It Started With His Bite

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It Started with His bite . A story of two hopeless and reckless wolves. A story of an alpha who mistakenly marks a she-wolf in a club. Blessed ones are unheard of in the werewolf world. They are rare and are created for a grand purpose. In this book, Dainsel , who we all thought was a mateless she-wolf will discover why Moon Goddess made her as she is.

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Both young. Both hopeless. Both reckless.

A story of an alpha wolf who mistakenly marks a she-wolf in the club.

This is my first story on inkitt , enjoy!

I strapped on my 3-inched red heels and made my way downstairs. My parents are asleep right about now. Trying my best not to emit any sound as I walked past their room , I mentally cursed myself at the ridiculous situation I’m in.

I am 21 years old but still live with my parents , sue me. I wasn’t anything special. I came from an average family in the pack. I don’t have any disability whatsoever but living with them wasn’t an issue or at least I thought it wouldn’t be. My father is a respectable man in this pack. He holds no position whatsoever but when the news of his eldest daughter being mateless after two years the coming of age spread out , he could not bear of the idea setting me free on my own. I agree with him too as I rarely got out of the house after that. I don’t think I can survive the pack’s judgement.

After the incident , I have been keen in avoiding members of the pack. I isolated myself within the four walls of my room , going out only at night to buy some goods for myself. If I’m lucky enough, I get to have Vera my younger sister , to run errands for me. This has been my routine for Goddess knows how long.

I don’t complain though. The downside to all of this however is that my parents treated me like some underage child. So here I am , trying to sneak quietly out of the house because I know for sure that dad’s gonna throw me out once he sees me dressed like a slut. A gorgeous slut , but a slut nonetheless.

I was wearing a tight red dress which ended half of a centimeter below my butt. It was an off shoulder showing off my collar bones and cleavage. My hair was tied into an updo and my make up, well, I’m in the badass mood so to put it lightly let’s just say it’s not that light nor that heavy.

I successfully got in my car and started to drive towards the bar. I was in for some trouble, I tell you. For one, the bar was in none of the werewolves pack territory so it was prone to rouges and humans. Two, I was going to a bar for crying out loud and I might even hook up with someone there.


As I arrived I immediately ordered a margarita. I followed it with shots of mojitos. Maybe I’ll order some of those jack Daniel’s men go crazy about. I just wanna get drunk and wasted tonight and every night after if this mateless situation of mine dont’t have a solution. The elders said it was rare and weird. I say fuck it.

It’s kinda sad , I guess. Who am I kidding? The jealousy and envy have got to me already. Wolves from my pack found their mates at 18 while I’m stuck here three years after, still mateless. How sappy.

“Hey,sexy.” A guy whispered in my ear making me giggle.

If I was sober I would’ve slapped my self but I -the drunk idiot I am- got alcohol into my systems already , so I giggle some more.

“Hey.” He slipped his arms around me hugging me from the back and I held it to secure the hug.

“What’s a beauty like you doing here alone?” He breathed.

Yuck. He stinks of alcohol and based from my senses, he’s a wolf. Oh well, can’t say I’m enjoying this.

“Waiting for you.” I winked.

Little did I know this guy has been wanting. He spun me around giving me a rough kiss. It must’ve been my desperation or my longing to have a mate that I kissed him back. We were basically eating each other’s faces by now. We were both gasping for air when he pulled away.

“How about we go elsewhere?” I nodded and he started dragging me to goddess knows where.

My phone’s ringing woke me up.

“Dammit.” I cursed.

I was still half a sleep and tired. Really tired. Luckily, us wolves only get drunk but no hangovers. Although as of the moment, I dont know why my neck stings whenever I moved around. Good thing I’m enveloped by this warmth beside me.

I realized my phone was beside my head and I answered it without even opening my eyes.

“Hello?” I said yawning.

“Dainsel Tara Scott , where in goddess’ name are you?” My younger sister screeched making me wince. I shouldn’t have put her on speaker.

I told her my whereabouts and managed to make her promise that she won’t tell mom and dad which she complied. That is, after I threatened her a million times.

“Well, you better get here right now. I’ll make up some excuse for now.” She said and I huffed in response.

“Keep it down.” The warmth beside me grumbled.

My eyes immediately opened and I stood right up away from the bed. A hot guy was laying on it. I realized I lost the warmth I felt before and felt gloomy. What the heck? I was about to scream at him when a wave of pain hit me coming from where my collar bone and neck met.

“Ow!” I hissed , trailing my fingers on a lump.

Oh no.




“YOU MARKED ME?!” I screeched and the guy sat up looking at me , eyes wide.

What am I gonna do? How will my mate ever react? Do I even get a mate? But this mark , I’m screwed. What do I do?

The guy squinted his eyes at my neck.

“Dad’s gonna kill me!” He barked. “Shit.”

And now he has the right to be angry? What about me? I’m the victim here! How am I gonna live with his mark?

Suddenly, tears sprang to my eyes.

“Oh, baby no, don’t cry.” He cooed, nearing me.

I took backward steps. It’s the mark. It’s starting to effect on us. I shook my head uncontrollably and he cursed realizing what I just realized.My parents are gonna sense I’m marked. By then, I’m screwed.

I can’t go home now. But where should I go?

“Look miss, I -” He didn’t get the chance to finish the sentence.

I shifted into my small sized white wolf and started to run. Where? Anywhere. Anywhere that’s away from him. Away from my family. Just anywhere.


I woke up again but this time , whimpering in pain. My neck was hurting even more. I forced my eyes to shot open but I couldn’t. After running aimlessly , I grew tired and my body must’ve fell exhausted being in wolf form for a long period of time and fell asleep.

“Get the alpha.” I hear a lady command and heard scrambling feet.

I whimpered again as I feel something searing from my sides. It hurt so much if I moved even so little. I tried opening my eyes again and I was met with beautiful breathtaking brown eyes.

“Hey.” He said .

I was utterly blank. It was the hot guy again. But he seemed not so hot right now with bags under his eyes , looking so stressed.

“Can you shift?” He asked and I whimpered in return.

My side was hurting again and also was my neck. I whimpered some more and he shockingly whimpered too.

“Does it hurt, baby?” He rubbed my neck sending tingles all over my body. “You need to shift back so your human can heal too.”

I nodded my head a little and started imagining my human self. Bones were cracking and in a second, I was sure I was laying naked in front of him. My eyes widened at this and a growl erupted in the room.

“Avert your fucking eyes or goddess so help me, I will rip them out of their sockets!” The guy from before shouted and I shrink into what seems to be a bed, scared from his voice full of authority.

I squeezed my eyes shut as I realized something new.

An alpha. I got an alpha’s mark.

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