I Don't Date Cheerleaders

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Carmen Larove, a rebellious 16-year-old girl with a secret, master in martial arts and she doesn't give a damn about what others think about her. After the recent fight that she started in a boarding school, she was kicked out and her parents force her to enter a public school where her older twin sisters go to. Carmen is also an openly lesbian girl. Larissa Vincent, a 16-year-old cheerleader who is openly bisexual. She came from an average family and open-minded. She is one of the most popular girls in school but she's not the Queen Bee. She also has to work in a local coffee shop after school to help her dad support her 2 little sisters, her sick mother and to pay the bills. What happens when a rich rebellious girl met one of the school famous cheerleaders? Will there be a spark between them? Or will there be chaos? Read to find out.

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“THIS IS THE LAST STRAW CARMEN! YOU’RE GOING HOME TO AMERICA!” I flinched. I should never have beat the guy up that bad. It’s his fault. He should never try to be a dick in front of me.

“I’m not at fault. It’s his. He deserves it......” Before I could finish, dad cut me off.

“ENOUGH! YOU’RE GOING HOME AND WILL BE ENROLL IN THE SCHOOL YOUR OLDER SISTERS'!HAT’S FINAL!” What!? Enroll in Catherine and Christina’s school?! No way!



I feel a nudged on my rib. I slowly raised my head and saw my sister’s smiling faces.

“Wake up sleepy head.” Catherine and Christina, the twins in our family, my older sisters, seniors in Xander Public High School and also the school’s cheerleader and Queen Bees.

The first thing you see is their eyes, those piercing green eyes that show off their beauty, courtesy from our dad lineage while mine is ocean blue, courtesy from our mom.

Their perfect golden blonde hair like our moms but mine is light brown like our dad’s. Their perfect eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, and lips while mine is under care. I don’t care what I look like. But the most noticeable thing on my face is my scar, just above my left eyebrows. A scar that goes all the way to my hairline, holds a secret that only my family knows.

“Get ready. We will wait for you,” I nodded and walk to my room. I look at myself in the mirror. I look at my light brown hair, my scar, my long eyelashes that I feel like I need to cut them all off, my perfectly shaped nose and my full luscious lips.

Lips that even the straightest girl on the planet would pay to taste. I smirked at that thought. What? I’m a lesbian. My family knows it as well. I bet this community hates it. But they don’t dare to say anything because of my parent's influential status.

I look through my closet. I choose my favorite colors of clothes. All black, black shirt, black jeans, black jeans jacket, black backpack, and my black heavy combat boots. I put on light make up enough to show my beauty. Light eyeshadow makeup to show my deep ocean blue eyes.

I checked myself one more time before going downstairs and walk outside where my sisters were leaning on their black Maybach Exelero.

“What are you wearing?” Catherine asked me. I look at myself,

“Um, clothes,” I stated the obvious.

“Cath shut it! Let’s go,” Christina say and slammed her door. I was about to enter the car when I notice my baby.

“Chris, Cath, can I drive to school?” Chris glared at me and the car behind me.

“Do you have your license?” I nodded.

“Okay, Fine. You can. We will wait for you at school,” with that she put on her sunglasses and step on the accelerator and drive away. I walk towards Jeremy and ask for my car keys. He politely gives me the keys and I trace my fingers on my black Bugatti Chiron.

“I missed you, baby, yes I do,” I coo at my car and just feel the steering wheel for a while. I turn on the engine and it perfectly roared to life.

“Let’s go to school baby,” I coo at it again and drive towards the school. Moments later I arrive at this hell hole that we all call the school. I spot my sister’s car and proceed to park my car beside them. I looked around and noticed a lot of bystanders gawking at my car. I smirked as I feel proud of it. I texted my sisters to let them know I’m outside waiting. They replied with a simple ‘ok’. I put on my headphones and click on Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I step out of the car and sit on top of the hood, waiting for my sisters.

"So you think you can stop me and spit in my eyes? So you can think you can love me and leave me to die?”

I was singing, my hands imagining there’s an imaginary guitar on my arms. My mini ‘concert’ was interrupted when Christina decide to smack my head.

“OW! WHAT GIVES!” I yelled at Christina. Everybody stop dead in their tracks and waited for a fight to begin. They probably thought I was stupid enough, to be yelling at their queen bees. Christina and Catherine rested their hands on their waist and raised their eyebrows at me.

I now noticed they both wearing their cheerleading outfits. Not bad. Red, black and gold as their official colors, I like it. I gave them two thumbs up. Catherine smiled and Christina still glaring. If only looks could kill, I might be dead now.

“Let’s go,” I put my bag over my shoulder and follow them. All eyes turn to us when we stepped inside the school hallway. Boys’ gawking at my sister’s like they were both some kind of prey. I have issues with guys. I am overprotective when they come to me or my sisters too close.

That’s another secret will be told later shall we? I noticed Catherina and Christina walk with confident and fury all over them, showing these people who rule the school. Some took pictures, some even drool over them. Once or twice their eyes will land on me. Wondering who is that freak, walking with the school’s notorious Queen Bee’s.

“Oh wow! The Larove sisters! So hot dude! I wonder who dare to tap that ass,” I heard a boy said.

“Good luck dude! Only the luckiest guy or girl will touch that ass,” I heard another boy said.

Oh, did I mention both my sisters are bisexual? I guess I just did. Well! We stop in front of the administration office and Catherine greets the lady behind the counter.

“Yes, Miss Larove?”

“I want to let you know that my sister is here. She wants her class schedule and locker number please,” Catherine said for me.

“Oh yes! I am well aware of that. Mrs. Larove did mention it,” the lady proceeds to search for my schedule and locker number.

“Here you go,” the lady wanted to give me but Christina snatched it for me.

“Chris, you could ask politely you know,” Christina shrugged and looked at the papers.

“We can’t send you to class. It’s the opposite of ours,” Christina stated. “Miss Dean, can you provide her a map?” Miss Dean nodded. Christina took the map and shows me where I should go.

“We will meet you in the cafeteria at lunch okay?” Catherine said and I nodded. They both kiss my cheek at the same time. The thing I hate about them is they both too clingy to me.

“Oh hell no! Eww!” I wiped the kiss-off.

“Don’t ew us! People pay to be kissed by us.”

“But I live with you two,” I gave them a cheeky smile. Christina looked at the time.

“Shit! Cath we’re late.” Christina turned to me.

“The class is that way, follow the map. See you at lunch,” with that they both walk to their class. I looked around and notice some students still gawking at me.

“Don’t you people have class? MOVE YOU IMBECILE!” I yelled for my frustration. They all took whatever it is needed to be taken from their locker and scram away quickly. I like that effect. In my old school, I was the most feared student.

But dad gave me a warning to not do something stupid again. Besides my sisters are here. And they both can be scary. I sighed and pulled my hair back, making my scar visible. I’m not afraid to show them. It shows how strong I am. Think positive right.

I walk towards my first class. My heavy combat boots echoed in the hallway. I looked at the map again and looked up at the door. Yup, it’s here. I decide to knock. Seconds later, an elderly man opens the door.

“Can I help you?” I handed him the papers and he nodded.

He opened the door for me to enter. I walked inside with him. He cleared his throat, gaining the other student's attention.

“Class, we have a new student joining us today. Introduce yourself,” What the hell? Do I need to introduce myself? My name is clearly on the paper. I sighed, pulling my bangs back. I heard gasps from the students.

“My name is Carmen Larove. I was kicked out of my old school for bad behavior. I am 16 years old. Oh and I’m also a lesbian,” I smirked when the old man’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’.

“Please take your seat next to Miss Vincent. Miss Vincent, please put up your hand,” I looked forward and saw the most beautiful girl I ever saw. Her golden blonde hair compliments her soft green eyes, her skin is as smooth as silk; the man I would love to touch that skin. I moved my eyes to her face, long eyelashes, perfect shaped nose, and her lips form the most enchanting smiled.

“Miss Larove? If you may take your seat now please,” I looked at the table for his name.

“I will Mr. Martin,” I walked towards Miss Vincent and sit next to her.

I put my bag on the floor and took my notebook out. I took glanced at her. I noticed she’s wearing the same uniform as Catherine and Christina. Oh man! She’s a cheerleader. I don’t date cheerleaders!


I’m tired. I looked at the time and it’s 7 am. I need to get up for school. Yesterday at work was horrible. I had to endure the horniest man on earth as my boss, the stupidest boy in the history of fuck boys as my colleague. I need the money. I need them to support my family.

My dad’s job alone can’t support us all. With my mom’s medical bill, I need more income. My little sisters need to go to school. They need proper education. They need to be successful. After my mother was diagnosed with kidney problems; she needs to do a dialysis treatment thrice a week.

She said she doesn’t need it, but my dad and I insist. She needs the treatment or she will suffer even more. I don’t want my mother to suffer.

I worked in a local coffee shop. Working there has been hell for me. The boss keeps on looking at me with the wrong intention. Sometimes he just ‘accidentally’ touches my ass. He said if I tell he will fire me. I just took a deep breath and let it flow. I walked towards my bathroom, took a really cold shower to wake me up from my sleepiness.

After that, I dried myself with a towel and proceed to do my hair and makeup. Despite everything, I love school. Some say it’s hell, but for me it’s heaven. I get to be a cheerleader. I am also one of the popular but not as popular as the Larove sisters. Those sisters rule the school.

Christina is the ice queen, also the captain of the squad. Catherine is more on the friendly side of her older sister and also co-captain.

Catherine knows my struggle and also my sexuality. I am bisexual the whole school does. She even helps me with the principal when I said I wanted to work. She can charm anyone. I put on light makeup to compliment my soft green eyes and my golden blonde hair.

Satisfy with it I proceed to put my hair in a ponytail. I put on my cheer uniform and my white sneakers. I also put some extra clothes in my duffle bag for work later. I walked towards my family, having their breakfast. I decided to skip breakfast, kissed my parents and sisters and just walk to school.

Arriving at school, I notice someone parked his or her car next to the Larove's. I noticed it’s a girl because of her long hair. Oh man, that girl will meet her doom. I was checking her out, and she’s was wearing all black but the most notable about it was her heavy combat boots. Bad aura was all over this girl. Is she singing Queen?

I chuckled at the scene. But her voice is mesmerizing. I noticed Catherine and Christina walk towards her. Christina just slaps her head hard.

“OW! WHAT GIVES!” this new girl dares to yell at the queen. The Larove sisters doing their signature bitch poses and talks to the new girl. I’m surprised there’s no fighting happen. The last time someone took the parking, they make this guy’s life a living hell. I was back to the present when Carrie touched my shoulder.

“What’s up to Vincent?” I chuckled at how she always greets me with my last name.

“What’s up Hunter?” I greet her with excitement. “Hey did you see the new girl?” I nodded.

“Yea, she was declaring war,” I chuckled. We walked towards our locker and met the others.

“Sup Larissa,” Jordan greets me. He’s my ex who stays as a friend. There’s just no spark when we dated. I smiled at him.

“Hey Larissa,” Gina greet me. She’s one of the cheerleaders as well. We were talking about Mr. Martin's class when we notice the halls suddenly become silent.

There’s only one explanation, The Larove sisters are crossing. I turned and see the new girl followed them closely. Too close, weird, they never let anyone that close to them, even their teammates.

Jordan took a picture and the new girl glare at him. We all heard the jocks talked about how they want to tap the Larove sister’s ass. That’s rude of them. Catherine and Christina never took notice of the jocks. Even though they both bisexual, not even a girl can win their heart.

“I heard the new girl is their girlfriend,” Carrie said after the sisters walked past us.

“That’s nonsense. Anyway, we should go to class. Or Mr. Martin will eat us alive,” I said and walk to class. I knocked and he let us all come in. I took my usual seat and was just minding my own business when Paul, my suitor, again, try to ask me out.

“Look, Paul, I have no time for dates and fun. Leave. Me. Alone!” I said venomously. Well, that shut him up.

Mr. Martin starts the lesson. He was explaining to us about some poem when a knocked stops the lesson. I begin to write the notes that were in front of the class when the new girl enters the classroom. The difference now, we can see her face. Not only that, we all noticed a scar just above her left eyebrow.

“Class, we have a new student joining us today. Introduce yourself,” Mr. Martin said and her face clearly shows she’s not the talkative type.

“My name is Carmen Larove. I was kicked out of my old school for bad behavior. I am 16 years old. Oh and I’m also a lesbian.” She smirked. Did she just shout out to the whole class that she’s a lesbian?

“Please take your seat next to Miss Vincent. Miss Vincent, please raise your hand,” I raised my hand and our eyes interlocked. Wow. I could just swim in her deep ocean blue orbs.

Mr. Martin clears his throat and asked Carmen to walk towards the empty seat next to mine. She walked past me and I could smell her fragrance. She put her bag on the floor and took out her notebook. I can feel she’s eyeing me but I decide to ignore it. She’s a Larove. It’s bad to make eye contact with the city’s most influential family.

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