Beautiful Oblivion

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An accident causes Kiara Rose to lose all memories of the boy she loves. With a family who doesn't want to force her to remember, the boy, Damon Knight stays away. He wants what's best for her just like everyone else. In time, she'll remember him... right? What he never thought he'd have to do was stand by and watch as the girl he loves lives a life without him... A life with other people. Will he tell her everything? Or will he continue to watch from the sidelines as she begins to fall in love with another?

Romance / Drama
Trinity Sunalee
Age Rating:

1 | always be his rose


I’m in love.

So madly in love with the man next to me.

We were just best friends for a long time, but that changed two years ago.

It changed because my best friend became my boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier.

Damon Knight.

That’s his name.

Our last names are perfect for us, they’re our nicknames for each other.

I’ll always be his Rose and he’ll always be my Knight

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