Forcefully Mated

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Annabelle June Willows was from the Red Dawn pack. She was sweet, kind, beautiful and everything you would want in the perfect mate. But what did she do to deserve such a mate? "MINE" he growled making my eyes widen. HE was my mate. But why? What did I do to deserve a mate like 'Xavier Nicholas Knight'. Xavier Nicholas Knight. The perfect definition of cruel, ruthless and cold. He was the type of guy that would make you drop to your knees by just one glare. Many girls would swoon over him. But he didn't give a damn about them nor did he about his mate. But what happens when he finally founds one? "sweetheart why were you talking to that boy" I asked my little angel. Her eyes were filled with unshed tears. She was scared. Good. "I-I didn't talk t-to him. H-he just c-came here o-on his own" she stutters. I smile before slapping her across the face. She falls down on the floor because of the hard slap. Her cheek is red and a bit of blood is also coming out from where my nails digged in her skin. Tears are streaming down her face while she crys silently. "now now baby. That was just a slap. Our punishment hasn't even started yet." I smile at my little angel and the things that I could do with her. Will she ever be able to love a monster like him? And.. Will a cold monster like him ever love someone?

Romance / Fantasy
L. Amethyst.
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Chapter 1

Annabelle's point of view

I was staring at the ceiling waiting for my alarm to finally go off. I always wake up early so now I'm just used to it.

My alarm finally goes off, the loud ringing sound blaring my ears with it. Sighing, I turn it off as I get out of bed.

I go to the bathroom to take a good shower. I apply my all time favorite lemon body wash and shampoo. Goddess, I love lemons.

After taking a nice shower. I get out of the bathroom to go to my small walk-in closet. I decide to wear denim shorts with a white crop top.

I tie my long blond-like hair in a ponytail. I decide against makeup, I'm not a big fan of it. Just a quick mascara, lip gloss and I'm ready to go. And don't worry, I brushed my teeth.

I wear my white vans and head downstairs. I sit down in my usual spot, the island stool. I look at my mom to see her making sausages. I smile brightly seeing that. I love them so much.

"Hello darling. How are you? Did you get a good night's sleep?" she asks as she kindly smiles at me.

"Hey mom. I'm fine and yes! I slept really well. What about you?" I say as I return her smile.

"I'm fine" she says, I narrow my eyes at that, the lie in her voice was pretty evident. She really is a bad liar, no wonder I'm a bad one too.

"Well, the bag under your eyes tell something else." I say to which she just chuckles. My mom is the pack doctor and my dad is one of the pack warriors including my brothers.

"HELLO PEOPLE. YOUR KINGS HAVE ARRIVED!" I roll my eyes at the idiots that I call my brothers. Carson and Carlos, twins who haven't still found their mates. They are 20 while I am 17 but today is a special day. It's my eighteenth birthday!

You might be wondering why my parents haven't wished me happy birthday. In fact they already did... By waking me up in the middle of the night. I hated it.

"So sis! How does it feel to be 18? " they both say in unison. I slightly laugh as they both glare at each other.

"Well it's cool." I say shrugging because i don't know what I should be saying. Everything feels the same.

I pick up my bag and bid my brothers and mother 'goodbye' as I make my way to school.

I go up to my friends and when they see me their eyes light up and they suddenly grin widely at me. Ok, so what is with the grinning?

"Here comes the birthday girl!" Jax says as he comes over to me to give me one of his bear hugs.

"Ok, ok, I understand I'm the best. But no need to choke me" I say to which he laughs and leaves me. Jax is kind of tall but not much, about 5'11 whereas I am 5'6, most people say that I have a fair height and honestly, I couldn't agree more.

Jaxon is one of the popular guys in school. He has blond hair with forest green eyes. Many girls swoon over him and some even get jealous of me but I mean, come on, to me he is just a brother.

"Hey bish!" Selena says coming over and hugging me. Selena is very pretty. She's the type of girl that every boy wants. She has the looks and the brains. She is 5,6 just like me with strawberry blond hair and grey eyes.

We are totally the blondie group.

"You know we were thinking that as it is your birthday we should go clubbing!" she says with a wide grin on her face. Hearing her words, I shake my head frantically.

"You perfectly know I don't like that type of stuff." I say as I give them a stern look. They both make their best puppy dog, they know me too well knowing that I won't be able to resist this. I sigh, slumping my shoulders in defeat.

"Fine." I say causing wide grins to appear on their faces again. I give them a glare with a slight pout. I slightly shrug then. I mean, how bad could it be?

School goes by as boring as it could be and before I knew it, I was at my home with my crazy best friend trying to get me ready.

"Annabelle June Willows. I am going to ask you one last time to get your hot ass up and get ready! " she says making me roll my eyes. She thinks that I'm pretty, well she should see herself.

I finally crawl out of the bed and head towards the closet. I drag the dress Selena gave me trying to not get on her bad side because when she is mad, she acts like hulk.

I wear the dress, a smile automatically forms on my lips as I run my fingers over the smooth clothing. It was a pretty nice dress, it was simple yet beautiful.

"Oh my God you look so beautiful!" Selena gushes and makes me sit on my vanity table. She starts doing my make up while I just sit there looking at myself.

I am going clubbing....Wow when did I get this old? Probably today. Guess 18 isn't the same after all.

"All done!" Selena snaps me out of my thoughts. I look at myself again, my eyes widening as I took in my appearance.

"Wow." I say barely above a whisper.

My dress was a simple black dress which hugged my figure from the top and flowed carelessly below my waist. The dress was paired with black strappy heels. My blonde hair was in perfect curls . Overall I looked hot.

"Wow now don't you look hot and badass." Selena breaks me out my daze. I look over at her and smile.

"Thanks. I can't believe this is me! " I say still not believing the mirror. Selena flips her hair in a dramatic way making me slightly laugh.

Selena was looking like a hot bomb ready to be dropped with her blue dress that hugged all her curves in the right places. Her heels were blue with silver and her strawberry blonde hair was in natural looking waves.

"Now let's rock this party girl! " Selena says in an excited voice. I laugh at her excitement and sigh in contentment. I love these people.

We go outside to find Jax sitting in his car waiting patiently. His fingers tapping the steering wheel anxiously. His attention diverts to us as he sees us approaching, this causes relief to flood through his veins.

"What the hell do you girls do?" Jax bombards us with questions the minute we sit in the car. Selena just rolls her eyes while I shrug, feeling a little guilty.

"Sorry Jax we were getting ready." I say. I didn't want any of my frifnds getting angry and fighting. Call me a baby but that's how I am.

"No Ann. It's not you. It's her. She always takes long" he says glaring at Selena who couldn't care less.

"Okay now shut your big ass mouth and drive." she says. Jax mutters something under his breath and drives the car like a bull chasing red.

"STOPPPPP!!!!! JAX YOU'RE GONNA CRASH THE CARRR!!! " I scream at him. He laughs and slows down a bit. I put my hand on my chest to calm my rapid heartbeat.

Sometimes he is such a mean person. Selena was clearly enjoying herself but when the car slows down. She huffs and crosses her arms across her chest making, I chuckle at that. She looks like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

"We have arrived!" Jax says well more like yells since the music from the club was making it a little hard to speak even though we had yet to step inside.

"Finally out of this snail like car." Selena drawls, jumping out of the car the moment it stops. I open and the door and follow Jax and Selena.

We reach the bouncer who looks at us with one of his brows raised as his eyes scan our body, I mentally cringe at that. Disgusting. His attention quickly turn towards Jax when he hears him clear his throat, his eyes visibly widening as he opens the door for us.

We step inside the club and the moment we did, I feel as if someone just blowed my ears away. Oh dear goddess, this was a terrible idea.

"Oh no! Please! I want to go home!" I screamed at them. They looked at me and bursted out laughing. I lowly growl at them but obviously they couldn't hear me due to the loud music.

"Oh moon goddess, Ann you were literally looking like a little kid who doesn't want to go to school! " Jax says in between his laughing fit.

"Okay now shut up both of you and let's go sit. Goddess, Ann my stomach is hurting because of you." Selena says as she holds her stomach tightly. Jax just laughs.

"I'm sorry Lena" I say while we all go down to sit in a booth. Selena looks at me, laughing before passing me a small smile.

"Hey, it's fine. Now loose up a little, okay?" she says to which I just nod my head. I have never drank before so this will be my first time. I have never been to a club before either so I guess we are doing a lot of firsts today.

A waitress comes over to us and when I say literally, she literally pushes her chest into Jax who just rolls his eyes at her.

"What would you like, sweetness?" she says in a sultry tone making me cringe. Her attempt in acting seductive was honestly pitiful.

"Well, we would like five shots of rum and tequila... And a new waiter." Selena says in an overly sweet voice. The waitress looks embarrassed and leaves us alone.

"But guys we are not twenty one so isn't it illegal?" I say causing them to laugh. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. Why are they laughing?

"Ann, does anyone in this club look like legal to you? No one gives a damn Ann and you shouldn't either so now loosen up" Selena says and now that I think of it, I haven't noticed people who seemed older than us except for a few people.

Soon a waiter comes and gives us our shots. He gives us a warm smile, his dimples showing before he goes to serve another booth.

"Okay now, Ann you must drink one of them. So pick up." Jax says. I look down at the glasses and the strange looking liquid in them. I shrug and pick up a random glass and chuck it down my throat.

I feel as if my throat was on fire as the alcohol glided down it. A warm feeling settled in my stomach but the burning was much more important than it.

"Goddess it's so bad! I hate you guys! " I scream at them. They just shrug, drinking the four shots that were remaining.


I was currently using my phone, browsing through Instagram posts as Selena went dancing and Jax went to flirt with some girl. Selena had asked me to dance with her but I declined politely. I didn't want to be standing with all those sweaty bodies as they touched each other in inappropriate manners.

My phone dropped from my hands, falling in my laps as a mouth-watering scent hit me, hard. I instantly knew who it belonged to. My mate.

"Mate! Mate!" my wolf, June, yelled excitedly as she jumped around in happiness. A bright smile set on my lips at the thought of my mate.

"I know!" I say matching her excitement before cutting our mind link out.

I heighten my senses to see where the scent was coming from. It starts decreasing making my eyes widen. No! He can't leave!

I stand up and look around. I go towards the exit to see if I could stop him if he was there. My shoulders slump in disappointment when I see no one there. Turning around, I crash into a wall, more like a man's chest.

The sparks flow through my body where our skins touched and by this I knew that he was my mate. But before I have a chance to speak, the person pushes me back in the wall. I wince as my back crashes with the cool texture of the wall.

I finally look up to see my mate. And when I do, it feels like the breath was knocked out from my lungs. Oh moon goddess.

My mate had a well built body with pink lips which were set in a straight thin line. He had a strong jaw and his dark brown curly hair was setting in a disheveled manner on top of his head. His blue eyes were staring down at my blue eyes but his were a dark blue while mine were lighter.

I knew exactly who this was. He was 'Xavier Nicholas Knight'. The ruthless and cold alpha who would find pleasure in torturing people.

"MINE" he growls making me snap out of my train of thoughts. At that moment I noticed the whole club had gone silent and was looking at us with curiosity.

"Wait she is his mate? I thought I was his mate. "

"Wow, we finally found our Luna!"

"Don't they both look cute together?"

"Poor girl."

There was a lot of people whispering to themselves. I just stood there stunned. It was hard to look around because of the person standing in front of me. One thought had crossed my mind at that time.

Oh moon goddess why me?

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