The Contract

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21-year-old Ivy is on the run from her past when she is run over by a mysterious man one night. When she awakes she finds herself hurt and lost with nowhere to go. Demetri, the mystery man who ran her over, convinces Ivy to live with him as a maid but threatens to throw her back on the street unless she signs a contract to remain silent about that night to protect his company and reputation. Will Ivy keep her silence or will Demetri push her to her breaking point with his harsh and over-demanding attitude?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Ivy! Don’t hide from me!” I hear him yell. I scrunch up in the closet holding the doorknob for dear life. Tears roll down my cheeks and my heart beats in my ears. I shut my eyes tight hoping he would just give up.

I hear Ty come into the room and my sweaty hands begin to lose the grip on the knob.

“Oh, Ivy baby, why did you run? I told you they wouldn’t hurt you. They just wanted to talk.”

Talk, my ass. I didn’t find out until this morning that Ty was planning to turn me into those girls he pimps out. He said he wouldn’t when we first met. He said he would just take care of me like a sister. The bastard lied. I can hear him coming closer when suddenly, he pries the door open.

“There’s my baby girl. Come here” He reaches down and yanks me up by my arm. I try to pull away but his large frame is no match for me. I kick and scream as he drags me across the floor.

“Please! Let me go!” I cry but all Ty does is laugh.

When we get to the living room of his apartment, he throws me down on the floor and stands over me.

“Stupid stupid, Ivy. Now when these guys come, you better have a better attitude. I don’t want to hurt you but I will.”

“Fuck you, Ty.” I yell and his humored expression drops. I watch his hand pull back and he slaps me hard. I lay on the floor breathing hard.

“Apparently you need to be broken in.” Ty mumbles and I hear him undo his belt. He reaches down and grabs my leg, flipping me over on my back. I try to clamp my legs close but Ty falls to his knees and rips them apart.

The scene of Ty telling me that he would never hurt me plays through my head over and over. I lay my hands on the carpet bracing myself for whatever was to come. I close my eyes but open them when I feel something sharp under the table. A knife. I grip it and ram it into Ty’s side. He curses loudly rolling off of me and I jump up. I know not to try the front door because there are too many locks to work through. I run back to the room and open the window, climbing out into the fire escape. Rain pounds on my head as I quickly get down the ladder. I hear Ty yelling my name and I know he is coming after me. When I get to the last few steps, my foot slips and I fall 8 feet to the hard wet concrete.

I lay there for a moment, groaning before I ease up to my feet. Suddenly, Ty comes running around the corner of the building

“Ivy, you’re dead!!”

I start running. I run as fast as I can. The rain blinds me but I can here Ty behind me getting closer. I run around the corner and out into the street. At the same time that Ty appears behind me, a car with no headlights hits me. I didn’t even see it coming.

I hit the ground hard, rolling across the rainy street before coming to a stop. I’m dying. This is it. I lay there feeling every part of me hurt and when I turn my head, I see Ty easing back into the darkness of the ally he just chased me in.

I feel myself slipping away as everything around me runs dark. Before letting go, I hear someone run up.

“Shit!” is all I hear before everything goes black. Dying doesn’t feel so bad after all.

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