Mrs. Billionaire

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After her marriage to Liam Hawke, Yvonne is in the public eye now more than ever. The memory of being kidnapped and almost killed by Gretchen-a deranged woman hellbent on making Liam hers-is now only a thing of the past. Unfortunately for Yvonne, Gretchen has escaped from prison and she no longer just wants to be with Liam-she's out for blood. Yvonne's blood to be exact. And she won't stop until Yvonne is dead once and for all. *This is the sequel to my Wattpad story Mr. Billionaire * Copyright©2015

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She was back. Her eyes-cold, calculating and dangerous-stared into mine.

This situation was eerily familiar. The way she stalked toward me, her hair in a halo around her face. The expensive leather jacket, the Louboutins clacking softly against the floor as she came closer.

The gun in her hand gleamed in the darkness and all I could do was stare at it, knowing this was the end. Knowing I would die right here, right now.

"No!" he shouted as she pointed the gun at me, resting the cold metal against my forehead.

He struggled against the men holding him, his blue eyes holding fury and wrath...holding fear because even he knew how this was sure to end.

The gun clicked and I just looked at him, taking in his beauty one last time.

"I love you," I mouthed to him, closing my eyes.

"NO!!!" he yelled as a shot rang out in the room.

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