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We'd spent the day talking like we used to. Part of me felt so comfortable, enjoying his company whilst pushing aside the thoughts of his antics at the party that night.

"Shall we just claim this as our place? Whenever we are lost, we come here?" he asked, his fingers brushing against mine as I allowed myself to enjoy his touch.

"Yeah why not."

"What are you doing next Friday? Wanna come back here with me? Maybe we can try the inn..."

He was so fucking tempting. I tried not to stare at him but I just couldn't help it. I tried to summon back my anger, but it seemed to have barricaded itself away behind Love and Reflection, both of which were forcing me to focus my attention on Jason.

"I don't know. I've said I'll go out with Cindy next week, Wes is back in town..." my voice drifted off as he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Is Harry going?"


"Maybe I'll see you there."

I couldn't help but smile, as we stood up to leave. We paid up and I followed him to the car as he opened the door for me.

"I almost don't want to leave," I confessed, as he leaned against the front of the truck, swinging his car keys around his finger as he gazed at me wordlessly.

"It's beautiful up here," he agreed, not taking his eyes from me as I walked towards the passenger door, noticing as his eyes fell as he sighed.

"I'm sorry too, that I can't just get over it. But I can't."

He nodded as he sent me a reassuring smile.

"Its okay. You know I love you, right?"

My heart was pounding as he studied me, and for a second I genuinely thought he was going to kiss me.

"Yes," I whispered, as he moved forward slightly, his hand cupping my face as he rested his forehead against his.

"Don't..." I murmured, his peppermint breath fanning my face as he exhaled, his lips brushing mine so lightly I wasn't even sure that he did kiss me.

"I'll listen to you this time," he growled, before pulling away from me, my body screaming at me to grab him back and kiss him, fuck the consequences.

But then he drove us home, and suddenly, in the familiar setting once again, the magic was gone.

I could still smell his cologne on my cheeks from where he had held me, as I fought intensely with myself.

It had been a long six weeks.

But the end was near, and all I had to do was walk away.

He pulled onto his drive, as he turned to me.

"Its important that you know something. I'm still in love with you, but I respect you. You said earlier, don't kiss me. Shit, somehow I didn't. But right now it's all I want to do," his voice was low and husky, and I nodded.

"Yeah. I appreciate you not doing it, because it would just fuck up my decision making process."

"But it's a decision making process now?"

I rolled my eyes as I went to leave, his hand catching mine as I turned back towards him.

"Fuck, you kill me. You really do."

He raised not hand to his lips, as I smiled softly.

"Thankyou for today. Goodnight."


The fresh air hit me, and I hugged myself as I walked over to my house, aware he was watching me.

My head was so confused, I went straight to the freezer for the tub of ice cream, digging a spoon in as I sat in the dark staring out of the window.

If I chose to get back with him, I was taking a big risk. People who cheated never changed, did they? It didn't matter how much I loved him.

But then if I decided to be without him, I wasn't sure how I would cope with that either.

I grabbed my phone, seeing a text from Cindy.

Tell me you haven't fucked him.

I groaned as I replied.

No. Why?

The phone rang immediately and I answered.

"Why are you asking if I've fucked him?" I demanded as I stuck the spoon back into the ice cream.

"Fucked who?"

I froze as I heard Jason chuckle down the phone.

"Shit," I swore as he laughed.

"Fuck this. Can I see you?" his voice was like kryptonite, as I closed my eyes.

"You've just seen me."

"I'm coming over."

I panicked, sitting up as I ran to the front door, casting a glance up the stairs to make sure my parents hadn't been disturbed. I opened the door as he jogged up the steps, striding towards me as I tried to breathe normally.

"I love you," he muttered, before crashing his lips against mine. At first I stood frozen, then I responded, whimpering as he pressed me against the wall, the door swinging open behind him. His lips were achingly familiar, the kiss a thousand times better than any kiss I'd ever had before. My knees felt weak as he gripped my waist, his tongue dancing against mine as I groaned softly. My body deceived me, arching against him as I felt his hardness press against me.

We broke apart, my hands still around his neck as he stared down at me, desire burning in his eyes.

"Goodnight, Charlotte," he whispered, kissing me hard on the mouth as he left, closing the door quietly behind him.

I stood finally, feeling rather dazed. I could still taste him in my mouth, and I closed my eyes as I realised if he would've asked, I would have said yes.

To any request he had made.

I was still in love with that damn boy.

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