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NOT EDITED Iris and Ian have been best friends their whole life's. Growing up as step siblings they only had each other. The home life was bad and the compound was less then ideal. Being raised behind the walls and under the strict rules of the governor has them begging for one day free of the rules that bind them in a submissive, subservient, prudish manner that just doesn't fit. after a few hours on their own they find out why the walls are there in the first place. Kidnapped and taken away from anything they know, forced to brake every rule they were raised with inorder to make it out together. Could one day outside really ruin their friendship? Could the one day change their life's forever? Could that one day really shatter everything they hold dear? After being sold to sexual servitude and the king that runs it, they have much more to figure out then just the escape plan. Just one day changed everything.

Romance / Erotica
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Inside the walls

I scream from the pain, the sound of the whip slices through the air, it spilts my back open with what feels like fire.

I beg for mercy, as the door clinks shut of my cage. I can hear the cackles of laughter come from around me.

The laughter is suffocating.

My father steps out from the darkness with his wife by his side. Ian stands beside them as the look lovingly to their devoted son.

"Finally, we have the family we have always wanted"

they say in unison as they step back into the darkness leaving me alone in my cage. I call out. I beg for forgiveness. All I hear is laughter.

My eyes fly open as I shoot out of bed. I sit down at the edge of my matress trying to catch my breath. Just another bad dream. My hand against my chest presses down trying to steady me.

Calm down. Just calm down.

My door opens with a creek as Ian shuffle's inside. He bends infront of me with his hands on my knees.

"Iris" he whispers. "I'm here, everything is going to be okay. I got you" his soothing voice comforts me.

I look up at him peeling my gaze from the floor.

"Bad dream again?"

He moves one hand into my hair as he tucks some loose strands behind my ear. I nodd. It's always a bad dream. He leaned in, resting his forehead on mine as he humms softly. We stay leaned into one another, Ian keeping me company as I calm down.

"Can you lay with me for a while?" My voice brakes.

He smiles as I pull away. I scoot back against the wall as Ian lays beside me, he wrapps his arms around me as he pulls me to his side. His chin on the crown of my head, his heart beat lulls me into a dreamless slumber. Ian's here, it's safe now.

After my nightmare Ian stayed with me untill morning. After the alarm goes off, he heads back to his room to get ready for another day. The sun rise means that our day starts, breakfast for sixteen minutes before we are ushered out the house, we walk for seven minutes until we reach the ugly red door of Mrs. Canning class room. We sit and almost die of boredom for the next four hours and eleven minutes until the Bell rings.

We walk to the mess hall for the next three minutes, wait in line for seven to ten minutes, eat our food untill the next bell rings which takes thirty-three minutes. We walk to the grand hall for five minutes, check the bord for job details then work for the next five hours. We head back home, eat dinner which rangers for thirty to forty minutes, study time, clean up then bed. Everyday we do the same thing over and over again. I even have the same nightmare everynight. I just want one day of brand new surroundings. Just one day of doing what ever I want. A day of exploring and adventure. I'd settle for a new nightmare at this point. I just want one day to not have to be stuck in this cage. Just one.

"My name is Iris Aleczandra Woods, and my best friend and step brother is Ian alexxander woods. Our parents, my dad and his mom say it was just a happy accident that our names are so similar. Ian and I have three days six hours and thirteen minutes difference in birthdays, even though we look like biological twins."

I pause as Mrs. canning shakes her finger at me with a tsk tsk tsk at each flick.

"Iris, the report was to be on your family tree not some background information on your history with your brother, Just the historical line." She sighs.

Don't get in trouble. Watch your mouth. Don't roll your eyes.

"yes ma'am, I will revise it to just my family's lineage. I am so sorry about the misunderstanding. I hope you can forgive me."

I try my hardest to show no emotion. Mrs. Cannings glasses slide down her crow like nose.

"well it's to late for that, it will go in the grade book as another failer."

She pulls her red pen from her desk as she marks my grade down. I can feel the stares of the other kids in my class.

Breathe. Don't give her anymore of a reason to not like you.

" Mrs. Canning, I can have my paper ready by the end of class, today."

Steady. Don't argue with her.

She scoffs

" back talk and a failing grade miss woods? How about instead, you can take the rest of class time today for roundings? You're dismissed."

she pushs her glasses back up her beak. A breath, heavy with anger steams out of my noes.

"what was that miss woods?"

Don't give in to the bait. "I'm sorry Mrs.canning, Im not sure what you mean."

Ian glares at me from the other side of the room. Yep. I heard the condescending tone that came out too brother.

"Well miss woods how about instead of a rounding I think a trip to the governor would be better for such a unruly child such as you".

She grabbs her phone and starts to dial. Fine, if I'm already going then I'll actually give her a reason .

"Sure, should I start walking now or will you fly me there on your broom? Which ever is best for you of course Mrs. Canning"

my words dripping with irritation. A loud gasp shushs over the class. Ian pushs his hand through his hair.

Sorry Ian, she already hates me.

"I will NOT tolerate such behavior in my class room"

she stands up from her desk as if that was her power move.

"Well then it's a good thing I'm not going to be in it much longer, you can tolerate my behavior from the hallway, Mrs. Canning"

I say her name like it leaves a bad teast in my mouth. I grab my bag, and stroll to the door.

"Get out of my class room right this instant, you insolence child!"

Her voice squeaks as her anger takes hold.

"Oh I'm happy to, Mrs. Canning."

I fake overly enthusiasm as I slam the door as I twirl out of her sight. I feel instantly bad at how I acted.

I promised I wouldn't get in any more trouble this year. I'm sorry Ian.

I walk to the governors wing in a hurry. Maybe if I can just explain my side he will go easy on the punishment. He said he would "brake me in" the last time I was there. I was hoping I wouldn't be back for atlest a few months. As I hussle to the governors door, I can feel the sweat clam up my plams. I know this time is going to be bad. I would like to face my punishment with a steady hand and a smile on my face. But as I itnch closer my knees start to shake.

Pull it together. Get this over with and then go home.

My hand waivers as I reach for the Rams head. His door knocker is the only thing gold in the whole compound, I also know it since I see it every night.

This is not your nightmare. Brave face, okay here we go.

I pull the Rams head up and knock with it three times in a steady rhythm. As soon as my arm hangs back at my side his infront of me. The governor isn't scary at first glance, You have to get to know him first. His tall and commanding demeanor attacks your senses. His shaved head leaves little coverage as his resending hairline wraps his forehead. A smile a company's him as he welcomes me onto his office. His pearly white teeth send chills down my spine.

"Well my my my, so soon miss woods?" His voice low and menacing.

I gulp as he motions for me to seat down on the small wooden couch beside him. I sit down timidly, locking my right ankle behind my left. I fold my hands in the most lady like manner I can muster up.

"There's no need to use manners only in my presents, miss woods." His voice tightens.

Just get through this and everything will be okay.

I keep my eyes down cast to his dark wooden floor. I take deep breaths, in and out. It's going to hurt but I'll heal.

"Mrs. Canning tells me you caused quite the scene today in class, disorderly, backtalk, blatant show of disrespect, a failing grade and a show of out right rudeness. You've got quite the ticket here miss woods. Your mouth seems to get you in most of the trouble I see you for. What am I to do with you?"

I stay silent and wait for the punishment.

"When I ask a question I expect an answer"

I jump at the sudden change in his voice.

"She was rude first." I say like a spoiled toddler.

"That's not an answer to my question miss woods" I can hear his patience running out.

"Your going to punish me. That's what your going to do with me." I say matter of factly.

A small chuckle from deep in his chest meets my ears making me flinch. "If your such a smart girl how do you keep getting into trouble? Do you like being punished?"

My breath catch's in my throat. "Nnno ssir. I don't." I studder out.

"do not lie to me." His voice suddenly goes cold and dark. I whip my head around and meet his eyes.

"No sir I do not like being punished. I misunderstood Mrs. Cannings instructions and simply explained I could have the report she wanted done by the end of class when she decided my response was backtalk. I do admit after she chose to send me to you I did show out. " I say truthfully.

A smirk crosses his thin lips, I meet his eyes the whole time. " You admit to your rulebraking, that's refreshing miss Woods. Do you understand that the rules are very important? They keep us safe."

At that, I roll my eyes before I can catch myself.

The governors large meaty hand smacks against the back of my head with such force it shoves me from my seat to the floor.

The surprise of his hit makes me bite my tongue, the metallic taste floods my mouth. I bring my hand to my lips as I stiffle a whimper when I spit blood into my hands.

"You will NOT roll your eyes at me" he commands. As blood drips past my lips the governor fix's his jacket back in place.

As if my fall some how ruffles it.

"Get on your knees" he growls.

I wipe my bloody hands on the inside of the hem on my dress. He snaps his fingers in a attempt to rush me.

I pray I hide my shake hands as I lean on to my knees bedise him.

"The rules are in place for your safety. We have one hundred and three rules miss woods. In the course of your time in school you have broken those rules a total of one thousand and forty eight times. I've let your father provide at home discipline, your teachers have gave roundings, sentences, have with held food, you have been publicly reprimanded, chained to your desk, forcibly muzzled, all with out a single dent in your displeaseding behavior. Now it's my turn to show you why those rules are to be follow." His voice grows darker as do his eyes.

They fill will a fog I've never seen before.

"stand up and remove your underwear from beneath your dress"

my body stiffens at his demand.

"Wwwhat?" I ask meekly.

He clintchs his fist till his knuckles turn white. He flips the brass clip undoing his belt buckle, he pulls it free with one Swift motion through his belt loops.

"I will not repeat myself." He growls.

I freeze in place in his office. My breath hitchs in my chest.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six" he begins to count.

I studder trying to find some type of control back. I will not take my panties off. What kind of punishment did he have planed that would need my panties?

" Iiii no. I won't do that" I stand straighter.

" Five, four, three, two, one." He stands to his feet, he reaches out and snatches hold of my shoulders.

He spins me around, my back against his chest, my front faceing the wooden couch he smacked me off of. He wraps a hand around my throat and squeezes. His fingers wrap completely around my neck as he squeezes the air flow. His other hand pushs the middle of my back, pushing me forward, forcing me to bend onto my elbows as my bottom stays high in the air.

"You will learn to do what your told." He grunts into my ear.

He sends a disgusting shiver down my body. My heart races inside my chest. The air in my lugs feel like it's been pushed out to never return.

With one hand still around my neck, his other snakes under my dress, pushing up my legs as he grips on to the cotton linning of my panties.

He violently pulls my underwear on one side, the sound of the fabric ripping fills our deafening silence. The other side of my panties remain in tact as they fall around my ankles.

He shoves the material of my dress up onto my back, revealing my naked bottom to the world.

"You decided to brake seven rules today, that's not the choices of a good girl. So I won't be able to treat you like one."

His cold ruff hand grips tightly onto my bare cheek. His grip hurts.

"After each spanking, you will say what rule your broke. If you miss one, we will start over. Do you understand me?" His voice low and threatening.

"Yyyes" I whisper out.

My stomach tosses and turns. My body feels like icehas replaced my blood as it runs through my vains.

With a sharp cut through the air his first spanking lands on my behind. A loud gasp forcible leaves my lips.

I push to my tip toes as the sting settles in.

"Looks like we are already starting over." He husks out.

Just do what he says and get out of here.

Another smack from his leather belt lands on my other cheek, harder than the first. I bite my lip to not allow another gasp to brake through.

"ii talked back" I manage out.

Steady voice. He won't brake me.

Another hit.

"I was rude" I grit out.


"I was disrespectful"

The sting of his punishment feels like fire across my skin. Another makes contact.

"I was I was disorderly"

another stings my flesh.

"I rolled my eyes"

I can feel the the tears burn to brake free.

Do not cry. Not in front of him.

Another slap.

"Failing grade" my voice starts to choke.

No. Not yet.

His belt slams against my acheing ass cheek with a loud smack.

My eyes close tightly as I hold back the sob the feels so close to exploding from my chest.

"I refused your orders" I force out my last broken rule with as much finality I could.

"Now that's a good girl"

he rubbs his ruff hand over my stinging flesh, I hate the feeling, even if it dulls the fire he set there.

"You have a perfect ass Iris"

His voice feels slimy against my skin.

"ttthank you" I choke out.

The few rogue tears brake free, I lean onto one arm as I quickly wipe then away.

Do not show him any emotion.

He rubbs his hands from cheek to cheek griping at the curve of each one. I hear him grunt in a almost pleased way.

"Governor sir, may I be dismissed now?" I force the politeness in my tone.

I just want to go home. I want to lock my door. I want to hide.

"You may miss woods. If I see you again, next time I will not hold back. Keep that in mind when any of the rules seem hindersome" he threatens.

"Yes, sir" I push through my clintches jaw.

I will not be afraid.

He backs away, removing his hands from my body. I stand instantly, my dress falls back down covering my red bottom. With a swift stride I grip the door handle ready to leave and never look back.

"Miss woods?"

I coil tightly to the door handle.

"Yes sir?"

I turn my head in his direction as my eyes stay down.

"you are forgetting something" his words laced with amusement.

I look down at his feet to see my tattered panties. I swallow hard as I let go of the door handle. I walk back in the room, I bend down infront of him. My body whipers from the pain as I clutch my panties in my fist. I stand back up meeting his gaze.

"Have a nice day sir" I seethe thru my hurt and anger.

"Oh and Iris? Next time you get in trouble, I'll clear my whole schedule for you."

He smirks. I close the door and dont look back.

I force the tears down as I walk back to my house. Do not cry. Hide it. Hide yourself away.

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