shit."

"It was kind of hot actually," I teased, as she socked me in the stomach. I groaned as I grabbed her hand, tugging her beneath me as she scowled at me.

"You fucker."

"Indeed I am. She didn't matter. She wasn't you," I shrugged, as I leaned down to kiss her lips, feeling her hands wrap around my waist.

"Dray, if you ever kiss anyone else again, I'm going to cut your lips off."

"Jesus, theres an incentive to stay faithful," I chuckled, my hands running down her body as she sighed.

"I'm beginning to think all we do is fuck," I raised my eyebrows at her in mock surprise as she continued. "Come on Anderson, do you ever want to do anything else?"

"I quite like oral," I smirked, as she groaned.


"I love doing other things with you. Let's go out today, anywhere you want. Lets go into town together." I suggested, as she wriggled against me.

"Perfect. But could you just kiss me one more time..."

I cut her off, my lips on hers as we began to kiss, neither of us caring about the morning breath situation.

"I'm not fucking you now until you beg, by the way." I climbed out of bed as she watched me, an unreadable expression on her face. She suddenly did the same, revealing her ass as she stretched her arms out to the ceiling. All she had on was a skimpy tank top and a thin silver thong, making my cock ache instantly.

"Oh. That's a shame, I was going to see if you'd like to join me in the shower..." ahe walked past me, as she ran her nails along my stomach. She walked into the en suite, sliding the top over her head, exposing her dark nipples.

"Fuck, Victoria..."

I stood in the doorway, watching as she undressed further, hooking her fingers through the sides of her thong as she dragged it slowly down her thighs before stepping out of it. She glanced over her shoulder before walking over to the sink.

"Come here," she commanded softly, her fingers gripping the sink as I walked in after her, locking the door behind me.

"So I've gotta beg, have I?"

I stood behind her, pushing her forward softly before tugging my pants down. I rubbed the head of my cock against her slick pussy, inhaling sharply when it began to enter her tight hole.

"Beg." I muttered, as she grinned at me in the mirror.

"Fuck me Dray," she moaned, as I began to slide my hand up and down my cock, as the tip thrust against her throbbing clit.

"Drake, come on!" she moaned, her fingers rubbing herself roughly as I decided to fuck her. I loved the little gasps she let out as it forced it's way in to her tight hole, the fact that I could see her in the mirror as I fucked her hard. Her eyes closed as I grabbed a handful of her hair for leverage, the other roughly placed on her hips as I slammed into her repeatedly.

"Oh God, that's so...fucking...good..." she managed to say inbetween thrusts, my eyes meeting hers in the mirror.

"You'll never be fucked better than this. Only I have this effect on you."

I could feel her tightening around me as I rode her harder, her juices making my cock slick as she furiously rubbed her clit. As she began to moan, she told me not to stop. I couldn't have stopped if I'd tried.

I fucked her like I owned her, my sweet little English Rose. My fist held the darkness of her hair as my other hand slapped her ass, leaving a stinging red mark.

"You've been a bad girl..."

She began to cum then, shuddering and moaning around me as I felt my own orgasm build up.

"Come in me, fuck. Fill me with your seed," she was moaning, as my hand went around her mouth.

I exploded into her, slamming my cock on repeatedly as I expanded her tight pussy walls. I saw stars when I came, my entire body going rigid as I tried to pump every last drop into her.

"I love you, Dray." she whispered faintly, her hand on mine as she kissed my lips from behind.

"I love you too, Rose."

I could see that this relationship would definitely be my last, and hopefully it would only end when one of us left this world.

Thats how much I loved her.

I wanted to fill her with my seed every day, until I was too damn old to do it. I wanted to fall asleep with her every night, and wake up with her every morning. I knew that no matter what, Victoria Marshall had my heart, like no one else ever had. Together we could face anything, although I was sure there would be so much more thrown our way.

But I'd be damned if anyone was going to take her away from me.

She was mine, unless she decided otherwise.

Which she wouldn't, because I was going to treat her like a Queen.

Every. Damn. Day.

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