Never Meant To Be His

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Where’s the Fun in That

As Cheyenne drug herself out of bed she couldn't help but think to herself how this better be worth it. Her dad had told her when she had first came home that if nothing else she could help with the paperwork in the office. She had originally declined his offer not wanting to be bored out of her mind but if she had plans of seducing Nick Griffin she had to put herself around him. He was at the office more than her dad. In fact he was the one she was meeting with this morning.

There was no set dress code for working at the office but Cheyenne had her own agenda so she dressed for it. Tempted as she was Cheyenne forgo shorts for a pair of skinny jeans that hugged her every curve. The top she wore was a casual v neck that dipped down exposing just enough breast to catch someone's attention. She wore her wedge sandals to give her the height her small stature lacked. Her makeup was flawless, hair flowing, todays mission was to simply catch Nick’s eye and find out if he was currently in a relationship.

Nick was a guy who had his fair share of girlfriends. He had even been married once. Cheyenne had been in jr high at the time. What she remembered of the woman wasn't much, she knew her parents hadn't been a fan. The marriage only lasted about 3 years and resulted in his son Tate.

Cheyenne looked at her reflection in her mirror knowing she was sure to turn heads, she just hoped she turned the right one. As she walked out of her door she met her mom in the hallway. "You sure are dressed up. You do remember you told your dad you would start at the office today?"

Rolling her eyes Cheyenne walked past her mom, "yes mother. Just because I'm going to that boring ass office doesn't mean I can't dress nice. I mean do you want me to go in some pajama pants and an old t-shirt?"

Rachel cut her daughter a look, "don't give Nick a hard time today. He didn’t have to agree to let you work in the office."

Cheyenne smiled. Oh she intended to give him a hard time all right. She had never had to actually seduce anyone before. Guys usually came to her. Nick however was uncharted territory. She already knew she had an uphill battle with him. He had loyalties to her dad. She had first met him when she was 10 and him and her dad had joined their businesses together.

On her way to the office she stopped and grabbed an iced coffee from their local coffee shop. It wasn't Starbucks but it wasn't half bad. Nick and her dad's office was about a 15 minute drive from her parents house. The office wasn't actually an office. It was a log cabin looking building that had two offices in the back, a kitchen area and bathroom, and a open entry when you walked in which is where she would spend a majority of her time. Well if she had her way she would be spending it in Nick's office.

As she pulled up into the drive she was pleased to see Nick's truck already there. Parking beside him she grabbed her keys and coffee heading inside. The crews had already left so she would have Nick all to herself.

Walking in she heard the ding of the bell above her head announcing her arrival. She had been in the office long enough to know she would be at the desk up front so she threw her keys in the desk and headed straight to Nicks office wasting no time. She could hear him talking so she walked to his door leaning against the frame as she watched him talk on the phone.

He looked up shaking his head at her letting her know that whoever he was talking to was not getting what he was saying. Nick was no nonsense when it came to work. He knew when he was being low balled, he knew when things were being inflated, he would make you second guess your own instincts.

As he talked Cheyenne took his office in. The only pictures he had were of his son. If she remembered right he would be almost 6. Nothing else too personal was there. The bookshelf behind him held no clues to his personality, it was straight business.

Looking back at him she smiled at him seeing his eyes on her. Outfit must be working. Lifting her eye brows at him she came and sat in the chair across from his desk crossing her legs as she leaned back. Cheyenne had enough confidence in herself to know she was what most considered pretty. She had never been the cheerleader type, never cared for sports, but still she had been popular in school.

Hearing him hang up the phone Cheyenne looked back up at Nick. She felt his eyes take her in again, "you must be super bored to want to come here."

Shrugging Cheyenne sighed, "that and I'm tired of the constant get your life together speeches."

Nick laughed, "well I mean at least learn to not get caught."

Cheyenne rolled her eyes playfully, "it wasn't my fault. I just chose the wrong people to hang out with that night. Trust me I know how to not get caught."

Nick tilted his head looking over at her. She was definitely not the girl he remembered. If he didn't know better he could have sworn she was flirting with him. She sat looking at him almost like she was studying him.

"I guess we should just hope you stay out of trouble then," he said leaning back in his chair.

Cheyenne laughed, "where's the fun in that. I'm all about a little trouble."

Shaking his head Nick looked a Cheyenne. There was no denying she was a pretty girl and he was sure she could stir up just enough trouble to keep life exciting. He just couldn't figure out why the hell she was in his office and not out enjoying her summer break.

Taking a sip of his coffee Nick stood up, "come on trouble maker so I can show you around."

Cheyenne stayed close behind Nick as he lead her down the hall back to her desk in the front. She could smell his cologne and was pretty sure he was now her new favorite scent. As he came to a stop beside her desk she paused making sure she was close enough that their arms brushed.

It was only for a split second but Cheyenne saw the way he had looked down at her as her arm grazed his. He might be her dads best friend but he was still a man. She had listened quietly as he showed her the papers, how to fill them out and where to file them. There wasn't much to it honestly, plus she would have plenty of free time.

"It's a little backed up but it shouldn't take you long to get it weeded down." Nick said pointing to the files on the desk.

Cheyenne nodded at him, "you're going to owe me lunch after this."

Nick looked down at her smiling, "I'll get you lunch but you have to get to work so I can get some work done."

Cheyenne rolled her eyes placing her hand on Nicks's bicep, "we're going to have to work on getting you to loosen up. I don't remember you being so...bossy."

Looking down at Cheyenne Nick knew he needed to get away from her. The pretty little girl in front of him was surely the devil in disguise. She probably had no idea the effect she had on people, or maybe she did and that's exactly why she was so confident in herself.

Deciding to play along with her but to also get away from her he winked down at her, "I am your boss, so I can be bossy."

As Cheyenne smiled up at him he turned and walked back to his office trying to not think about her hand on his body. Not to think about her perfect body squeezed into those jeans that clung to her curves. Jesus was it too early to drink?

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