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7: "I could teach that man, trust me."

His house was super cosy, and not at all what I expected.

"I thought you would be a pool in the back yard kinda guy, if I'm honest." I confessed as he raised an eyebrow to me.

"You're just full of assumptions, aren't you?"

"Well, in my defence, you're a quarterback. You guys have a rep."

He sank into the sofa, handing me a can of diet coke whilst looking at me with intrigue.

"What? Quarterbacks have a rep?"

"Oh come on. They usually have a cheerleader girlfriend-"

"Which I don't." he said smugly, whilst I held my hand up for silence.

"They have a bad attitude to women-"

"I've just drove you home to watch a film on the sofa with me. I even made you a tea."

I sighed as he chuckled.

"You're stupidly attractive."

He tilted his head to the side then, striking a pose for an unseen camera.

"You're super fit."

"Ok. So far I don't have the Cheerleader girlfriend, or the bad attitude." he argued, as I studied him.

"Ok, what about at high school?"

I relaxed back into the sofa as he groaned, bringing Netflix up on the wall mounted tv.

"Alright, maybe at high school I wasn't an angel."

I felt a smile play at my lips as he sighed.

"Ok. I had a cheerleader girlfriend. But I still wasn't a dick to women."

I felt jealously pass through me, imagining him sat with some bimbo, as she cheered him on in games.

"So what about you? British, brunette curvy, sexy. Always reading. Says no to every guy."

"I don't say no to every guy!" I argued, making his eyes darken.

"Oh. Just me, Brodie and Hamlet from your class?"

I snorted then, almost spilling my tea. He shook his head as his eyes travelled down my t shirt.

"Whoops, looks like you're all wet."

"Really?" I sighed as he suddenly peeled his top off, revealing a tanned stomach, complete with rock hard abs.

"Put that on," he leaned forward as I searched for somewhere to get changed. "I won't look."

The tea had ruined my t shirt, and I had no option but to take it off. Keeping an eye on him I slipped the wet one off, pulling his dry one over my head as I shivered with delight. It was still warm from his body and smelt so good I could've ate it. I sat back down on the sofa as I pulled his hand away from his eyes.

"You can look-"

"But I can't touch, right?" He murmured, his hand capturing mine. His green eyes ran over me slowly, his head shaking as he did.

"Damn. You look good in my clothes," his hand slid to my waist as he pulled me next to him, my body against his as he threw his head back in exasperation.

"So what film are we watching?"

"What? Oh yeah. Film. Operate brain, Anderson," he muttered as I began to laugh quietly.

"Pride and Prejudice."

Wow. I wasn't expecting that. It was one of my favourite films, and I was amazed he was willing to sit and watch it with me.

"Hardly your cup of tea," I snorted as he sighed.

"How do you know that? You're so judgemental."

"I doubt Malibu was into Jane Austen," I said dryly as he laughed loudly.

"No you're right. Countless youtube make up tutorials, and cheer routines." he muttered as I looked up at him suddenly.

"Why was you with her then?"

He turned his head to mine, gazing at my lips whilst he stroked his finger down my face slowly. If I just moved forward slightly I could easily close the gap between us.

"I have absolutely no way of answering you when you're looking at me like that," he whispered, making my heart hammer in my chest wildly. I remained still when he leaned forward, brushing his lips against mine softly. I felt a moan escape my lips as he pulled me closer, our mouths finally meeting with a fevered urgency. His tongue softly stroked mine as he pressed me closer to him. I pulled away reluctantly, as he shook his head.

"Nah, I need more of that."

This time he held my face in both hands, as I felt my resolve crumble. It was futile trying to resist this creature. I felt my hands creep around his neck and into his soft hair, whilst his hands fell to my waist. When we broke apart this time, our foreheads remained together, our eyes searching the others.

"I'm sorry, but I had to kiss you. I've been wanting to for so long," he confessed, he thumb tracing circles on my hip whilst he spoke.

"Don't be sorry, it was nice."

"Nice?" He repeated with a chuckle, as I moved away slowly. His fingers laced with mine as I winked at him.

"Maybe you can learn some moves from Mr Darcy." I suggested, trying not to laugh as he scoffed.

"I could teach that man, trust me."

"I highly doubt that."

"Don't doubt me. I'll only continue to prove you wrong."

Without thinking, I leaned forward and kissed him briefly, surprising us both.

"You do that," I smiled softly.

"You gonna keep rewarding me with those fucking lips?"

"Sshh. Watch the film."

He made a zipping motion over his lips, sliding his hand over mine.


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