The Gentleman's Club

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After catching her on again off again boyfriend, Melvin, sleeping with the most promiscuous woman in Manhattan, Sapphire Jenkins calls the relationship off completely. She is wallowing in sorrow until she unexpectedly ends up in The Gentleman's Club -a club for the wealthy and successful men in Manhattan. It's not really her scene. Just a bunch of pompous, rich jerks and women trying to get their claws into them. And then Sapphire meets Giovanni DeLuca. Giovanni is a man of few words and he moves with an air of mystery. Giovanni is nothing like Melvin. He is quiet, reserved and has given up his old playboy ways since he lost his sight five years prior to their meeting. Before she knows it, her encounter with Giovanni will send Sapphire's world spiraling in ways she couldn't have possibly imagined even in her wildest dreams. Highest Rank: #4 in ChickLit Copyright©2017

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Chapter One: Mr. Wrong

Bad boys ain't no good
-Mr. Wrong, Mary J. Blidge

"I just don't understand why," I cried, my eyes overflowing with tears. My friends Lola and May sat on both sides of me, rubbing my shoulders and trying to comfort me.

So you're probably wondering why. Why I'm bawling like a baby. Why I feel helpless. Well, there's one word and six simple letters to answer your questions.


He was the epitome of my life. He literally meant the world to me. Unfortunately, I don't think he could say the same about me. So he went and had sex with another woman: Big Boobed Becky, the sluttiest woman in all of New York.

I sniffled, shaking my head as I stared down at my Starbucks frappe. I wasn't even happy to see my frappe, which meant I was über depressed.

"You know what I say, Sapphire?" Lola said, fixing me with her serious hazel eyes. "To hell with him. If he actually wanted Big Boobed Becky over you, the guy's an idiot."

"Amen, sister," May agreed, nodding her head vigorously.

I look up at my two best friends. Lola Hathaway. I've known her since the ninth grade. She was tall, around 5'9 with legs that could make any woman green with envy. She had flaming locks of auburn hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. Her skin was smooth, not even the beginning of a blemish on her.

May Chang had befriended me in tenth grade. It didn't take very long for her and Lola to become friends, too, and before we knew it we were all hanging out together. May was beautiful. She was Chinese with long black hair and beautiful alabaster skin. Her dark eyes seemed to take in everything, missing nothing. She was creepily observant. She seemed to notice things that no one else did.

"I'm not denying he's an idiot," I finally spoke, fiddling with the straw. "But I love him so much." I bit my lip to keep from sobbing loudly. I was quiet, collecting myself before I continued. "We break up and we get back together. That's just how it works with Melvin and I. But now, with what he did!" I shook my head, fighting for self control. "I can't forgive him for this."

"Yeah and you shouldn't," Lola said, narrowing her eyes. "You're gorgeous, Phire. You could easily find a guy who would stay with you. None of that on and off nonsense." She scoffed. "You could definitely find someone who hasn't slept with Big Boobed Becky. Who knows how many STDs he has now?"

May giggled loudly and then clamped her hand over her mouth when she realized how loud she was.

"Lola's right, though," May said after ceasing her fit of giggles. "You can do better, Phire. Melvin didn't deserve you. I know it, Lola knows it, you know, all of New York knows it."

I sighed. I understood where my friends were getting at here, I really did. But that didn't change the fact that Melvin and I had history. It would take a lot more than a frappe and kind words to pull me out of my slump.

"You know what, I have an idea," Lola said, snapping her fingers in a way that said, 'By golly, I've got it!'

May and I turned to see the suddenly excited look Lola had on her face.

"Have you guys heard of The Gentleman's Club?" Lola asked.

I frowned at her. "You mean like a strip club?"

"No, not those Gentleman's Clubs, I'm talking about The Gentleman's Club," she elaborated.

My eyes suddenly widened and May gasped. Of course we knew about The Gentleman's Club. Everyone in New York knew about it. Every eligible bachelor in New York was a part of it. All the men there were either rich, famous, influential, powerful or all of the above. Women did practically anything to get in and find their own Prince Charming. The women who actually got in had to have charm, class, beauty and the drive to snare a rich husband. The only trouble was not every woman who wanted to get in actually got in. Two out of every fifteen women actually got in.

"Of course we know about The Gentleman's Club," May breathed after a moment of surprised silence.

"I can get us in," Lola said smugly, sitting back and watching our expressions with amusement glinting in her hazel eyes.

I have no doubt our expressions were comical. May kept opening and shutting her mouth like a fish out of water, while I blinked and stared at her as if she'd just told me Nicki Minaj's butt was real.

"How?" I finally breathed.

"Well," Lola began, leaning forward. She was clearly enjoying herself. "I know the bouncer. He and I kind of... have a thing going on." She blushed a little. "He said I could come by whenever I wanted and I could bring friends. He said he'd put in a good word for me and I'd be in there before I could blink."

"How long have you been hiding an invitation to the most exclusive club in New York from your two best friends?" May shrieked loudly, ignoring the people who turned to stare at her.

"For about four months, maybe longer." Lola shrugged.

"Wow, The Gentleman's Club. The Gentleman's Club," May said to herself, her tone colored with disbelief. "I can't believe it. I just can't."

Lola smiled and turned to look at me.

"It would be the perfect way to take you mind off of that jerk," she said softly. "Come with us. Flirt with a few rich guys. And then when you leave The Gentleman's Club, Melvin will be more of a distant memory."

I looked down at my frappe. I looked up, opening my mouth to say no to them. But when I met their eyes my protests died in my throat. Their eyes were earnest, sincere. They really were going out on a limb here, they were really trying to help.

"Fine," I sighed. "Fine, I'll go."

May squealed and bounced up and down in her seat, earning us even more bemused stares.

I didn't know why, but I had a weird feeling settling in my gut.

Something was about to change.

(A/N): So, I decided to release this first chapter to you guys! I've been writing this story for a while now and I've just decided to share it with you guys! I'll be releasing it on Radish and you guys can read it all there. Radish is a site where I'll be payed for my work and, as a writer, that's the dream! I hope you ladies and gents will support me and join me on my journey through Radish.

(P.S.): Don't worry, Mr. Billionaire and Mrs. Billionaire will stay on Wattpad. And I will be finishing Mrs. Billionaire. For fans of The Alpha, I'll be moving The Alpha to Radish. The remaining chapters will be there by late December or early January!

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