Never Meant To Be His

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Cheyenne had managed to get all the papers filed before lunch and even had started updating some of the other files by the time Nick came to check on her. As he walked in she looked up at him, "you so owe me lunch now, maybe even dessert."

Nick stopped by her desk looking down at her, "I suppose you do deserve to be rewarded." As she tilted her face up to his he let out a breath, he needed out of the office. "What do you want and I'll go pick it up."

Cheyenne shrugged, "it's not like there are a lot of choices. I should have asked for a home cooked meal."

Nick laughed, "How about I surprise you?"

Nodding as she looked back down at her paperwork she shrugged, "go for it but if it's nasty you never pick again."

"Fair enough," he said before heading to his office to grab his keys.

Cheyenne knew she had made him nervous earlier. Her outfit had worked like a charm. She had seen his eyes graze her body. Now she just needed to find out if she was going to have any competition for his time.

When he arrived back Cheyenne was sitting at her desk playing on her phone. Getting up she held the door open for him as he walked in. "You took forever. Don't you know you can't leave me unattended my first day."

Nick walked to the back break room, "did you get bored without me?"

As he glanced over his shoulder Cheyenne nodded at him. Her eyes looked up to his and he found himself having to look away from her and distract himself by separating their food. "Not many places in town to chose from so I went a town over and got us Mexican."

Cheyenne watched as he grabbed his container but shook her head taking it from him. "Sit down and eat. I swear you work to much. Plus I am not eating alone. Do you know how boring it gets up there."

Nick sighed but sat down beside her anyways. He had no good excuse as to why he had intended to eat in his office. He had plenty of bad ones though. He had no clue how her working in the office would work, she was definitely a distraction. A distraction to him. The entire way to get their food he reminded himself that she was his best friends daughter. She was the Cheyenne he has first met a long time ago. He didn't know if she was purposely fucking with him or if he was just tripping but she had caught his attention.

"So what did you do this weekend?" Cheyenne asked before she dipped her chip in her queso and took a bite.

"Not much, "Nick said. "I had to go look at a job with your dad Saturday. After that I just hung around the house."

Nodding Cheyenne looked over at him, "you should have went out and relaxed. You know take your girlfriend out to eat, get some drinks, chill out."

Nick shook his head as he sat his drink down "I don't currently have a girlfriend so that's out of the question." He looked down at her, "so what did you do?"

Cheyenne's eyes widend and she laughed, "well...if you really want to know, I've been in my feelings about being back home so I basically sat in bed and sulked."

"Why does that not suprise me," Nick said laughing. "I mean I guess it kept you out of trouble."

Looking up at him she shrugged, "it was boring, just like your weekend was boring. I just need to find something to do on my free time. You know something to keep me distracted or at least occupied."

Nick looked over at her, "shit I'm kinda scared."

Cheyenne looked up at him smirking at his comment, "you should be." She looked down smiling to herself he had no idea just how scared he should be. He was exactly what she planned to "do" on her free time. As she looked at him she couldn't help but to think what his hands would feel like on her body. How the stubble of his beard would feel against her skin.

Looking over at her Nick got the feeling that she was toying with him again. She didn't look away from his stare and he felt like she was almost challenging him. He tilted his head wondering just what was in that pretty head of hers. A small smile played at her lips as she turned back to her food. He didn't know why but he felt like he had just lost whatever game they had been playing.

The rest of the week Cheyenne had planned out carefully. She had known that he would be in and out of the office most of the time but this week he seemed to be busy with paperwork. Every morning she started her day off in his office. She would find some reason to touch him in some way no matter how small. Her wardrobe was based on seduction and everyday her outfit had a purpose.

Nick would bring them lunch everyday and they would eat in the breakroom. She knew that her goal of getting his attention had been successful. Cheyenne would catch him running his eyes up her body every morning. At lunch they would carry on a playful conversation. Nothing too serious, not yet.

She had however found out that although he didn't have a girlfriend he did have a few women he would take to dinner occasionally. It didn't bother Cheyenne, they weren't a threat to her. If he was serious about any of them they wouldn't be just "friends." She was positive once she made her move on him she could make him forget about anyone ese.

Even though he still had tiny doubts Nick was almost positive that his first thoughts about Cheyenne were true. She was flirting with him. Every morning when she got to work she would come to his office dressed as if she was going out with her friends not coming to work. When they ate lunch she would smile at him and laugh. Today she had wore a stripped dress that showed off her beautiful tan legs.

He was sure she was harmless. She had admitted to him herself that she had been bored and he could keep this little game going with her. It wasn't like she had actually tried anything and even if she did he would decline any advance she made. She might stay in his head all day but he knew where she belonged.

As if she knew he was thinking of her she came walking into his office holding a sticky note. "Some rude ass guy named Perry needs you to call him."

Nick sighed not in the mood to deal with him today. He watched as Cheyenne walked up coming to a stop beside his chair. As he reached out to take the note from her he was all too aware of the way her fingers grazed his as she released it. He had thought she would return to the front but she suprised him buy hoping up on the corner of his desk and crossing her legs.

He grabbed his phone dialing Perry's number even though he didn't want to talk to him, mainly because Cheyenne's bare legs so close to him made him think of thoughts he shouldn't. She didn't move as he began talking. As his eyes moved up her legs to her face he saw her watching him. They had a starring match for a few seconds untill Perry answered the phone.

Nick automatically switched into work mode.

Cheyenne listened to him talk loving the way he took charge of the situation. She wondered if he was the same way in the bedroom. She couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her lips nor could she help but notice the way it had caught Nick’s attention. She didn't look over at him but she could see him from her peripheral vision. Running her tongue over her bottom lip she lightly bit at her bottom lip tugging it in. It took everything in her not to smile as she saw Nick close his eyes and shake his head. Oh she was definitely wearing him down.

Hanging up the phone Nick leaned up pulling his wallet out of his back pocket. Cheyenne watched his every move as if he was her prey. Opening it up he grabbed his credit card and tapped Cheyenne's leg right above her knee with it. "How about you take a break from trying to drive me crazy and go get us some lunch?"

Cheyenne lifted her brow at him but took the card slowly from him causing his hand to rest on her leg for a second. "If that's what you really want."

Nick looked up at her, "I thought you were going to stay out of trouble this summer?"

Laughing Cheyenne hopped down, "I've already told you there is no fun in that haven't I?"

He watched as she walked out of his office and when he heard the front door ding letting him know she had left he leaned back in his chair. He was going to have to start spending less time in the office. He had already went out and checked on the crews a couple of times this week but maybe he could actually stick around more, or maybe even do some of his work from home. They had never replaced Greta the secretary that had retired last summer not thinking they needed any extra help. Now he wished he had so he could have some kind of buffer between them.

He had thought her harmless this morning but now he wasn't so sure. Had he given her the wrong impression? He had only ate lunch with her this week because he did feel bad for her. Her parents had dragged her back home knowing this town had nothing to offer a girl her age, nothing good anyways. Maybe she was just bored and harmlessly messing with him to give her something to do. Or maybe she was trying to use him as the distraction she had been looking for.

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