Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 12

Xavier drove back to his house. He really needed to take a tour of the basement. It seemed like the guards were getting too careless and one thing that Xavier hated was carelessness.

Recently he hadn't paid much focus to the pack guards as he was busy with his little angel. He really needed to keep them in check.

Xavier went to his office and started looking through the letters he had received from other packs. He opened the one by the Infinity pack.

Respected alpha
I, alpha Ivan request you to help me with my pack as we have been dealing with some rogue issues. Recently our pack had been attacked by a group of rogues which caused several of our pack warriors to get injured. Our pack would really appreciate it if you would kindly help us with this problem.
By the moonstone pack
Alpha Ivan

Xavier rolled his eyes and crumpled the piece of paper and threw it in the dustbin. He really didn't want to associate with the small packs. They couldn't even take care of their packs and when they got attacked, they came to beg to the bigger packs. Xavier laughed as he recalled the word kind. That word was never in his vocabulary. He was anything but kind.

Xavier started reading the other letters and files. All of the letters consisted of desperate pack alphas begging for help but one letter caught his attention. It was from the moonlight pack.

He tore the envelope to see what was inside. He was curious. The alpha of the pack, drake was a good friend of Xavier.

Respected alpha
I, alpha drake have finally found my mate and the Luna of our pack and on this delightful occasion, I would like to invite you and your mate to visit the ceremony. I hope you would join to make the ceremony even more delightful.
By the infinity pack
Alpha drake

Xavier rolled his eyes. Of course, how could he forget? Drake was not only his good friend but also an attention seeker. He just had to show off his every shit. Every time he would buy a single fucking car he would send me the picture. Such a show off. And now that he got his mate, he's showing her off too. Or is it a he? He laughed. He wouldn't actually doubt drake being gay. Damn the poor mate, it would feel strange being called Luna.

After about almost three hours, Xavier was done. He was tired, he really wanted to see his little angel but he knew he couldn't. He needed to give her some time alone because afterwards she would be all his. Xavier smirked at the thought.

Xavier went down the basement where the prisoners were locked. He was kind of bored so he decided to give those traitors a visit.

He strolled through the hall in the basement. He opened one of the prison cells where Scott was locked.

He was hanging from the chains. His once muscled body now looked more liek a skeleton. His ribs were probing out as blood dripped from the scars that Xavier gave him with his favorite torture device. Brass knuckles.

He wasn't a big fan of pliers. He actually hated them. They just were so nasty. He like knives, electric collars and so much more.

And of course everything would be covered in silver so the prisoner could not escape as his wolf would be weakened.

He picked his brass knuckles that had a special little hole which would leak silver whenever it would come in contact. It did not harm Xavier though.

He punched Scott hard in the ribs. The silver chains from which scott was hanging make sure to keep him in place and not let him touch the ground. Scott had passed out from exhaustion but he jolted awake when he felt a sharp pain coming from his ribs. His vision was blurry as he was starting to see black dots. But he did notice those blue eyes and he knew who they belonged to. The sadistic glint in them showed it all. They belonged to Xavier Nicholas knight.

Xavier continued to punch Scott mercilessly. Today was surely going to be the last day for dear scotty. Xavier thought as he let out a sadistic chuckle. Scott was literally choking on his own blood. He knew this day was surely going to be his last day. He wanted to breathe a sigh of relief but he knew it would cause immense pain to his broken ribs. He was sure his lungs had injury too. Scott was happy. For the first time in his life, he was happy. He was finally going to get away from all the pain and suffering.

"any last words to say Scotty boy" Xavier said as stopped to wipe the sweat off his face. God, his sadistic mind was fucking happy. It's bloodthirst had finally been quenched.

"y-y-ou w-w-ill ro-t-t i-n-n h-e-e-ll." Scott stuttered out. It was so hard to speak, hell it was hard to breath. He knew why he was here. He had left the pack for his mate and he was one of the best pack warriors. His wolf was on the verge of dying because of the loneliness that only his mate could fulfill.

He had to leave the pack to find his mate and Xavier wasn't happy about that. Why? Because he thought mates were useless. Not everyone thinks that. Probably only Xavier thinks that. Because surely he doesn't respect his mate. He remembered the time he dragged a girl who was begging him to let go in the dungeons. You could guess she was his mate because of thier scents. He locked her up for goddess knows how long because you couldn't know if time was passing or stuck in this hell hole. Well it was obviously but you couldn't figure out how long you had been down here.

Scott had returned back to the pack after a few weeks of searching but he didn't find his mate. His wolf had turned quiet after that. When he arrived back at the pack, Xavier threw him in the dungeons. He had been here for so long. This wasn't a valid reason to lock him here and make him his sadistic mind's favorite toy.

"I've already been there and back. Although I wouldn't mind another ride. Will you be paying?" Xavier said as he smirked. Scott couldn't actually understand what he said he only grabbed a few words that were 'hell', 'back' and 'mind'.

"t-tre-at yo-ur-r m-m-ate be-t-ter." Scott said. Xavier didn't know the pain of not having a mate as he was granted with it. He wouldn't realize how it feels when your other half is never with you and when your wolf leaves you. Sometimes Scott would think his wolf has actually died. But it was still there trying to heal but was failing miserably. He didn't talk to Scott anymore.

While Scott was thinking about his wolf and mate, xavier's mind was spinning. He didn't want those memories to come back. No, he couldn't let them come back.

"wha-t did y-ou j-just say?" Xavier stuttered out. He was about to fall done but he held onto the bars of the cell. Xavier steadied himself and reached into his pocket to take out his gun. He was going to end Scotty boy's life. He pointed the gun directly at his chest. Scott wasn't scared. He was happy. His pain would finally end. He could finally be in peace.

Xavier on the other hand was close to losing his consciousness. His hands were trembling making it hard to point the gun at Scott.

"mates are waste of time. Always remember that. They are only useful for power, sexual pleasure and child bearing. Understood." the man said looking down at the little boy who had just turned eight and was asking his father about mates as he had heard from some of his friends.

" but daddy Sam sai-" the little boy was cut off as he fell down on the floor with his cheek stinging. He held his hand up to protect himself. Tears were pouring out of his innocent eyes.

This only seemed to anger the man as he grabbed the little boy by the collar of his shirt and picked him up. The little boy was full on sobbing now.

"Never cry. Men. Do. Not. Fucking. Cry. Understood." the man said emphazing every single word so the little boy could understand. The little boy only nodded. But obviously this didn't set well with the man.

"UNDERSTOOD. USE YOUR DAMN WORDS" he screamed in the boy's face. The little boy cowered away from the pain he would call his father.

"y-y-e-s" the little boy said as he choked on his tears. He was scared. So scared. His father was so scary. The little boy wanted to go hide somewhere so he could cry.

The man dropped the little boy and went away.

Xavier was shaking badly. So badly that he had dropped the gun. At the sound of the gun dropping, Scott opened his eyes to see what had happened. But what he saw made him want to pinch himself. He was sure he was dreaming or he had died and he was seeing some shit.

There stood Xavier shaking badly with tears in his eyes. He was shaking so badly, it looked like someone was forcefully shaking. The tears in his eyes surprised Scott the most. Xavier had never in his entire life cried in front of anyone. Scott knew Xavier was still trying to hold his tears so no one could see him cry.

Xavier couldn't take those ugly images out of his head. His demons were screaming and shouting at him. Xavier couldn't take it anymore.

"STOPPPPPP!!!!!! GO AWAY!!!! I SAID GO AWAY!!!!!" Xavier screamed as he covered his ears. He couldn't hold back anymore. The tears cascaded down his face. He was quick to turn away so Scott couldn't see him crying. He opened the prison cell with shaky hands. He wiped the tears and ran upstairs as fast as he could making sure to not see any person. He didn't want any person seeing him in this state.

He ran to his room and sat down in the dark corner. The curtains were closed and the lights were off. He sat down and cried his heart out not before locking the door. He was silently crying as those ugly pictures started replaying in his mind.

He couldn't get away from them. He was forever caged.

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