Never Meant To Be His

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Monday morning rolled back around and Nick felt a little better about being stuck all day in the office with Cheyenne. He had taken her advice and went out with a friend of his to get his mind off of her. It had worked for the most part but he was almost looking forward to seeing what new things Cheyenne had planned for him this week.

Hearing the ding of the front door he looked up figuring she would walk in his door in something tight or low cut. When she didn't appear he frowned wondering if maybe she had given up on whatever plot she had cooked up in her head. He tried to get back to work but the fact that she hadn't came in to talk to him this morning bothered him. She came into his office every morning like clockwork .

Getting up he told himself he was just going to pour some fresh coffee in his cup but he found himself leaving the break room and heading to the front. Cheyenne was at her desk with her head rested on her hands. Her hair covered her face so he couldn't' tell if she was asleep or what. Watching her for a moment he decided to speak, "don't tell me you broke your good streak and have a hangover."

Cheyenne looked up moving her hair out of her face and he could see her tears, "shit I wish."

As she wipped at her eyes Nick walked over handing her a box of tissues that sat on the sidetable. "Are you ok?"

Taking the tissues she nodded not looking up at him as she wipped at her eyes again. "Yeah I'm good. I...Mom and I just got into it this morning. I'm sorry."

Nick could see she was still upset. Ed had told him about Rachel giving Cheyenne a hard time about her grades and the trouble she had gotten in. Could their fight still be about that? Looking down he could see Cheyenne was still crying so he walked over placing a hand on her shoulder, "if you want to go I won't say anything."

Cheyenne shook her head, "I have nowhere else to go Nick. I'd rather be here than hearing how big of a fuck up I am at home."

He didn't like this Cheyenne, he would take back the seductive Cheyenne any day. He knew how to handle that girl, this one in front of him crying he didn't know how to take care of. "Well if it makes you feel any better I was awaiting to see what you were going to wear for me today."

This did bring a laugh to Cheyenne's lips. "don't act like you don't enjoy it."

He looked down at her, "never said I didn't but you know this is as far as it goes."

Cheyenne looked at him not speaking. He had just flat out told her he knew what she was up too. He was trying to set boundries to how far things went. He didn't know her well enough to know that she didn't follow limits. She was too close to breaking him, she could feel it.

She watched as he walked back to his office. Before he opened his door he looked back at her giving her a small wink before disappearing behind his door. Cheyenne turned around in her chair facing her desk again. Her fight with her mother this morning had pissed her off. She didn't even know what had triggered it.

Sighing Cheyenne turned to the files in front of her. Even though they were open she couldn't focus on them. Her fight with her mom kept running through her head. It came out of nowhere. Cheyenne had been in the kitchen fixing a cup of coffee so she wouldn't have to stop this morning and Rachel had came into the room throwing insults her way.

Rachel had always been strict on Cheyenne. It was a known fact that she held Cheyenne to a higher standard than others. This morning it was like everything her mom had been holding back had spewed from her mouth. It wasn't the first time her mother had flipped on her and she was sure it wouldn't be the last. Her dad always tried to soften things reminding Cheyenne of Rachel's rough upbringing.

Cheyenne blamed some of her wild behavior on her mother's strict parenting. Her mother had been the top reason that she had went to college and not come home exept for Thanksgiving and Christmas. No matter she wasn't going to worry about her mom. She had other things to worry about, like how she was going to make her move on Nick.

Nick sat at his desk looking at figures for their next bid but he couldn't focus on them when his mind kept going back to the girl sitting in the front of his office. He had surprised himself earlier when he had admitted to her that he had been waiting to see her this morning. More than that he had admitted to wanting to see what she wore today. Ed would strangle him if he laid one finger on his daughter.

If he was honest with himself he felt guilty for the thoughts that ran through his head. Ed trusted him with her, he expected him to keep her out of trouble. Nick shook his head, he should have no problem ignoring her, but he did. She was beautiful, shit Cheyenne was down right sexy, and for some reason she had her attention focused on him.

Walking out of his office he was happy to see Cheyenne had stopped crying and was looking her normal self. As she looked up at him he held up his hand that held the bank bag. "Going to run some errands. I should be back by lunch. If anything comes up call me."

"How? I don't have your number?" Cheyenne said. She had figured he would be out today, especially after everything he had admitted to her. Every time she made a little breakthrough with him he would spend most of the day out in the field.

Frowning Nick pulled his phone out of his back pocket, "how do I have your number and you not have mine?"

Cheyenne shrugged, "well you've never called me before. Trust me I'd remember." She raised her eyebrows at him smiling when he shook his head at her.

Hearing her phone vibrate on the table beside her she looked down seeing he had sent her a text. She laughed opening it up reading, "behave." Saving his number in her phone she smirked at him, "I always behave."

Nick tilted his head looking down at her, "your behave and my behave have very diffrent meanings."

"You said behave, you didn't say how I should behave." Cheyenne said watching him.

Walking toward the door Nick looked over at her, "would you listen to me if I told you how to behave?"

Cheyenne licked her bottom lip, "I'd do anything you asked me to."

Nick chuckled, "I highly doubt that Cheyenne. Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone."

She smiled looking down at her phone, "there's not trouble to get into when you're gone."

Shutting the door behind him Nick let out a low swear, shit that girl was going to be the death of him. She had a confidence in her that caused her to speak what was on her mind. He knew she wasn't always so open and honest, with him however she didn't care if he knew how she felt.

As he left Cheyenne looked down in her phone at his name now saved in her contacts. Smiling she sent him a text, "miss me yet?"

He replied back to her, "you said you'd do anything I asked you to right?"

Cheyenne responded, "yeah..."

"Then behave and don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about." He sent.

Laughing Cheyenne sat her phone down. She would give him a break for now, she didn't want to scare him off. Part of the battle with him was breaking down his walls and getting him to realize that they could have a little fun without anyone ever knowing. She was only in town for the summer, he wouldnt' even have to worry about her after that.

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