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4: "Fucking Disney PJs."

"More tea honey?"

"Ah, yes please," I smiled as my Aunt took my empty cup. I was almost done with my essay, but it had literally drained my entire body in doing so. It wasn't enough to simply answer the question- you had to fluff it up with about a thousand words.

Or in my case, four thousand.

"Your cousin is home next weekend that should be nice. Maybe you can go out with him somewhere? He is bringing his lovely girlfriend back with him. I've got a feeling they will be getting engaged soon."

I nodded, trying to appear interested. My phone flashed and I grinned when I saw who was calling.

"Claire!" I squealed happily as her pixelated face came into view.

"Yooooo! How's my baby girl?!"

I indicated to my Aunt that I had a call to take, as she waved dismissively. She was so easy to be around, it had made the whole transition alot easier. I pushed open the front door sinking into the little chair that we had on the patio. Or, as it was called here, the porch.

"So! Tell me everything."

I told her about my course straight away, as she nodded, before ushering me on.

"Anyone special?"

"Claire," I rolled my eyes as she stared at me from miles away. "I've barely been here a month."

The door of her bedroom opened behind her and my heart thudded in my chest when his face came into view.

"Where's my fucking keys? I'm gonna stop you borrowing it if you keep doing this."

His icy voice still had the power to slice through my heart, his soft brown hair falling in his eyes as he focused on the screen.


My best friends brother.

"Can you just fuck off? Can't you see I'm busy?" Claire snapped, as he turned away, slamming the door behind him. "Sorry, babe. Didn't think he would come in..."

I forced a smile as I exhaled.

"Is he-"

"Nope. We aren't talking about him. We're talking about you. Please tell me some American hunk has swept you off your feet. Preferably one that looks like Cody Christian."

I hesitated, as my eyes watched a car pull up opposite my house. The door opened and I gasped when I saw Drake step out, swinging his keys around his finger. He stopped when he saw me, a smile playing at his lips as he studied me.

Please God, no. Not now. I'm wearing my fucking Disney PJ bottoms and my Harry Potter hoodie.

Don't come over here.

"Yo, Earth to Vicky," drawled Claire as she frowned, staring at my face curiously.

"Noooo. Oh God. Claire I've got to go."

I smashed at the screen with my fat fingers, as I only managed to turn the camera around.

"Wait! Who the fuck is that!"

He smiled then, as I finally hit the end button.

"Hi," I greeted him politely, trying not to stare at his arms as he leaned on the fence that seperated us.

"Well hey there, Princess."

He nodded at my bottoms as I felt myself sigh.

"Who cares. It's Sunday."

"That it is. So either you live here, or you've somehow managed to snag an older guy."

I furrowed my brow at him as I glanced back at the house.

"I live here. Wait, where do you live?"

"Not here, sadly, but I guess I could start spending more time here. My gran lives there."

"Oh. When you say older guy..." I raised my eyebrows as he frowned in confusion.

"Aaron Taylor. He used to live here. I mean, surely you're too young for him but hey-"

"Aaron? Oh, he's my cousin. I've not met him..." I shrug as he nods slowly.

"Oh. Okay then. So what are you doing later?"

His eyes pierced into mine as I felt my mouth respond instantly without liaising with my brain.


"Good. I can make you busy."

"What did you have in mind?" I asked lightly, wishing I had bothered to at least brush my hair today.

"Come out with me. I want to take you somewhere I think you'd like."

I hesitated, as he rolled his eyes.

"I'm not going to try to rape you, woman."

The door opened behind me as I saw my Aunt smile widely.

"Ah, hello Drake. How are you? I take it you've met my niece?"

He flashed her a winning smile as he gazed at me.

"I've been incredibly lucky to run into her a few times."

"Don't let Aaron hear that," she chuckled as I frowned. "He's already protective of you and he hasn't even seen how beautiful you are. Luckily most of his friends are with girls otherwise-"

"Okay, Aunt Dottie."

I cut her off as my cheeks flamed, feeling Drake gazing at me.

"His friends haven't got a chance, Mrs Taylor. I'm doing my best and I'm getting nowhere," he chuckled as I bit my lip, watching his eyes darken suddenly.


My Aunt winked at me as she walked back into the house, holding the door open for me.

"Tea, Victoria."

I stood up as he watched me, pushing himself away from the fence as I tried not to stare.

"I'll be back in a few hours."


He winked at me then, before watching me walk inside.

Fucking DISNEY pjs.


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