My Beautiful Diamond

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Olive Evans from a young age always knew that her future career was to be a fashion designer, a talented, loving and always positive girl in life, but at the age of 21 a tragedy knocked on her door. In the midst of a second honeymoon, her mother and father died in a vehicle acid caused by an alcoholic man. To forget that memory of her mind she decided to move to Seattle to start a new life and find her happiness. Two years later and at twenty-three years of age she decides to work as child care to support her studies but never thought that she would also find anything else. Thomas Coleman, a twenty-seven-year-old man, is the CEO of his company Coleman S.A, a famous and prestigious hotel building company in Washington state. Patient and correct, he gets what he wants and when he wants it, loving, responsible and family man. When he discovers that his wife was cheating on him with his childhood best friend, he immediately decides to divorce her. He is now left in charge of his 5-month-old son Luciano and decides to hire a nanny to help him take care of him 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At that moment it never mattered to her mind that she would be the one for her son or for him. What happens when they first meet? Will they feel the spark of love and desire? Or an old love will show up and want to separate and destroy them?

Talia Benavidez
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Chapter 1

Thomas Pov

Sitting in front of me was the woman who thought she was the love of my life, she was my world, i wanted everything with her, a family, a full life of adventures and dreams that we could create together. A dream we were able to achieve we had a beautiful and wonderful 5-month-old son who we call Luciano. I thought we were destined, but reality made me see something else.

In my life i had everything, an incredible childhood, parents who taught me to be respectful, gentleman to others, an older brother for Philip who would always be with him and support him in the decisions he made, to have my own goals and my own achievements. I became a man who would never cheat on my wife and who would always respect her and love her with all my heart. I am a successful man in my work and in the people around me every day.

But i didn’t know that my reality was changing when i found out my wife was cheating on me with my childhood best friend. I discovered it when i got to my house from a long and tiring business trip, i had been in New York to start building a new hotel that we would soon be creating. With my investors and i we were planning it two months ago and everything is going well. We had already signed the contract for the land and the designs were being prepared.

That same night i came to my house as usual and i wanted to surprise my wife so on the way i bought her some flowers that she likes so much. I always liked to give gifts to the people i love and adore and she was no exception, she was my greatest achievement in life (or so i believed). Upon entering i was greeted by my mother and father who were waiting for me. This time i was the one surprised when i found them with faces of anger and disappointment looking directly at Laila.

I went into the room and i said, “Hi mom, hello dad what’s going on here.” They looked at me and gave me a strong hug and with a sigh and a tear in their eyes my mother spoke to me: “We have to tell you something that will surely shatter your heart my adored son”.

I looked at her with confusion on my face and slowly approached Laila giving her a hug and a kiss on her sweet lips that so melt edmelt me, delivering her favorite flowers and her receiving her with a smile that looked false on her face. I sat on the couch and said to the three people in front of me: “What is it, why are they all like this, did something bad happen while i was away? Luciano is all right?”

“Luciano is well don’t worry, he’s sleeping in his room quietly. What we have to tell you more Laila has to tell you is something that happened while you were on a business trip. Isn’t that right, Laila?” said my mother looking towards my wife with an angry and tired face. In my mind i wondered what she had to tell me and what was going on but i worried that my father was so quiet and didn’t move from his seat.

“Well, tell me what’s going on and don’t stay in suspense. It must be very important for us all to be gathered here more when i’ve just been on a trip. Tell me love, you can tell me you know you can trust me”.

I approached her and took her cold, trembling hands in mine and looked at her with much love and patience. But what came out of his lips could not be believed and automatically let go of his hands and with my surprise face i said: “What did you just tell me?”

“I’m so sorry Thomas, but i cheated on you with another man, and i did it with Lucas. The truth, i never wanted to do this to you, i never thought i’d hurt you, but i realized i didn’t love you like i used to with the same passion and madness you have for me. I’m really sorry”.

At that moment i felt betrayed, angry but disappointed. Disappointed in her, disappointed in Lucas, as he could have done this to me, my best friend, my soul brother, my companion in everything, i couldn’t believe it. With pain in my heart i said: “I want you to get away from my house and tomorrow i will prepare the divorce papers, this is something i never thought you would do to me, you betrayed me and you failed me. Our son will stay with me and i’ll raise him and take care of him. I’ll ask the judge to give you a visiting order so you can see him and be a part of his life. But with me it’s all over, all the love i had here is over. I don’t want to see you again, if i talk to you, it’s for our son but don’t expect anything more from me”.

I said goodbye to my parents and went up the stairs to my son’s room. I opened the door and when i entered i met my beautiful baby sleeping quietly on his back and with his split lips letting out snoring. I loved watching him sleep because i knew he was safe from all the dangers he could have. I slowly approached him, kissing him on his forehead and looking at him with tears in my eyes i said:

“My special boy, i’m sorry about all this. You know daddy loves you very much and that he will always be by your side, i will try to be the best example for you and i will support you in everything you do. Together we can overcome this. Rest well tomorrow will be a new day”

I went to my room and i found Laila making her bags she looked at me but i went straight to the bathroom, i closed the door behind me and i took a shower that i needed so much, at that moment i started to cry and to take away everything that i had stored inside in my heart on. It felt like the shower water was mixing with my tears. After sat in the shower i grabbed a towel and brushed my hair and put a towel around my waist and got out of the bathroom.

When i left the bathroom i didn’t find Laila and i went to my closet to put on some more comfortable clothes, when i came in i found that her clothes, her shoes and her things were gone. I put on my boxers, a t-shirt, a comfortable pants and i lay down in my bed. In all that silence that invaded me i began to remember the times that she came late to the house, the mysterious exits that she had, and when sometimes she dodged me. That’s wheniI realized that all that was happening in front of my eyes. I started to close my eyes and inside i said to myself: “I will overcome it and be strong for me and for my son that now he is the only thing i need and want in my life. I won’t close my heart again to love, but for now i want to focus on my work and Luciano”

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