The Assassination Of Alice Deacon

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Alice Deacon is the wife of the highly successful Lucas Deacon. They have everything you could dream of- the house, the cars, the staff, the dirty sex. Not to mention money. One day Lucas is called away on urgent family business, and Alice is suddenly at risk. Someone wants Alice dead. Someone who knows what they are doing. Someone who won't stop until she is.

Romance / Action
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The coffin was lowered into the ground, the clenched pale hands releasing dirt onto the top when it reached its final resting place. People began to walk away, but two men remained.

"You swore you'd look after her. You gave me your word."

"I tried, I did-"

The head snapped up in rage, the eyes menacing as they bored into those of the other man. Bloodshot, tired and weeping. He looked older than he was. He was still incredibly handsome, despite his grief that was eating him from the inside out.

"You didn't succeed."

The other man dipped his head in shame, as he stared at the now dirt covered coffin. The rain splattered down around them, huge drops that clung to their skin as they stood, frozen like statues. Neither wanted to move; neither could.

"You weren't the only one that loved her," the words drifted from his mouth, forming smokey clouds on the cold air. "We all did."

"But she was mine."

He couldn't argue with that.

"I'm sorry."

"Tell that to Alice," he snapped bitterly, wiping a tear from his face.

Both men stared at one another, before they became aware of a car drawing up alongside the grave. The door opened, and the Italian leather shoes that hit the floor with a loud thud gave away their owner. Dressed in an expensive black suit, a long dark coat billowing around him as he stood watching them, his full height causing him to appear more menacing than he was.

He opened his umbrella, walking forward with a single red rose in his hand.

"Lucas," whispered one of the men, his voice lost in the wind. "Lucas I'm deeply so very sorry for your loss."

His eyes flickered over to him, studying him as he cracked his neck to each side.

"I will not offend the memory of my wife by speaking to you by her grave," he said quietly, before turning towards the other man.

"Leonardo. You have my deepest sympathies," he bowed his head as he spoke, his voice low as the man named Leonardo regarded him coolly.

"You didn't see fit to turn up to the funeral?"

"I couldn't watch her be put there," he said softly, his gaze flickering over to the hole in the ground. The rain drops slid from his umbrella as he gazed, lost within his own thoughts temporarily.

"Even now, six foot beneath the feet of every other living being on this planet, she is still more beautiful. In death she still upstages them all. My beautiful Alice."

The three men stared down at the grave, before Lucas threw the rose in.

"Ti amo più di qualsiasi cosa," he whispered softly, as Leonardo closed his eyes. "La morte non ci separerà."

"Death separates us all," muttered Leonardo, as he wiped his eyes roughly. "Even those we feel we cannot live without. A father should never have to bury his daughter, Lucas. I will miss her every second I breathe."

Lucas bowed his head, before walking around to Leonardo and grasping his hand with both of his, his eyes locked on his as he spoke.

"Please take no offence from me leaving so suddenly. I have business to care for. Forgive me."

He turned and walked away as he turned and held the car door open.

"Phillip. Come for a drive, would you? I feel we have matters to discuss."

Leonardo frowned at the man before him, who seemed to have lost the colour in his face. He smiled weakly at Leonardo, before whispering something in the direction of the grave.

He took his time in walking over to the car, before sliding in wordlessly beside Lucas.

Leonardo watched the car move smoothly away, before turning back to his daughters grave.

"Whoever did this to you, will pay. I swear it. I'm so sorry, my beautiful angel. I love you."

His words were final, yet he did not move. He thought of his family, all currently at the wake that they had to attend. People had come from all over to wish Alice goodbye, and he hadn't been able to leave.

He sank to his knees in the rain, finally alone. He bowed his head as he stared at the coffin, seemingly unaware of the rain around him.

He whispered words into the air that no one heard, and his shoulders shook as the sobs racked his body.

Alice Fallon was dead.

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