Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 11

Third person's point of view

They had finally arrived at Annabelle's house. This was her house. Not the one that Xavier owns. She thought. That house could never be hers. It was her cage to which she would have to go back again.

They got out of the car. Annabelle was ready to knock at the door but her hand stopped midway when her mate wrapped an arm around her waist.

"what happened sweetheart? Go ahead and knock." Xavier said smirking. He knew she was uncomfortable but he didn't care.

She slowly raised her trembling hand and knocked at the door. She heard a faint 'coming'. She smiled. She knew the voice belonged to Carson.

The door opened and Carson was ready to shout because he really didn't want to get up from the couch. What could he say? He was lazy. But his shouts had stopped in his throat as he saw his baby sister standing there with tears glistening in her blue eyes.

He felt as if his heart had stopped a for a second. He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the arm that was wrapped around her sister's waist. He looked at next to her sister to see a man with dark blue eyes and dark brown hair. He must be at least 6'5 or something. Annabelle looked like a little dwarf next to him. She barely reached his chest.

Carson bowed a little in respect. He was the alpha and he couldn't deny the power that was seeping through him.

"come in" Carson said. He stepped aside to let Annabelle and their alpha in. They both stepped inside. And as Annabelle looked around, the tears in her eyes escaped. It had been so long since she had seen her home. When she looked at Carson, she could see the bags under his eyes. He had not been getting much sleep.

"who was it Cars-" Carlos said as he came rushing down the stairs but stopped midway as he saw his sister standing there with tears escaping her eyes. Carlos' mouth was opened slightly. He couldn't believe it. His baby sister was back. He was so happy but his happiness was torn away when he noticed the alpha standing next to Annabelle. Of course, how could he forget? He was the mate of Annabelle.

He rushed down and stood next to Carson but not before bowing to the alpha. The alpha gave a curt nod. He didn't want any males near his little angel but they were her brothers. He couldn't do anything about it. But that didn't meant he liked them. He knew them from training. They were good pack warriors.

Annabelle wiped her tears. She didn't want her mother to see them. Thinking about her mother, Katherine came down because her kids had been taking too long down there. But when she saw her little daughter, she broke into sobs. She had missed her so much. She hadn't slept for so long. She couldn't stop worrying about her daughter. But what could she do? She was the mate of the alpha. She couldn't do anything.

His father was not home as he went at the pack for training. Annabelle couldn't see her mother crying. She silently tried to wiggle out of xavier's grip so her family wouldn't notice. But seeing this, Xavier only tightened his grip. Annabelle silently whimpered as Xavier tightened as much at the point that it hurt.

"okay so I'll be going baby. I'll see you later." Xavier said loudly so everyone could hear him. He was tired of this crying shit. She hadn't been gone for years that they were crying. He was also getting late for work. He smirked as he saw his brother's fist clench as he put emphasis on the word 'baby'.

Xavier bend down and took annabelle's lips in a harsh kiss. He wanted to show them that they couldn't do anything in front of him. He could do anything to Annabelle and they would just stare helplessly.

He bit Annabelle's hard causing blood to ooze out of it. He smirked through the kiss. Now this would really make them happy. He thought. He shoved his tongue in her mouth and kissed her hard.

This caused Annabelle to lose her balance but xavier's strong arm kept her in place. Annabelle was full on crying but it was silent. Her lungs were losing their oxygen, sensing this Xavier left her lips. There was a little blood trailing down her lips. Xavier smirked at that.

He put his hands in his pockets and left. As soon as the door closed, Annabelle fell down on the floor crying helplessly. Carlos, Carson and Katherine rushed to Annabelle.

They steadied her and made her sit on the couch. Carlos sat in from of her with Carson as her mother sat next to her as she rubbed soothing circles on her back, whispering sweet words in her ear but even she knew they were just words, nothing else.

"I missed y-you g-guys." Annabelle said as she sobbed in her mother's chest. Her mother was also crying. She couldn't see her daughter in pain. But what could she do? Nothing.

"what has that cruel man done to my baby" Katherine said as she kissed her daughter's head. Her daughter was always happy. She was like a light but that monster took her light away.

"does he always do t-that?" Carson asked Annabelle. Carlos was trying to control his anger and sadness. His wolf was on the edge. He couldn't see his little sister in so much pain.

Annabelle couldn't form so she just nodded. This caused her to sob harder and Carson to clench his fists. Carlos came to her and kneeled in front of her.

"I'm so sorry sis. I really am. I wish I could do something for you. But I can't. I wish I could change your fate but we all know it is not possible." he said, his tears were falling on Annabelle's hand as he held it in his hands.

Annabelle stood up and hugged Carlos. He hugged her too. Her sister's familiar lemon scent calmed him. If he could, he would kill himself to save his sister from this torture.

"can you please c-call Jax and lena? I really want to meet them. I d-don't know the next time I will be h-here." Annabelle said as she got out of her brother's hold. Carlos nodded at this and left.

Carlos went upstairs to get his phone as he forgot it there. He dialed jax's number. Jax didn't answer at the first but did at the second one.

" hey. Jax I wanted to tell you th-" Carlos started but was cut off by Jax.

"man, I'm sorry but I am busy right now. I'm with a friend." Jax said on the other line. Carlos sighed. Once he hears that Annabelle is here, he will come rushing.

"Annabelle is here." Carlos said quickly.

"yeah ,man. Okay..... Wait, what?" Jax said. Carlos heard a little crash. Probably of glass shattering. Jaxon had dropped the glass of rum he was drinking. Annabelle was there. She was back.

"r-repeat it again." Jax said. He felt his brain might be playing some tricks on her. He really had missed his little, cute and innocent friend.

"Annabelle is here and she wants to see you. Can you please call Selena and inform her too?" Carlos said as he started pacing around the room. It was a habit of his when he was angry or sad.

"I will. And I'm coming. I'll see you there." Jason said as he stood up and rushed downstairs. He almost fell down the stairs in the hurry. He ran to his car and put it in ignition. His friend was shouting but he didn't care. He needed to get to Annabelle as quick as possible.

Suddenly he remembered that he had to call Selena too. He dialed her number and put the phone on speaker. Selena picked up at the first ring. Thank God. Jax thought.

"what do you want?" Selena said Ina groggy voice. She must've just woken up. Jax rolled his eyes. Of course it's Selena we are talking about.

"Annabelle is at her house. She won't be staying. She wants to meet us. I'm on my way. And I hope you get ready too. Want me to pick you up?" Jax said in one breath. Selenas brain could hardly process anything because of the headache she had but she did hear Annabelle.

Annabelle must be here. I need to go see her. She thought and jumped out of bed not bothering to cut off the call. She ran in her bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth. Her headache was long forgotten.

She took off her pajamas and dressed into black ripped jeans with a neon pink tank top that said 'it's me'. She put on her black leather jacket as it was a little chilly outside. She put in her shoes and ran downstairs. She saw her mom sitting on the couch while watching some cooking stuff. She just said 'hi' to her mom and grabbed a banana and waited for Jax to arrive. She was sitting at one of the island stools scrolling through Instagram when she heard jax's cars horn. She put her phone in her pocket and got up. She hugged her mom and went outside. She hopped into the passenger seat of jax's cat.

"so Ann is there?" Selena asked as Jax started driving. Jax only nodded. He couldn't form words. Annabelle's current situation reminded him of his....situation. But that situation was a thousand times better than this one. At least you didn't have continuous pain although it hurt but what might have happened to Annabelle must've hurt more.

Jax could understand a little but of annabelle's pain because he had gone through the same. He remembered the day at the marking ceremony when Annabelle was looking around with a fake smile and tears in her eyes. She would've never had to fake her smile. Her natural smile was so nice. It would make others around her smile too. She was a beacon of light but he destroyed her. He took her light.

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