It Was Always You (13+)

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Naomi Parks is a teenager in a rural area. She has a best friend who's almost like a twin brother to her. They were born on the same day at the same time and in the same hospital. They nearly grew up like siblings. Mason, Jayden's older brother, got into the picture and changed everything, He flirted and joked with Naomi. She fell in love, Jayden got jealous. He loves Noami, but she's oblivious. Mason hits and yells, Naomi stays. Mason was part of her life for a little while, but it was always Jayden.

Romance / Drama
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Warnings and Prologue

Warnings: Heavy swearing, physical/verbal abuse, mentions of sexual abuse, homosexuality and homophobic slander, violence, sexual innuendos, references, and themes, 16&19 y/o couple, underage drinking and smoking, cheating. This story is not for the faint of heart. Let's begin.

When I first started dating my best friend's brother, I never thought that he would become what he has. I love him so much, but I also love my best friend, Jayden West. He and I are like twins, born on the same day, year, and time in the same hospital. We lived a few minutes away from each other, but we grew up like we were in the same house. We were inseparable, then came Jayden's older brother, Mason. He was always in his room, but one day, he came out and started messing with us.
We were twelve, he was fifteen. He would flirt with me, making me blush and laugh and Jayden mad and starting their endless fights. Every day, one of them would say something to piss each other off, then they would get into a fight. It stressed me out a little, but it was what brother's do.
I got with Mason a few years later, and we love each other so much. He may be nineteen, but we love each other. The legality isn't an issue for us. Neither is the constant hurt he gives me. I love Mason, and it's been him for a while. And Jayden? It may have been Mason for some time, but Jayden? Oh, it was him. It was always him.
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