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8: "You know Drake though..."

"Your fucking cousin is who?"

I glanced at Jones, who had finally resurfaced. I didn't ask where she had been, and the only explanation she had offered was that she was 'tired of dealing with family shit'.

"Aaron Taylor. Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because he is one of the hottest guys to ever. Like, fuck. Can I come and stay at yours this weekend?"

I shook my head as I continued writing.

"Apparently he has a girlfriend."

"He was like, a God. I didn't go to his school, but it didn't matter. Everyone knew who he was. He had some hot ass friends too. One was called Christian Randall- honestly- you need to go and stalk these guys online."


"So. Have you seen Drake?" she asked innocently, appearing to be lost in her work suddenly. I nodded, before continuing to write.

"Yeah, I watched a film with him the other day-"

"What?!" she demanded, her mouth falling open in surprise.

"Uh, it's no big deal-"

"You went to his house? That's a big deal, fuck. What happened?"

"We watched Pride and Prejudice. We spoke about Mr Darcy-"

She cut me off then, waving her hand in front of me.

"The fuck? I don't care about Mr Darcy right now. Did you, you know, do anything?"

I lifted my eyes to hers, frowning slightly.

"Nothing happened, not really."

"That means something happened! Come on, you don't go to a guys house unless you like him- admit it, you like him!" she pointed her pen at me triumphantly, making me smile. I held my Romeo & Juliet book up, tapping it with my nail.

"He's a nice guy. But theres nothing serious going on, so until then, I'm lost in Romeo. Seriously, if this guy were real-"

"Romeo Montague? Sorry to break your heart sweetheart, but he was hook, line and sinker for Juliet," drawled a voice from the other side of the bookshelf, making Jones and I exchange a look. I moved a pile of books to see Greg sitting there.

"Eavesdropping are we?" challenged Jones, as he rolled his eyes.

"Its a library. Everyone can hear you." he pointed out, his eyes refusing to meet mine. "But congrats on making out with the quarterback. I mean, life goals and all that."

"Shut up Simon," snapped Jones, clearly still miffed that he hadn't fallen for her charms at the party. A smile played on his lips as I shook my head.

"His name is Greg. He's messing with you."

Jones stared at me briefly, before flipping Greg the finger.


"I told you it was a dick move," I shrugged when he looked at me with annoyance.

"I told you you were better than a quarterback," he shot back playfully, making me stuck my tongue out at him.

"He has a name," I reminded him, his shoulders shrugging as he played with his pen, tapping it on the table.

"What's in a name?" Greg murmured, making me send him a smile.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," I chuckled, stretching as I felt a foot hit my shin.

"Ow! What are you doing?!" I cried out, rubbing my shin as Jones nodded over to Greg, who snapped his eyes away from me quickly.

"He likes you," she hissed, as I scowled at her.

"We've just read some of the same books, he doesn't!" I hissed back, putting my finger to my lips. "I don't think he likes anyone."

"Girls," said Greg, leaning on the table as he crouched dow beside us. I wondered how long he had been stood there, considering I didn't even see him move. "I can hear everything you're saying."

We were quiet then, whilst he chuckled softly to himself.

"You're both hot. Maybe me and you could have had some fun, but not when you're raking your nails down his back." he nodded at me, making me snap my book shut.

"Greg. I'm not raking my nails down anyones back-"

"No?" he raised his eyebrows at me as I shook my head.

"No!" I was dismayed to think thats what people thought. I looked to Jones for back up, gaping when she shrugged in agreement with Greg.

"To be fair, I kinda assumed you guys did..."

"What?! Why? Because we watched a film?" I cried, as Greg chuckled again.

"Movie. We call it movie."

"Argh. Whatever. I'm going to go and study at home, you two can keep each other company."

I stood up, annoyed.

"Ah, don't be like that-" began Greg, laughing with Jones who looked at me helplessly. I knew she had a massive crush on him, but I kind of expected her to at least come with me.

I rolled my eyes, making my way out of the library.

"You know Drake though. He will soon be bored of the novelty."

I stiffened as I came to a halt. I turned to see the tunnel that led to the main building, two shadows visible through the glass.

"That's true. He doesn't settle down does he? He said his parents are away this weekend, hence the party. Maybe I'll go and see him a little earlier."

My stomach dropped, hurt and jealously filling my body. Who was that? Drake wasn't a common name. Who else would they be talking about?

"He is so hot, girl." the second girl gushed, as the first one laughed. "The Brit bitch will soon be gone."

"You ought to see him in the bedroom-"

I felt the library door open behind me, to hear Greg murmur in my ear.

"Oh, hello there. Who are we spying on?"

"We're not." I huffed when I felt Jones slide her arm through mine, looking up at me with concern. I walked forward, feeling better now I didn't have to walk past the muppets on my own.

"I thought you'd be gone-" Jones started, smiling a hello at one of the girls that stood there staring daggers at me.

"Were you talking about me earlier? The novelty?" I asked her, enjoying watching her shrink back in surprise. Some people couldn't deal with confrontation. I recognised her as the girl I first asked for directions on my first day.

The bitch.

"Whatever makes you think we'd be talking about you-" she laughed, shaking her head in disbelief at her friend who joined in as if on cue.

"I'm not his new toy, and I'm not with him. You go right on ahead, I've got shit to do."

She gasped, trying to pretend she had no idea what I was talking about.

Jones caught on quickly, rolling her eyes at the girl.

"I'll bet Drake will be busy too, just not with you sweetheart. I'd check with him first," she said sweetly to the girl who's features twisted into an angry snarl.

"Fuck you."

Jones considered her for a moment, before shaking her head.

"I'll pass."

I stifled a giggle as Greg followed us quickly.

"Whoa, what was that?"

"Well it seems Drake is in demand," murmured Jones, as I grabbed my bag from my locker. I was seething.

"You aren't seeing him, you can't really complain if he's got fans," pointed out Jones, offering me a chewing gum. "I've got to dash, I'll call you later?"

She hugged me as I sighed, watching her walk away.

"You don't sleep around, do you?" mused Greg, as I gaped at him in surprise.

"That's why you're angry. You must've kissed him, or worse; slept with him to have a reaction like that," he chewed his lip as he nodded to the exit. "Let's go for a walk," he suggested.

How did he know so much?

"You think I overreacted?"

"No, that's not what I said. But I am making assumptions about you. Am I wrong?"

I followed him out of the doors, grateful for the fresh air.

"I'm not going to address certain aspects. But I don't know, I don't like the idea of getting involved with some high profile guy...especially one with his own fan club."

"In fairness, it's not really his fault is it?"

"Now you're his brother in arms?"

"Oh don't be a bitch. It doesn't suit you." he snapped, sighing as he pointed at a car.

"Do you wanna come for some food? I'm starving."

"As long as its hot and plenty of it. I'd kill for a roast dinner right now."

"A what?"

I followed him to the car as I groaned. How can he not know what a roast was?

"Meat, veggies, potatoes, gravy and stuffing. Oh not forgetting Yorkshire puddings."

"And you eat this at night?" he asked, as I chuckled.

"No, traditionally its eaten in the day. Like lunch."

We discussed it at length until we arrived to a cafe he knew of.

"It's called Rudyards," he explained, my heart warming at the sight of it. It was lined with books inside, and soft lights adorned the table. It reminded me a little of home, especially with the rustic themed ceiling.

"So why do you love reading so much?" I asked as we ordered our drinks.

"Who doesn't?"

"Tell me about you."

"Urgh, no. I'm really boring." he confessed, as I felt my stomach rumble as I read the menu.

"Fine. Shall we sit in perfect silence?" I retorted playfully, making him arch an eyebrow at me quizzically.

"Well, at least it would be a companionable one, darling."

The drinks arrived, and I sipped my coffee gratefully. We ordered the meals of the day, and he wasted no time in getting to the subject of Drake.

"When you left England, is that what you thought would happen? You'd come here to study and you'd fall for a jock?"

"Right," I snapped, as he began to smile already. "Are you going to tell me why you hate him so much?"

"I don't hate him," he said simply as he sipped his espresso. "I don't understand how all the wrong guys get the right girls. That's all."

"But Jones is amazing and you slapped her down," I argued.

"Jones isn't my type. She's too full on."

"So you have a type? How medieval."

"I'm into brunettes. I can't help what I'm attracted to. I like intelligence, but with a sense of humour."

"So it's her hair colour? What a snob," I shook my head in despair.

"No, it's just not there. I can't force something I dont feel."

I couldn't argue with that.

We spent the rest of the meal exchanging our thoughts on the books we had read, before I noticed the time.

"Shit, I need to get home. My cousin arrives back tomorrow."

"Its cool, I'll run you home. Where is it?"

We split the bill, making our way out to his car. He tapped on his phone before playing an eclectic mix.

"You like some cool music," I smiled, as he sang along to the lyrics.

"I think I was born in the wrong era. I should've been here in the sixties."

It was really easy being with Greg, and I hoped I could continue to see him as a friend. He dropped me at my door, not before making sure he had my number.

"So, say no if you want. But I know of this party this weekend," he shook his head at the alarm in my eyes. "Think campfires, big coats and ghost stories. There probably will be vodka, it is some kind of a party after all. If you wanna come, let me know. No worries if not."

Two parties this weekend and I was pleased I had an invite to at least one.

"I know Aaron is here this weekend so I will let you know."

"Ah yeah, I forgot. Well, I'll see you soon either way," he winked at me as I smiled, waving as he drove off. I turned and walked towards my house, feeling much more relaxed than I did earlier. I dropped my bag on the floor before stifling a yawn. My Aunt had left me a note explaining she had a migraine and had gone to bed early, and that she would be going to pick Aaron up from the airport around midday tomorrow if I wanted to come.

My phone beeped, and I opened the message to see it was from Claire.

Have you heard from Alexander? No one has heard from him and I just wondered if you had. You know, because- well. I know he misses you. I know it's hard for you but...if you have, just say. Sorry to ask.X

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