Visions Of Dragons (Taming Beasts 1)

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PUBLISHING ON AMAZON 9/17/20! PRE-ORDER NOW! Born in a world of darkness and locked in a tower because of a curse, Vrai yearns to be set free and experience the world and meet new people. Only her wishes come true but not in a way she would have ever envisioned. She is set free from the tower to discover more betrayal from her own flesh and blood, her father. He has offered her and her sisters to the terrible and cruel fire dragon, Orval, King of Oria, which borders their own kingdom, Yulor, home to ice mages. Since the beginning of history before kingdoms have been named and borders had been drawn, dragons have been an enemy to her people, so it is the hope of her father she or her sisters can appease the dragon king, ending the war. However, little does she know the dragon king would be choosing her to be his queen. Though can love be found in a clash of fire and ice?

Romance / Fantasy
Dolly Nightmare
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Once there were two dragon brothers, one a breather of fire, the other breather of ice.

Dragons were the first beings to rule the lands, the ice dragon named Kari, welcomed humans to their lands while his brother, Ori, disliked the idea as he hated the flightless beings, small and foul he considered them... worthless too.

Kari and Ori never agreed with each other ever since birth; however, they have always stayed true to one another. Their loyalties to flesh and blood never waning despite all the years they have lived.

Though the coming of men placed an unmendable rift between them, an argument which could not be resolved and so Ori left his brother’s side. And with Ori, the other dragons left Kari behind with the humans who he had taken under his wing.

The dragon to which bore ice became cold at the abandonment of his people, and he made the lands turn cold, killing the crops, and freezing the animals and the people. The people turned to their fires to keep them alive.

Kari continued his slaughter of all life until one day, a brave human woman climbed the mountains to see him, to kill the beast killing her people with the cold he instilled purposely on the lands.

As the beast slept peacefully, she took a spear and pierced it right through its chest, hoping killing it would stop the cold. The beast thrashed and bellowed tearing down rocks from the mountain with its claws, and before long it fell, crashing down on the earth below.

When the woman came down from the mountains, the dragon turning the lands to ice was dead. Its body containing no life, a mere shadow of its former strength and power, listless and distorted from the fall against the rocky cliffs.

At her victory, she expected the lands to warm, and for the snow and cold to stop but it never did. The woman became desperate, as her people began to starve, so she used the beast she slew to eat.

She cut into the large beast, feeding herself and the people and upon eating the flesh of the dragon, it felt as if she became immune to the cold. That they couldn’t die from it.

She and her people begin to feel different, they began to change, they no longer felt human.

They soon discovered they had the ability to control ice just as the dragon up in the mountains did. Yet, they didn’t grow ugly like the beast; instead, they discovered they could use its magic.

When the fire dragon, Ori, found out about his brother’s death, he was outraged, mad with grief. He decided he was going to kill the humans who killed and eaten his brother like animals. He planned not only their deaths but the deaths of all men.

So the fire dragons attacked, but the humans with their newly discovered powers fought back. They refused to be at the mercy of dragons anymore.

The dragons were shocked, the feeble humans Kari had taken under his wing had turned powerful. They were forced to withdraw, no one having the power of ice like Kari, because Kari was special.

Kari was special because he took no wife like Ori and did not bear the many children Ori did who were blessed with his powers over fire. Thus Kari powers over ice were lost to dragons to his folly of never taken a wife and bearing children.

Kari was special but now were the humans.

Kari was a rarity, a rarity which succumbed to death in order to birth a new power and create new beings, the beings evolving into mages. They were no longer men.

Since then, the fire dragons and its kings have attacked the ice mages, for ages it has never stopped.

Many deaths have come from the wars on both sides, and no matter what, either side can never stop fighting.

Now for the first time in centuries, the King of the Ice mages have asked for a peace treaty, for ten years of peace he would give the King of the Fire Dragons one of his precious daughters. Never has such a barter between dragon or men existed.

Now it is time for King Orval, a descendant of Ori, to decide if he wanted to take the hand of an ice mage in marriage, an enemy and a decision that could change everything forever.

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