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40: I said I love you

"So you have a hunky American boyfriend who happens to be your universities star quarterback? Christ. You are literally living the dream!" sighed Clare as I smiled. I laid back on my bed as I gazed at her as I groaned.

"I am lucky, very lucky. It's weird to kinda have things going good for me for once. Usually it's the other way round..."

"I know. It's coming up to your dads anniversary..." her voice trailed off, as I nodded.

"Yeah. I know. I'm better here, because I'm not reminded of him everywhere I go. I still miss him so much."

I felt tears prick my eyes as she sighed, glancing around her as she spoke.

"I think moving to America was the best thing that could be happened to you. After your mum, my brother, then your dad...I know how down you were. But you've been so happy everytime I've spoke to you. You seem a little down now." her voice crackled as the screen lagged, giving me the extra time to compose myself.

"I miss Greg. But he's having the best time, I think he is inundated with offers from beautiful British girls," I chuckled as she smiled.

"It's like life is happening to everyone but me. I'm saving every penny to get my ass out to see my beautiful bestie asap. Hey, speaking of which, does your man have any single, hot friends? I really could do with a hunky American round about now. Ideally Ryan Gosling."

"You watch too many movies," I laughed as she pouted.

"Do they have Fanta?"

My door opened, and I was surprised see Drake standing there in his football attire.

"Couldn't wait to see you," he growled, as I tried to signal to him that I was on my phone.

"Oh my God! Is that him?! Is that Drake?!" I heard Clare squeal, as his eyes twinkled at me.

"Sup, Clare."

He grinned at her, as he peered into the phone.

"Jesus Christ. Tell me you have a brother," she breathed as I burst out laughing. Drake looked amused as he glanced at me.

"Nah, sorry. Only child. What's the weather like there?" he asked with interest, as Clare scrambled up from her bed, showing him the street below her house. My heart ached when I saw the familiar street, the leaves blowing in the street as Drake nodded.

"There is is, baby. England."

I nodded as he smiled at Clare.

"Good talking to you, I've gotta shower. Bye," he handed me the phone back as he peeled his sweaty jersey from his body, winking at me as I gazed at him.

"End your call and join me," he whispered, as I heard Clare gasp.

"I heard that! Do not ditch me for those abs."

Drake roared with laughter as he headed towards my bathroom, casting a naughty look in my direction as I shook my head.

"Go and shower. Behave, I've not spoke to Clare in ages."

"Clare understands!" he called back, before the door shut behind him.

"Sorry," I chuckled, as Clare groaned.

"I need your life. Can I borrow him? Oh god I bet he is amazing in bed-"


"Sorry. What about this Greg, I might hunt him down..."

Her laughter died on her lips, as she studied me.

"Babes, I'm kidding. Hey, guess who is having a party next week? Andy Rampton."

She wiggled her brows at me as I chuckled.

"Your cousins best friend. I suppose you could always try..."

We chatted at length before Drake walked back in, signalling I needed to get off the phone ASAP. I said my goodbyes, before turning to Drake who was sitting at the end of my bed with folded arms.

"I'm bored, baby," he whined, as I rolled my eyes.

"Well would you like to help me study? I need to write an assignment on Macbeth," I grimaced, as he made a face.

"Uh, not likely. So what are you thinking of doing over summer?"

I blinked in confusion, as I crawled over to him. I sat astride him as he sat forward, wrapping my legs around him as I did.

"Summer? I don't know, why?"

"We should plan something. Like a vacation," he said softly, as I began to smile with excitement.

"A vacation? Where to? We would need to save I guess-"


I felt my mouth open with surprise, as he chuckled.

"I've always wanted to go."

"Yeah but only for the accent on the girls," I said grumpily, as he pointed at me.

"Nah, got that right here. I was thinking see Clare, maybe you could visit your parents graves..." he looked up at me as I bit my lip, my heart hammering in my chest as I imagined going home, not alone, but with Drake.

"You'd do that?"

He frowned before he kissed me, his minty breath tasting delicious on my tongue.

"I'd do anything for you. I know you miss visiting them. I'd love to come with you."

I nodded, knowing if I wanted to go back to the UK for any reason my Aunt would fund it. She said there was always money for me to travel home, which always helped with any homesickness I felt. I adored her.

"Would you want to see any sights?" I asked curiously, as he nodded eagerly.

"Yeah! Like your old home, where you went to school...oh and then the biggies like the palace and shit in London."

"The palace and shit? Wow..." I laughed as he grinned boyishly.

"You know what I mean. I don't care as long as it's with you."

"It won't be great weather," I warned, as he raised an eyebrow at me.

"But it's summer?"

"Ha! The weather back home is so unpredictable. You could need shorts and a t shirt or you could require a snow mobile. Its bizarre."

"Its warm in bed though, wherever we are..." he teased, as we began to kiss again.

"So we should save, we could stay in a hotel or a cottage," I mused, as he nodded.

"Yes, a cottage! With a hot tub-"

"Right, so we need to save..." I laughed, as he shrugged his shoulders.

"When I'm playing for the NFL money won't be an issue. Promise. One day."

I didn't doubt that he would reach his goals either, the boy was talented.

"I don't care if you are cleaning the sidewalks. I love you regardless."

"Yeah, well I personally can't wait to see you dressed as a teacher, all tight skirts and little shirts-"



"I said I love you..."

He laughed then, before burying his face in my neck.

"I fucking adore you baby."

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