The Monster in Me

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The Rossi brothers, or better known as the De Luca brothers are after one thing. Novas company. But what happens when they set eyes on her, do they still only want the company? 4 brothers. Dario; the youngest. Snake tattoo. Emilio; The second youngest. Scorpion tattoo. Santiago: The second eldest. Sicario tattoo. Valentino: The eldest. V tattoo and V necklace. (Links in with “Misery:All My Love” can be stand alone)

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Chapter 1: De Latte

Novas POV:

The clock struck 12. Thank god, lunch break. I walked out of my office, Too meet Addilyn, my assistant at her desk.

Addilyn: “Miss Diaz”

Nova:“Addilyn, be prepared for the meeting with Mr Rossi, at 1:30pm, is like too see the folders on my Desk by 1:00”

Addilyn: “Yes ma’am”

Nova: “Good, you can too lunch now”

Addilyn: “Yes, thank you miss”

I hurried too the elevator, going too the bottom floor. Greeting workers as they go by. I walked out of the building. My building. Diaz corporate. Can’t say I’m not proud, I’m so fucking proud of myself, a big and successful business woman at 24, and I did it all by myself. I walked down the street too my favourite cafe, De Latte, it’s not busy at all, I’m quite surprised it hasn’t gone out of business, whatever the reason, I’m thankful. They have the best grilled chicken wraps and ice coffee, it’s my go to and I go here at least once a week. I’ve even become friends with the owners, Mr and Mrs Grey, a lovely couple, they have two small children and they work their asses off for this cafe. I walk in and head straight too the counter.

Nova: “Afternoon, I’ll get the usual.”

Mrs Grey: “Of course, busy?”

Nova: “Yep, got a meeting in an hour”

Mrs Grey: “Oh, who with?”

Nova: “Mr Rossi”

Mrs Grey: “Oh my god! No way!”

Nova: “What?”

Mrs Grey: “You mean the Rossi brothers?! They’re so hot, have you never seen a picture of them. Rumour has it they’re actually dangerous”

Nova: “Funny, all I know if that there business is successful and they wanted too meet up with me, I’ve never seen them, that I know of, I don’t have time. And honestly I don’t care. Now, thank you for the food, keep the change!”

I walked out of the cafe, 12:50. Okay, back up to the office and get ready too meet the so called “Hot and dangerous” Rossi brothers.

Addilyn: “Miss they’re ready for you, everything’s set up and they all have coffee”

Nova: “They? I thought there was only one?”

Addilyn: “N-no...the brothers...t-they all came”

Nova: “Are you okay Addilyn?”

Addilyn: “Yeah, just a little shaken up. They’re hot, but scary. They uhh...they threatened me.”

Nova: “Dickheads. I’ll deal with them. Thank you Addilyn”

I walked out of my office and down the wall when Addilyn came running after me.

Nova: “Yes?”

Addilyn: “Be careful”

Nova: “Calm down, how bad can they be?”

With that I turned around and kept walking. Eventually I got too the meeting rooms doors. I checked my watch 1:32. A little late, they deserve it after threatening one of my staff. I opened the door, and as soon As I did, I was face to face with 3 men, god looking ones may I add, as well was what looked like security in all four corners.

I examined them, and they did the same to me. I saw the first one, he was wearing a suit but I could just see on his left wrist...a tattoo...a snake. The second I noticed a tattoo of a scorpion in his neck. The third, I looked down towards his ankle, I couldn’t see the tattoo. I quickly scanned the guards some had a snake, others a scorpion and I finally saw one of their ankles. Shit. I was right. I need too make this meeting as quick as possible, I can’t have them in my building. After all they aren’t Rossi’s.

They’re De Luca’s.

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