Visions Of Dragons (Taming Beasts 1)

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Chapter VII: Fire & Ice

Everything is silent, all but the rustling of clothes. I inhale sharply, mostly in fear as my clothing hits the floor and I am left barren in front of the eyes of the dragon king. All but the delicate charms are left touching my skin, and the flimsy underwear the maids had put me in.

I shiver but not from the cold, the air was hot and humid, a thin layer of sweat accumulating on my skin. I had no idea the customs of this land, and I can’t stop my cheeks from flushing with heat as if I had a fever.

The sweet-smelling oils they had rubbed into my skin did not help either. I was overheated but also, I was frightened, embarrassed, and worried.

Also, the feel of his gaze is worse than the heat of the land, even in the darkness of my eyes I could feel his gaze on my naked flesh. The back of his hand grazes across my breast, causing the nipple to harden against his touch, my body reacting differently than my mind, which is even more frightening.

His gentle touch ceases as he pushes me back as I land on the soft bed covered with what felt like furs. The bed and my breasts bouncing with his push.

He isn’t slow and makes haste with his next actions. His fingers hook underneath my underwear before he drags them down my legs, his fingers only grazing my skin by accident as my underwear slips from my legs with a single swift and quick motion.

The hand slides through the sweat and oils on my skin, the sensation odd and I wonder if it grossed him out. Sweat wasn’t appealing, not to me or any ice mage but perhaps to dragons.

The worst part is I can feel not only his eyes but the others too. The ones who had to witness the consummation of the queen and king, I can see their magic and that is enough to give me cold chills when there was no cold. My heart pounds in fright from not only the king’s touch but their stare.

Once more I am glad I have been cursed with lack of sight, or else I would not only be gazing upon the dragon king but also the faces around the bed, their eyes picking apart my body and face, how I was to thin or perhaps even to ugly or not doing something as I was supposed to.

I barely knew anything about sex, I have never even had my first kiss, and yet everything was moving so fast. I can feel my eyes begin to water from the many emotions I was feeling. Scared, worried, sadness.

‘Was this going to hurt..would he make it quick for my sake?’ I think, my thoughts trapped in my head. I never expected my first time having sex would be like this...I never expected to have sex at all.

I can feel the tension thick in the air as he undoes the zipper of his pants, the sound of the zipper the only way I knew he was getting ready to pull down his pants.

I never felt a naked man before, I don’t know what to expect from this.

I wonder if the dragon king was comfortable like do something that felt so private in front of the eyes of others. I’m sure even he preferred the likes of a whore than me, I’m sure he would never come to desire me, I was meant to be bred and that was it. I wonder...If I would ever come to desire him in our short time together as king and queen.

I feel his hands be placed upon my body once again, his hands alone like a fire to my skin.

He spreads my legs and in these moments I feel like a doll as I don’t move and let him do as he wished with me.

The quicker the better…

I begin to cry, my throat tightening as I try and hold everything back but my mind was in shambles. I could no longer keep my emotions to myself.

I feel the king’s hands tighten around my legs for a fleeting moment, a hesitation perhaps…

Another voice in the room returns, the same nasally voice that had been with us the entire course of our wedding “Orval just be done with it. Put it in her and it will be done. We all want to rest, yes?”

When he speaks, more tears spill, the other man’s voice making it worse.

“Yes, we all want to rest. Are you having performance issues my majesty?” another says.

Have other queens in the past suffered like this...did my father do the same to his current wife, the queen, in my country? Or was it just me who was feeling like this?

‘Please just get it over with, I want this humiliation to be over already.’ I scream in my head. ‘Was he feeling humiliated as well?’

“Rhys silence! And you to Gregory!” angrily barks the king. He clicks his tongue, muttering to himself, “And here I thought this was the easiest part ...I didn’t know I would have you assholes in the room with me...watching me with your beady little pig eyes.”

His fingers loosen around my legs before sliding up to my hips and he pulls my lower half towards him, a foreign warmth poking my inner thigh. The movement was so sudden and this thing poking me in the thighs making me gasp.

Was this his manhood?

It was soft, warm, and erect against my leg.

Would this go inside me?

I wish we could at least have shared one kiss before this, maybe then I would have felt less scared or worried.

He then moves and the tip of his manhood presses against me. I want to gasp, an uncomfortable feeling makes me want to push him away, that something didn’t belong there, and the next minute, a pleasurable tingle courses through me from the warmth of his manhood rubbing against a part of me that wanted to cave into this piece of his flesh.

But that short pleasure is gone when the king eases inside of me, past the lips that parted so easily as if they wanted to eat. Though this eating wasn’t pleasurable and it begins to hurt, a not so pleasurable ache begins to emit from inside of me after a sharp pain that went through my entire body.

I tense, and I want to tell him to ‘stop’ or ‘that it hurt’ but I don’t dare. I would only be looked down more by these people in the room.

I already wasn’t a true queen in the eyes of these people.

The warmth from his manhood makes me wonder how he felt being inside of me since I knew that just like my body my womanhood was cold inside. I’m sure he disliked it but much like I, he must keep silent, acting as a true king.

His warmth strangely doesn’t bother me that much as I imagined it would. It didn’t feel bad but neither did it feel great.

He eases out of me and I feel him shiver slightly as he pushes back inside of me, relief and again pain.

So he was feeling the effects of being cold. I was not as much of a sovereign as him because I cringe. The pain and discomfort are not going away. I thought it would be no more than a pinch but I was mistaken, I should have listened to Ava.

Some women like my maid, Catherine, telling me such, while Ava had said her first time had hurt much worse than a pitch.

From now on I must listen to only Ava about these matters. Ava words have always been true so far.

The king keeps up with this motion, easing in and out me slowly, his hands on my hips tightening ever so slowly with each thrust he gives. He must hate me, his body was so stiff, it was expected. What am I to expect, his touch gentle and full of compassion?

I bite my lip, the pain beginning to become less and less with time but I can’t help but keep thinking of their eyes.

Those who said sex is great, are liars… What is there to enjoy?

Why did the king enjoy such activities with women like everyone spoke of? Perhaps it was only enjoyable for men..?

Then why did the women here talk about how enjoyable sex is?

Sex is confusing.

His manhood was an odd feeling inside of me and brushing against my most private places, a mushroom shape. Then the touch of it felt like velvet… silk-like, smooth and slick. It also had a heart of its own… Is it a dragon people thing or do all men have a second heart in their manhood?

I want to make conversation and ask such a question, anything but this silence. However, the room is so thick with tension, so thick I find it hard to breathe normally.

Another shiver leaves the dragon king, his trembling I can feel is due to how close he is to me.

Was I making him cold or was he feeling pleasure? He must be feeling cold, how could this be pleasurable?

It was hard to tell…

We probably wouldn’t be doing this if the tiles ‘king’ and ‘queen’ weren’t pushed on to us. I would imagine if we’re just normal people in both lands, we would have never crossed paths, much less forcing ourselves to have sex.

He gradually begins to pick up the pace, his thrusts becoming quicker and he grunts. Maybe a sign of the pleasure he was feeling. Maybe a sign he wishes to be done and was in a hurry to finish...

But before I know it we are back at a slow pace rather quickly and he growls in frustration.

The dragon king finally snaps and stops moving inside me, “Fuck! How am I supposed to fuck her with Ryhs and everyone else breathing down my damn neck!?”

“It’s something that must be done your majesty.” replies the man called Ryhs.

“Well, you see that I’m fucking her? Can’t you? DO you not have eyes, Ryhs? The mage doesn’t and she knows I am fucking her,” hisses the dragon king. “Isn’t this enough??”

“No. We must see you give her your seed in order for you to complete the ritual. do you think you were born? Even your mother and father had to complete-” he goes to say but never finishes.

“Alright enough! Are you trying to make me go soft?” he hisses one last time, “I won’t be able to finish with your mouth running.”

This is torture.

Rhys falls silent and the king pulls out of me before he plunges back in me making me whimper softly, the first noise I have made tonight.

Yet still, I fail to feel any pleasure. The whimper, a pained noise not that of a woman enjoying the touches of her husband. Did the whimpers of women mean they felt the same pain and they only confess the noises as pleasures?

He began thrusting in and out of me once more but much quicker than the last time, soft grunts leaving his mouth with each thrust of his hips.

He was truly in a rush to get the ‘job’ done, no doubt. He did not want the eyes of others on him, just like I.

He then leans forward to where our chests meet and he sniffs my hair, inhaling sharply and the warmth in his body increases as his body was now on top of mine or perhaps he was feeling more aroused than before.

He draws my hips closer to his, this time making himself slide deeper inside of me and a rather odd feeling sparks inside of me.

What was that feeling…?

“Apparently, the rumors are true about his majesty having a hair fetish.” a man in the room says and I can hear the king growl but he tries to concentrate on me and his release for all of this to be finished.

His breathing escalates and his thrusts become erratic and with one last grunt, something warm fills me up inside, the warmth even traveling to my stomach or that is what it felt like.

He then pulls out of me, his torso also separating from mine and I can hear him pull up his pants as he continues breathing heavily.

I can also feel a liquid begin to seep out from inside of me.

‘Was that it…?’ I think. ’Was everything over?’ I close my legs slowly as he has left them, his warmth no longer there. I push myself up on the bed reaching for the closet thing near me which was a blanket and I use it to cover myself.

“There you all fucking happy?” He asks, still panting. “It’s done.”

“Yes very glad.” says the man Ryhs sarcastically. “Now we can all go to our rooms and homes, and get to bed.”

“Rhys call the maids to get her cleaned up. That is your job tonight for your mouth,” he says and he walks forward, his feet can be heard on the floor. “And Lucius?”

The next thing I hear is a punching sound and he says “Didn’t I say for everyone to shut up? None of you fucking listen.”

He huffs and he slams out of the room shortly after.

“Him and his temper..” grumbles a man in the room as he is the next to leave behind the king.

I grip the blanket tightly, feeling awkward with the men still in the room with me, men who have all seen me naked along with the king.

“I will call the maids for you later, queen.” says Ryhs, the way he says ‘queen’ sounding hateful. “In the meanwhile, lay back and let his seed stay inside of you for a little while longer. It will increase your chances of pregnancy.”

Rhys then walks away, his heels clicking against the floor making me believe he wore pointed shoes.

After Ryhs leaves, the men all begin to filter out of the room, even Lucius who grumbles of how his jaw hurt from the king punching him.

Once I am alone in the room, with no sounds, no magical presences, or stares, I lay back down slowly, doubting it would help increase the chances of pregnancy but I do it anyway.

Then a thought crosses my mind. ‘If I didn’t get pregnant from this would it happen again?’

It must..maybe I should hope for pregnancy to arise from this as I couldn’t stand being looked at by others in the room like that. Perhaps it was just once, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Tears slip down my face and I wipe them away with my hands. The feeling of being scared gone, but the feelings of humiliation linger.

For once in my life, I was glad to be alone and for a little while, I wanted it to stay that way.

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