The Assassination Of Alice Deacon BOOK 5

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Alice & Phil- Night 1

I clutched the phone, tears springing into my immaculately made up eyes.

"I'm sorry. But I have to go," he said softly as I held back a sob. I'd spent the past two hours in a beauty salon having all my body haired removed, my make up professionally done and my hair curled to spirals over my shoulders.

For him to tell me he was flying to Italy.

Family business.

"Has someone died?" I asked icily, my voice giving away my anger. I walked over to the bar in the corner of the room, filling a glass with whiskey before knocking it back.

"Yes, actually. My uncle. He was my...he helped me understand the world we live in now."

"Great. Well when will you be back?"

"Alice, I don't know. But you need to stay with Rafe; a family funeral is no place for a baby."

"Are you even coming home first?"

"No, Caro. I will call you tomorrow. Please just stay with Phil until I'm home. Promise me you will not cause any problems for me whilst I'm gone?"

Unbelievably, I simply agreed. I was beginning to tire of being the wife of Lucas Deacon. I barely saw him, and when I did he was distant.

"You know I love you. I'll see you when I'm home. Can you put Phil on the phone for me?"

That was it, I was dismissed. I held the phone limply at my side as I walked downstairs towards the den where Phil would be watching the game. His eyes widened when he saw me, and I realised I was still wearing my silky robe with nothing beneath it.

A welcome home gift for my ever absent husband.

I handed him the phone, raising an eyebrow as I slumped on the sofa next to him, pissed that I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. Phil took the call, speaking quietly as he met my eyes. I could see the pity there, and it angered me. He handed me back the phone as I lifted it to my ear, to hear silence.

"He's gone?" I swallowed, as Phil sighed.

"He's shook up, doll. I know you're pissed-"

"Do you? Look at me, Phil. I look like a damn whore. For what? The invisible man."

I bit my lip as the tears slid down my cheeks, unable to hold them back any longer. Phil looked uncomfortable, before refilling my glass and handing it to me.

"I know it ain't much, but you don't look like a whore."

"Thanks, Phillip." I sang sarcastically as I sipped the whiskey. He sat beside me as he nodded at the screen.

"I can turn this off-"

"No it's fine. I'm going to just-"

"You know what. You look gorgeous. Why don't we go out? We can grab some food, and you can dazzle everyone looking like that."

He smiled at me kindly as I considered his words.

"Only if you drink with me. I'm tired of drinking alone."

He nodded as he waved at the stairs.

"I haven't got your husbands money so nothing too fancy ok?" he grinned as I skipped up the stairs. I decided on jeans and a salmon pink wrap top that hugged me in all the right places. I slipped on matching heels and nodded at my reflection.

"You may be a wife, and a mother, but you're still only twenty."

I grabbed my coat, before walking downstairs to meet Phil.

"You look great. I've got the car waiting outside, can't wait to get me an ice cold beer."

"Yay, like you're officially off duty."

"Well, no. Not really..." he shrugged apologetically as we got into the car, instructing the driver to take us to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean. It was my favourite, the food was insanely beautiful and the wine was some of the best I'd had.

"Can't you just relax, for one evening?"

"If I relaxed I'd be sacked. I'd probably end up so drunk I'd fall asleep somewhere and you'd end up looking after me."

He laughed then, and squeezed my hand affectionately.

"I can still be fun, even if I'm not fully horizontal on the sidewalk."

"So tell me about you. You know everything about me, the only time we aren't together is when I'm taking a piss."

"Such a beautiful way with words, darling. You know me, I like the simple life. Can't be doing with drama."

"Yet you are in the mob."

He squinted slightly as he inhaled, making a motion with his hands.

"Hmm, but that is organised drama. It's the petty shit I can't stand."

I arched a brow at him, as he held his hand up.



We laughed then, as he groaned.

"Yeah, like her," he shuddered, before continuing. "I don't like mushrooms or onions. Why the fuck people eat that shit is beyond me."

"What? Oh god, you're as bad as Rafe," I tutted as he raised his eyebrows at me.

"He's a beautiful kid, you should be proud."

I didn't answer him as I nodded, turning to gaze out of the window.

The car rolled up beside the restaurant as I smiled with excitement. I loved it here.

Phil strolled in first, getting us a table immediately. It was by the window, overlooking the ocean.

"The best table in the house," I murmur sadly, as he frowned.

"And that's a bad thing?"

"No, but it's just...sometimes I wish my name wasn't known everywhere we go."

He sighed as he examined the drinks menu, his deep brown eyes scanning the words before he ordered a fine bottle of wine, with two beers to start.

"Look. Why don't you just be Alice tonight. Not Alice Deacon, or Alice Fallon."

I blinked, unsure how to answer him.

"I don't even know who that is."

He pushed a hand through his hair as the wine arrived, waving away the offer of a taster first. Our glasses were filled, and I sipped it slowly, taking a moment to consider his words. Who was I, really?

Phil being Phil managed to distract me, talking about funny stories from his youth, to how he came to working for Lucas.

"I knew you were different," he mumbled though a mouthful of pasta.

"Phil, Christ. Finish your food before you speak!" I laughed as he rolled his eyes.

"Its like being out with my gran."

"Manners are free," I teased, spooning the delicious steak into my mouth.

"Yes ma'am."

He saluted me as I sipped my wine sitting back to study him.

"Different how?"

"Fiesty. Yet beautiful."

"You think I'm beautiful?"

He coloured then before waving me away dismissively.

"If you like that kinda thing."

I scowled at him playfully before tucking back into my meal. The meat melted on my tongue, the peppery spice making me groan in delight.

"Oh yeah, and you can sure cook."

"You're welcome."

"I wasn't surprised he fell in love with you."

He was quiet now, twisting the wine stem in between his fingers as I watched him. I'd spent so much time with this man, and yet I didn't even know he didn't like mushrooms, let alone to ask him what he thought of me. Yet here he was, trying to cheer me up when I was trussed up like a chicken.

"Yeah, well. Shit happens."

"You've got everything a woman would want," he pointed out, finishing his wine and signalling for a refill.

"Have I?" I challenged him, as the waiter filled our glasses up slowly.

"Of course. What do you yearn for, really?"

I sipped the wine, before deciding to gulp it.

"Attention? I don't know. Maybe I'm just a whiny bitch. But I'm twenty, not ninety."

"I hear you kid."

I looked at him with surprise, as he sighed.

"I love Lucas, I do. But its doesn't mean I think he does thing right. You know?"

I placed my wine glass down, before leaning forward, speaking lowly.

"Ever since I had Rafe- he lost interest. The sex-"

"Whoa, Alice I can't sit here drinking wine and talking to you about your sex life with my boss," he chuckled, as he sipped his wine. "You need your girlfriends for that."

"But I only have you, Phil. Who else understands him like us?"

I knew I was on dangerous territory, asking his closest henchman to chat marital problems with me. But I didn't care.

"Jeez...just...don't ever tell him you spoke to me, okay? He knows too many places to bury people. Which he has done, for less," he pointed at me before finishing his wine.

"You can sure drink. But can you keep a secret?" I asked smoothly, signalling for the check.

"Fucking hell, don't tell me any secrets. I have a big mouth."

"I'm not happy any more."

He stared at me then, the words finally spoken. He nodded slowly, before dropping his credit card onto the waiting tray.

"I know. I'm sorry Alice, I don't even know what to say. At least you love each other."

I smiled thinly, before pulling my coat on.

"Thank you for dinner, and for listening to me."


We made our way to the car, as we slid into the back seat. I couldn't help but cry, yet I didn't want Phil to know. It was hard enough admitting I was unhappy, without having to contend with that pitiful look he gave me.

As we walked back into the house I dropped my coat onto the kitchen table, before pulling a bottle of prosecco from the fridge.

"You want a glass for that?"

I jumped as I turned to see Phil standing close to me. I wiped at my eyes as he sighed, holding his arms out stiffly.

"I'm a hugger. Not a very natural one, but I'm a hugger."

I walked into his arms awkwardly, as he kissed my head.

"Don't cry. It's ok to feel shit sometimes."

"What about all of the time?" I sobbed, as I finally let the tears go.

"Yeah that's not ideal. Not ideal at all."

We stood like that for a while, me breathing in his strong cologne, his large arms protecting me from reality as I cried. He didn't say anything else; he didn't have to.

He understood.

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