The Awakening: The Beginning

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In a special werewolf pack hidden in the Ural Mountain, Violet trains diligently to become the best assassin like her mentor. As the alpha’s daughter, you would think that would come with ease. However, the Moon Goddess has her own agenda in mind for Violet. The goddess has blessed her with a very special wolf with an important mission for all of wolf kind. Before she can complete this mission, Violet must meet her soulmate. Lucky for Violet, the goddess has revealed his identity and location. Just like any thing in these stories, it isn’t going to be easy. Her mate is a prince who is now pressured into being the prize for a contest. The prince has been searching for his mate for two years. He has visited all twenty-five packs in his kingdom. It wouldn’t be so hard to find her if his wolf was awake. Only relying on taste and gut feelings to guess, he’s gained a reputation he’s not proud of. When he returns home, his father surprises him with the contest. The King has waited long enough for his son to find his mate. The prince is upset, but reluctantly agrees. Violet joins the contest, unsure how this is going to pan out. She doesn’t understand why the goddess would want her to fight for her own mate. She holds on to her faith in her goddess that she knows what she is doing. Her destiny is larger than life. She has to win, the fate of waking all of the wolves depends on it.

Romance / Erotica
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The Awakening Series

This is book One. This book sets the stage to my werewolf world in the UK territory 500 years after my other book, Lost Treasure. I connect them throughout this series. 😉.

Book Two takes the point of view of Amber, a spy/assassin sent in to find missing werewolf females sold to Vampires.

The other book I just started, Spellbound, takes the point of view of two of Amber's teammates of assassins searching for the missing werewolf females sold to sorcerers.

Here's the Awakening Series:

The Awakening: The Beginning (Under reconstruction) Chapters may be out of order.

Ok, so I have been editing and adding more detail to my first book, The Awakening: The Beginning. So I've decided to split the story into smaller books. This will now be a series.

Books will go in this order:
The Awakening: The Beginning
The Awakening: Round Two
The Awakening: Round Three

I intend on sending these to an editor. Wish me luck!

The Awakening: Bloodlust(incomplete)

The Awakening: Spellbound(incomplete)

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