The Monster in Me

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“God, you’re gorgeous no one deserves you, hell not even me but I will protect you with my life, that’s a promise. I’ll will keep you safe” “Valentino, what are you saying?” I ask and he went to my ear again nibbling at the skin, making me moan, when he whispered “I’m saying, you’re mine, and only mine. I will bring you so much pleasure and I’ll show you how a man should treat a woman” Nova has climbed her way to success on her own. Suddenly the Rossi brothers want a partnership but nothing is as it seems. She’s hiding a dark secret and so are they. Except Nova knows more than she’s letting on. Valentino, the eldest of the brothers wanted only her company but now he doesn’t want to let her go. The Rossi brothers are better known as the De Luca brothers and have distinct tattoos so people know exactly who they are. Dario: Snake tattoo. Emilio: Scorpion tattoo. Santiago: Sicario tattoo. Valentino: V tattoo.

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Chapter 1: De Latte

Nova’s POV:

The clock struck 12. Thank god, lunch break.

I walk out of my office to meet Addilyn, my assistant at her desk.

“Miss Diaz” she greets.

“Addilyn, be prepared for the meeting with Mr Rossi at 1:30pm, I’d like to see the folders ready by 1:00”

“Yes ma’am” she says and I smile,

“Good, you can go to lunch now”

“Thank you” she says, walking away.

I hurried to the elevator, pressing the bottom floor greeting workers as they go by. I walk out of the building. My building. Diaz accounting. Can’t say I’m not proud, I’m so fucking proud of myself, a big and successful business woman at 24. On top of that I did it all by myself.

I walk down the street to my favourite cafe, De Latte. It’s not busy at all, I’m quite surprised it hasn’t gone out of business but I’m happy nonetheless. They have the best grilled chicken wraps and iced coffee, it’s my go to and I get it at least once a week. I’ve even become friends with the owners, Mr and Mrs Grey. They’re a lovely couple with two small children and work their arses off for this cafe. I walk in and head straight to the counter.

“Afternoon, I’ll get the usual.” I smirk, getting out my money.

“Of course, busy?” Mrs Grey asks while fixing up my food.

“Always, got a meeting in an hour” I roll my eyes and she giggles. “Who with?”

“Mr Rossi” I shrug and her jaw drops as she looks at me,

“Oh my god! No way!”

“What?” I ask wondering what the big deal is.

“You mean the Rossi brothers?! They’re so hot, have you never seen a picture of them? Rumour has it they’re actually dangerous” she winks and I roll my eyes.

“Funny, all I know is that their business is successful and they wanted to meet up with me. I’ve never seen them, that and I don’t care. And you’re married Mrs Gray. Now, thank you for the food, keep the change!” I yell walking out.

I read my wrist watch, 12:50. I go back up to the office and get ready to meet the so called ‘Hot and dangerous’ Rossi brothers.

“Miss they’re ready for you, everything’s set up and they all have coffee” she says with slight fear in her tone.

“They? I thought there was only one?” I ask, ignoring my gut feeling.

“N-no...the brothers...t-they all came” she gulps.

“Are you okay Addilyn?” I ask, looking her up and down.

“Yeah, just a little shaken up. They’re scary and they threatened me.”

“Dickheads, I’ll deal with them. Thank you Addilyn” I say walking away but she catches my arm. “Yes?”

“Be careful” she responds and I scoff.

“Calm down, how bad can they be?”

With that I turned around and kept walking. Eventually I got to the meeting rooms doors. I check my watch 1:32, A little late.

I opened the door and was face to face with 3 men, gorgeous ones may I add as well was what looked like a lot of security in all four corners.

I examined them and they did the same to me. I saw the first one, wearing a suit but I could just see a tattoo peaking out on his arm of a snake that looked vaguely familiar. The second I noticed a tattoo of a scorpion on his neck. The third I looked down towards his ankle, I couldn’t see the tattoo and I hoped I never would.

I quickly scan the guards. Some had a snakes, others a scorpion and I finally saw one of their ankles. Shit. I was right. I can’t have them in my building. After all they aren’t Rossi’s.

They’re De Luca’s.

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