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"Why. Why would they make us go through all of this to tell us no?"

She was angry. Her eyes were flashing as she spoke, her voice trembling as she pushed her hair behind her ear. I didn't even know what to say, I was still recovering from the shit sandwich I'd just been handed.

The love of your life passionately kissed a hunky footballer-

But she wants to be with you-

However that's not happening, boy.

The fuck?

"Look, it's fucking shit but we can appeal-"

Her lips met mine suddenly, and I lost myself against her mouth. She tasted better than she looked- and that was some feat. Her hands were wrapped around my neck as I slid my hands into the back pockets of her jeans, squeezing her ass I moaned against her lips.

"Can we just go home and make up-" I began my voice thick with longing.

"No! You have to earn that shit!"

"I'll do anything. Just say," I pleaded, as she dragged her fingernails up and down my back.

"I'll bear that in mind. Seriously though, what are we going to do?"

I sighed, her large eyes gazing up at me as I mentally kicked myself for being such a cunt.

"We wouldn't be in this fucking position if it weren't for me."

"True," she mumbled, as I kissed her forehead.

"You're not being fucking single," I growled, annoyed that Slimy Simon had told her that was her only option.

It wasn't.

"Well it's fine, I just don't see anyone-" she shrugged as I tilted her head back to gaze at me.

"It's not that simple," I said gently, as I began to walk alongside her, her hand lacing with mine as it rested on her shoulder. I could barely believe she was mine again- my heart was on cloud nine.

"Why? What is it?"

"It's fucking bullshit. Remember when I told you about the single programme...about having to date and shit for six months..."

She was silent then as we stood outside the community building. She looked puzzled, and I wished I had a time machine.

"So if they agree with Simon's decision..."

"Then our relationship is over," I sighed with irritation, as I pulled her close to me.

"So we have a choice. We can either appeal, or we can separate."

I wasn't sure I'd heard her right, so I pulled away from her.

"Say that again," I said quietly, as I felt my stomach twist.

"We can either appeal or we can separate."

"I thought you said that," I grumbled, as I turned and leaned against the railings, wondering if I I could come up with a solution. Even if we pretended-

"We pretend," I murmur, as she frowns.


"We can pretend. Neither of us go on any dates..."

Her face fell as she stared at the floor.

"For a year? Pretend for a year?"

I stopped mid sentence, frowning at her response. Why wasn't she excited?

"Uh, the alternative is we aren't together-"

"Yes I know," she said with exasperation, sighing as she looked at me. "Maybe we aren't meant to be together after all."

"Are you being serious? You just kissed me like that- told me you wanted to be with me and now you aren't sure?"

I was stunned.

"I thought I was my decision. I didn't want to throw it all away, Jason, then have to wait a whole year before we could be together. But it wasn't my decision, and now I have to wait a year anyway. I just don't know what I want. I'm so sorry."

She turned and walked away, as I stood staring after her, stunned.

She wasn't sure?

"Babe, wait, just listen to me," I caught up with her as she stopped, swallowing her tears down as I tried to pull her towards me.

"Don't, Jay. I still love you, so much. But right now I need to be on my own."

I released her instantly, as she pushed past me, walking towards the bus stop. The couple behind us came out, beaming at each other as I scowled at them.

First offence, clearly.

I couldn't believe she was going to consider this a way out.

How was I going to cope if she decided to do that?

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