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"It will be hard, because you've never been. Once you have been a few times, the nerves wear off and you start spouting shit at them left right and centre. Cunts, the lot of them," declared Cindy as she drained the last of her wine.

"He was yawning. Like, I get it, we've all been at work, but it's his fucking fault we were even there!"

"Sister, I hear ya. Look, maybe we need to go on some sort of fuck spree-"

"Absolutely not. I'm sworn off men," I vowed, as Cindy rolled her eyes.

"Girl, someone has to flick that switch," she pointed out, as I shook my head.

"Nah I'm good. I've got a vibrator," I sipped my cocktail, the peach and passionfruit tantalising my taste buds as I smacked my lips with delight.

"So he will get fined if you dont get back together right? Isn't it like, a thousand pounds for infidelity?"

I shrugged, not caring how much he had to fork out. No amount of money would ever erase that image from my mind.


"I just wanna find Jay, then we can go!" I shouted back to Cindy who nodded.

"We have looked everywhere, girl, I don't know where he is!"

Suddenly I noticed the stairs come into view, and I tugged Cindy along beside me. My stomach had that feeling of dread that you get when you know something is wrong. Still, I climbed the stairs, avoiding creeps and couples as I went.

The first bedroom had a group of people playing spin the bottle, and I saw with relief that Jason was not one of the players. Not in that room, anyway.

The second room was locked, and from the sounds inside I could tell it wasn't Jason. The third and final room had the door slightly ajar, as I pushed it open slowly. There were sofas everywhere, and music pumped out from dark corner. I thought I saw him, but it couldn't be him. He had a girl sitting astride his lap. But then I saw his tattoo, the unmistakable halloween themed sleeve peeking out from under the girls shirt as she kissed him deeply. I tried to move, but my legs were like rubber.

Cindy however, didn't hesitate.

"That bastard."

She grabbed a drink and hurled it over my boyfriend and the whore on his lap. She turned in horror, her lipstick smeared over her face as she saw me, her cheeks reddening as she began to stand up.

"I'm drunk, I'm sorry-" she babbled, as Jason sat up, his shirt buttons half undone.

"Wow, you bastard."

"Its not like that, it was just a kiss-"

I didn't respond, instead I walked blindly down the stairs.

Just a kiss? A kiss was what started our relationship. A kiss was what had ended it.

"Stop thinking about him. You need to take your mind off him. What about Richard from work? I know you can't date him for another four weeks, but after that you're a a free as a bird. Plus, you could always just fuck him until your break up is finalised," she added coyly, as I chuckled.

"Fuck who? Richard?"

"Well, you could always fuck Jason, if you can detach yourself I guess-" murmured Cindy thoughtfully, her glossy black bob shining under the lights as I screwed my face up.

"Ew, no."

"I'm joking."

We finished our drinks, before moving on to the next bar. There was a queue outside the bar, as they did security checks to get in.

I stepped forward to the eye scanner, as they nodded at me to through. I sighed, before making my way to the dance floor. Something about the music thumping around me always made me feel better, the alcohol in my veins suddenly soothing my fuzzy thoughts.

"Hey! You're the girl from my Ex group!"

I turned to see an attractive man in a tight blue shirt, grinning at me as I nodded slowly.

"Great. What a place to be recognised from."


"Nothing!" I yelled back, as I turned to see Cindy watching him with interest. She nodded at me with excitement as I felt his voice near my ear.

"I can keep a secret if you can."

"Urgh, seriously. Fuck off." I snapped, as he glared at me.

"No wonder he dumped you."

"Excuse me, I dumped him!" I screamed at his retreating back, as I flipped him the bird.

"God he was fucking yummy. I'd have slid down his pole-"

"Great, go get him. He's one of the tossers from my Ex group."

"No, no. I'm just surprised you didn't-"

"He fucked his girlfriends sister." I snapped, my good mood suddenly lifted.



"I'll get some shots, come on!"

I followed her to the bar when I saw him walk in. As usual he commanded attention, his wavy caramel hair pushed back as he scanned the room with his seductive green eyes. I felt an ache in my loins, as I mentally slapped myself.

Within minutes he would be ball deep in some slut, he didn't waste any time.

I finally dragged my eyes away, my fingers digging into Cindy's back as she chatted to some black dude at the bar. I knew I'd lost her then- she had a massive thing for men that looked like they owned the basketball court, and judging from this guys height and build, he was right up her street.

"Cindy," I hissed as she shot me a 'are you being serious' look, before apologising to the God before her. "He's here."


"Fucking Santa. Who'd you think?! Jason!"

Her eyes narrowed as they swept the room, before pursing her lips.

"So you've got a booth, you say? Mind if we join you?" she said sweetly, as I noticed the diamond in his ear shimmer under the lights. Was this guy actually famous? I had a sneaking suspicion that he was. He laughed, a deep chuckle that instantly made me smile.

"I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind a little company. Follow me."

He grabbed our drinks as Cindy turned to me, her eyes wide with excitement.

"He looks like Luther! I'm in heaven," she drooled, as I smiled back at her. I had to be the supportive friend, but right now I just wanted to leave. He led us to one of the booths that had been reserved for them, and I felt my heart catch in my throat. Scantily clad women perched on the laps of the men there, and I noticed the ones that were free looked like they'd been sculpted by Gods.

"Take a seat, ladies."

I perched awkwardly on the end of the booth as the man we had met at the bar introduced himself as Wes. I couldn't keep up with the names, and nodded appropriately when they gazed at me.

"Are you a model too?"

I turned to see one of the girls eyeing my outfit, frowning as she spoke.

"Me? No. I'm just a fashion assistant."

"Oh. So how do you know Wes?"

"I don't. My friend just met him at the bar."

"Do you want to dance?" I glanced over to see one of the men standing above me, his hand outstretched as I shook my head uncomfortably.

"Nope, sorry. I don't dance with strangers."

He burst out laughing as he grinned at me.

"I'm Harry. Now will you dance with me?"

"No. Sorry." I sent him an apologetic smile as the girl beside me seized the opportunity to dance with the hunk that was called Harry. I moved further into the booth, relieved to finally look like I was part of the group. Cindy and Wes were deep in conversation, and I suddenly felt quite alone. I tried to engage in the conversation around me, but it was incredibly boring and consisted mostly of sports.

"I'm just going to the loo," I declared, as Cindy nodded. I stared at her, hoping she would offer to come with me but she had already turned back to Wes.

I slid off the seat, making my way towards the toilets that were fortunately not too far away from where the booth was. I felt myself yawn and I knew the night was over for me.

After I came out of the toilet, I saw Jason leaning against the wall, frowning at his phone.

I went to move away when he saw me, his eyes lighting up as he spoke.

"Whoa, where you going?"

"Back to find Cindy. Let me guess, you're waiting for someone?" I asked icily, as I tried not to stare at his broad shoulders straining under his white shirt. He was wearing navy fucking chinos, my favourite combination.


"Yeah," he stared down at the floor as I felt anger bubble up deep within me.

"Well I'll let you get on. Men like you will never change," I spat, as I stormed away. Instead of going back to the booth, I found myself at the bar, ordering a double vodka and coke.

Why did men move on so easily? I braced myself for seeing him with someone, as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Technically, I'm still your boyfriend."

My loins did another dance as he placed one hand either side of me, his body pressing against mine as I swallowed.

"Not to me you aren't," I managed to hiss back, praying my body wouldn't react to his.

"Yeah, ok. But you know, I live opposite your house. I could make sure home safely."

"I'd rather walk with a murderer."

"You lie, Charlotte."

I downed my drink, before turning around, alarmed to see he was closer than I'd thought.

"Get your cheating ass away from me," I muttered, as he sighed.

"No strings. Nothing. Let me just make sure you get home okay."

"Jason. What makes you think I want to go home? Anyway, where's the girl you were waiting for? It didn't take you long to move on," I snapped, as he nodded coolly.

"You keep rubbing your feet, because those heels are making your feet hurt. You're drinking heavily because you're bored, and you have work in the morning. So if you want to go home alone, I can't stop you. But Cindy seems to be...otherwise engaged."

I followed his gaze to Cindy who was lip locking with Wes, oblivious to my horrific situation.

"You've only just got here. You're doing this as a way to talk to me. I hate you."

"Its shit in here. I'm going anyway. You're going... I know you hate me. I know I fucked up any chance of you and I, but maybe I could be a decent neighbour at least."

"You're paying for the cab and you better not try anything."

"I wouldn't dream of it babe," he chuckled as I stood with my hand on my hips. "Just let me off, tonight."

I moved past him as I let Cindy know I was leaving. Instantly she panicked, and Wes offered me a ride home with them.

"I'm sharing a cab with Jason- and no. Not like that."

"Yeah cus he looks like shit and you're not drunk. Seriously, whatever you do, don't fuck him."

"Cindy!" I breathed, as she shook her head.

"I bet he's wearing Lynx. It drives you fucking crazy."

"I don't care what he's wearing. I'm going home. To bed. Alone."

I kissed her goodbye as she reassured me she would be fine, and I told Wes I could give a great description to the cops should I need to. I walked back to see Jason waiting for me, his arms folded as he watched me walk.

"So she's pulled then. Right up her street isn't he?" he mused, as I stared daggers at him. "What about you? No one here that looks like Noah Centineo here for you?"

"If there was, do you think I'd be going home alone?" I asked, arching a brow as I pushed past him, the tell tale whiff of his Lynx driving me senses wild. Ever since I was young I'd associated that smell with him, my best friend across the street.

Why the fuck was he still wearing it?


"You're not going home alone. You're going home with me." he smirked, as I refused to look at him through my vodka haze.

"In your dreams."

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