In the Arms of War

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Some words from the author

During the Second World War, my ancestors had to face an incredible challenging time. They experienced fear, humiliation, hunger.

The main characters of the story are fictional. I have imagined and created them for the purpose of the story line. The rest of the characters and events are inspired by my family true events, which occurred at war time.

My great grandfather was fighting at the Polish Highland Battalion, later on captured by Germans. On the way to the Stuthoff Concentration Camp, where he was sentenced to, he managed to escape. His wife received a letter with a tragic information about his death, but he wasn’t death...She met a French man and they end up in a relationship. I do not know much about the French man. I have created his image and personality. I have given him a name and profession. They had a daughter.

The episode with aunt Lyna and a tree was indeed a real event. My uncle told me about it when I was a teenager.

Our house was occupied by Germans and she betrayed them to Soviets. One of them got killed during their escape.

My grandma learnt to pray in German, due to spending her time close to those German soldiers, which were living behind the wall of the room.

The past has gone. We had to learn to live again in a new way, new world. Our country has been raised from ashes. We mustn’t forget about the past, but we also must forgive. It is the only sensible way to live peacefully and freely.

The consequences of the war and communism were dreadful to our state. We fought and defeated the evil once again. We must act to make sure that we will never be at war again.

Alex and Laura are fictional characters, but it is believed there were some secret and forbidden romances and relationships between Polish women and German soldiers. According to sources, there were about six thousands war children born in Poland during the WWII, which are classified as children of the war. We cannot meet with the real figures, because the women, mothers did not wish to reveal their shameful experiences.

I have attempted to write this story in a most cinematic way I possibly could, to give a reader a true image, feelings, to let to touch the characters, experience the events and taste of wartime.

This is my first ever book and its first edition.

I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Katarzyna Zbrog

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