Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 10

Annabelle's point of view

We were currently sitting at the dining table waiting for breakfast to be served. Damon was also here which I didn't like one bit. He was staring at me like I was his next meal. What is his problem?

Normally Xavier would probably kill any male that would look at me but he doesn't even see how his friend is looking at me. Because he is his best and most trusted friend.

A maid comes and puts a plate and a glass of orange juice in front of me. The plate contains scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and sausages. I put on strawberry jam on one of the toasts and take a bite out of it. I try to take another bite but I stop when I feel something on my leg, more specifically some foot on my leg. I look up at Xavier to see him drinking his black coffee. Typical.

Then I realize the foot belongs to Damon. I look up at him to see him smirking. I glare at him and move my legs back so they are out of his reach. I smirk as his smirk turns into a glare. And just like that his glare turns into an evil glint. He smirks while he drops his fork. Oh don't tell me?

He reaches down and slides his hand up my leg. This pervert. I look at Xavier to seek any help but he just jeeps looking at his phone. Does he not know what his friend is doing or is he supposedly completely ignoring it?

The sick hand leaves my leg and Damon gets up with his fork.

'never start a game you can't finish.... Luna' I hear a voice in my head and I know it belongs to Damon. It is from the mind link I formed with the pack on the day we 'mated'.

'don't you dare come near me again, you sick pervert. What do you want from me?' I say angered by how he thinks he can do anything with me. But.... Doesn't Xavier do the same thing?

'well that's going to be hard as I can't stay away from you babe. And I want you from you. Can you give that to me babe?' he says in a husky voice trying to sound seductive but he only sounds stupid.

'you don't have the right to call me that. I am your Luna. You must respect me. Or else I will ban you from the pack and you will be a rogue.' I said with authority. I didn't want to brag about my title and stuff because I never wanted it. All I wanted was a caring mate who would treat as if I were his queen. I wouldn't care even if he was an omega. I snap out of it as I hear a chuckle.

' oh really babe. Are you really gonna play the Luna card on me? Do you really think that it would scare me? And lastly but most importantly do you really think Xavier would let you ban me from the pack?' he says and chuckles again. As I let his words register. I sigh in defeat. Of course Xavier wouldn't ban his best friend from his pack. He trusted him more than her. He would never do it even if she would be on her knees.

She cut off the mind link because she really didn't want to talk to him. She thought he was going to be nice to her but maybe not.

She continued eating her eggs and bacon. Xavier still hadn't even looked at her. Was he really that unaware of his surroundings? She thought as she stared at him with disbelief.

"quit staring. It's rude." Xavier said not even looking up. Oh so he notices this but didn't notice what his 'friend' was doing. She thought

She looked down back at her food. She had suddenly lost her appetite. Living with these men had taken away everything from her. Her dignity, her freedom, her family and friends. Everything. Just by thinking about her family, tears welled up in her eyes. What was her family doing? Were they alright? What about Carson and Carlos? Did they find their mates?

Although she had been away from them for only a week. Maybe. She didn't even know. But it felt like months since she had last seen them. Since she had seen her mother's bright smile while she cooked breakfast for everyone. Since she had seen her brothers quarrel or fight like little kids. Since she had seen her father scolding the two boys while having a little smile playing on his lips.

"why are you crying Luna?" Annabelle snap out of her thoughts when she heard Damon. He had an innocent look on his face but she knew what was behind that facade. Hearing this Xavier also looked up. His brows furrowed together. Annabelle hadn't realized that she was crying. She quickly wiped the tears away.

" why are you crying? Is it Beacuse of what I said?" Xavier said flatly. There was no gentleness or caring in his voice. Annabelle shook her head in a no.

"tell me Annabelle. I don't like liars." he asked well more like demanded. He was irritated. Why was she always crying?

"I just m-miss my f-family." Annabelle answered quietly. She knew what his answer would be. He would say that he was her only family now.

"do you want to see them?" Xavier asked. She looked a little taken back by his statement. Well a little would be an understatement. She looked at him with surprise. But there was a little ray of hope in her eyes. Maybe he would let her see her family.

"yes." she answered. She really wanted to see them. Xavier didn't want to let Annabelle go but he couldn't keep her caged here either. He knew he had planned to keep her locked in here. But now that he thought about it. It wasn't the best decision. Maybe letting her see her family once in a month would be alright. It wouldn't do any harm. Her family couldn't do anything against him either. If they did. They could be banned and turned into a rogue.

"fine you can see them today. I will not be going. But I will join you in the evening. I have some important pack work. I will drop you." he said. Annabelle was so happy that she had to refrain herself from squealing out loud. She couldn't believe it. She felt like a little kid who got what he wanted for Christmas.

She stood up and went to kiss him on the cheek. She pecked his cheek lightly. Xavier was shocked when she felt her kiss him on the cheek. She kissed her for the first time. Herself. She was ready to leave when Xavier pulled her to his lap and kissed her. But it was not rough. It was gentle. It was almost like he cared.

He stopped and looked in her beautiful innocent blue eyes. She was looking at him in surprise and happiness. He smiled a genuine smile. She had never looked at him with any emotion other than fear.

Annabelle soon stood up as she remembered that Damon was still present. She looked at Damon to see him seething. He was trying to control his anger.

Why couldn't she be my mate? Why his? Damon thought. Annabelle was an angel. Why couldn't she be his? He knew he couldn't change what the moon goddess had decided for them. And he knew this was wrong. Very wrong. He was wanting his best friend's mate. She belonged to Xavier. Only him. But what would he do about the burning sensation he felt when he touched her. Her beautiful innocent face. Her beautiful eyes. Her rosy red lips.

Oh and the day he felt her lips. It was as if he had tasted heaven. Her soft plush lips could make any man drop to his knees. She was a goddess. A seductress. An enchantress. She was everything in the godamn world. Her beauty was ethereal. But she didn't belong to him. A bitter taste settled at his tongue thinking of her being with someone else. She should only be his. But he couldn't betray his best friend. Xavier had always been there for him. Now he couldn't do this to him.

Fuck, this was making him frustrated. He stood up and left the dining hall. He really needed to let some stress out.

Annabelle was so happy. She was going to see her family after about two weeks. She probably had never been this happy in her entire life.

A thought came to her mind. What about her education? She hadn't gone to school since Xavier took her. She wanted to graduate. She couldn't just let it go. Her graduation was probably in two weeks.

She went up to her room to brush her teeth. After brushing her teeth, she went down to see Xavier standing in lounge. He looked at her and gestured her to get in the car.

They both went to a gold Lamborghini aventador SVJ roadster. She knew a little about cars as her brother would always talk about them. It was incredibly pretty. It must've been very expensive. And the color suited it perfectly. It was not a complete gold, it had a slight rose and bronze touch to it making it look incredibly beautiful and unique.

She was feeling giddy. Finally. She would meet her parents...

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