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King's Queen

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His hands settled at her waist, drew her in closer, fitting softness to strength. "I'll always protect you-" he rested his forehead leaning against hers. "No matter what comes our way." Persephone is the goddess of spring. Hades is the god of the underworld, he's dark, mysterious and sinfully attractive. When Persephone is pursued by Hades she wants to stay in the comforts of her garden, but also deeply desires to explore the searing tension between them. Our beautiful maiden seems to be more interested in; where his heated touch will explore next, when his skillful mouth will sweep her off her feet, and when his wicked crimson gaze will make her fall in love with him.

Romance / Erotica
A.K. Kaur
5.0 21 reviews
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Chapter 1: The Goddess of Spring

The witch lowered her voice, “She got who she wanted.” The three oracles chuckled whilst they watched through the eerie pearlescent globe as the ruler of darkness pursued the only goddess who will give meaning to his existence.

Persephone waited and waited for her captor to face her but he didn’t. She gazed upon the dark room and spotted a bed illuminated slightly by the small flames of the candles that circled the room. She slowly laid on the crimson sheets, that cooled her burning body and lulling Persephone to close her heavy eyes.

Strong thick hands were like icicles on her burning skin, she felt the cold hands run down her waist to her hips. Persephone’s amber eyes fluttered open seeing dark raven hair spill near her face revealing wicked scarlet eyes, his face was beautiful in a dangerously rugged way. His sharp features were like the statues that are kept in the temples on Earth. Persephone was dreaming of Hades but it couldn’t possibly be him-she stopped her thoughts and only hoped she enter her dream again.

Persephone slowly reached up running her fingers through his soft hair, pulling him down to her lips- she placed the softest kiss to his. She didn’t understand why her heart was pounding against her chest which was causing her breath to quicken. But she could feel the ignited desire for wanting to taste Hades lips. She bit his lip drawing a drop of scarlet blood to spill- Persephone licked the bite trying to soothe the sting but to also entice him to open for her.

So, he did.

He crushed his mouth against her- meeting her eager tongue with his skillful one. Tasting his seductive spicy savour, she felt the world slip from under her. Persephone pulled him closer- feeling the weight of his armoured body on her, a small moan escaped her lips.

His cool cloak contrasted darkly against her sheer white gown that barely covered her scorching body, as she shifted underneath him to get closer, the fabric rubbed against her hot core and aching hard peaks- a dangerous feral growl was heard and it snapped Persephone’s eyes open, revealing a face she has seen before.

“Hades,” Persephone said breathlessly realizing that she wasn’t in a dream. Hades stared into her amber eyes with intense heat, but he was holding himself back, why? Persephone wondered. Their eyes stayed locked as neither of them attempted to move away from the other. “You hold back?” She whispered curiously.

Hades held himself with his strong arms and stared into her eyes sternly, “I will only take you when you decide to marry me.”

Marry Hades, the thought didn’t seem to scare Persephone. Staying with this dangerously mysterious god intrigued her since he made her feel things she never felt before. As eager as she was to feel his touch all over her body and share the dark passions that some say is impossible to achieve, she yearned to know what his thoughts are but most importantly, what he holds in the heart that some say, is missing.

Hades stood up tall- watching her with those blood coloured eyes that burned with determination. Holding his clawed hand out to her, “Come with me.” He said gently.

Persephone grasped his strong hand, while she fixed her tussled gown- memories of what they were doing together just a few moments ago flooded her mind, not wanting him to see the heat that coloured her cheeks she quickly followed him out the chambers.

“Where are you taking me?” asked Persephone. As if he could see in all the darkness engulfing them they walked down a windy dark tunnel that he confidently led her through. Turning a corner, a bright light forced Persephone to shut her eyes, urging them to open she was revealed to a massive dome cave. Her breath was taken away by the starry night blanketing over them magically, letting go of Hades hand Persephone walked deeper into the cave- she saw plants, flowers, even fruit but what struck her as a fascination was that they were all glowing. The scarlet roses and purple glowing tulips called for Persephone’s touch. She had no words for its beauty as everything gleaming brightly in the darkness that surrounded them.

“Did you do this for me?” She asked facing his tall beautiful form.

“Yes, I thought if you decided to stay then you would want something to look after,” said Hades calmly. “Do you like it?”

“Like it, I love it.” She astonished. Hearing the sigh of relief come from Hades made her smile even wider. Persephone remembered all of the people, the gods and goddesses that thought nothing good can grow in the Underworld. Now right in front of her eyes the most beautiful place was at her feet.

Hades designed a garden so she can feel more comfortable and at ease. A god who supposedly hates light gave her a gift so pure, feeling a sting in her eyes Persephone’s heart ached at his thoughtfulness for her and just for her.

“Hades, let’s get married,” she ordered. “Tonight.”

Hades pulled Persephone into his arms, tilting her head back gently to meet his dark gaze. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she said. “Before my mother finds me.” Her scheme made Hades mischievous grin appear.

“As you wish.”

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