Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 13

Annabelle was laughing at what Jax had said. She was so happy. She hadn't felt this much happiness in a long while. She wished she could stay here forever but she knew her wish wouldn't be granted.

They were all in the kitchen helping her mom in cooking. It was so fun. Suddenly the door bell rang and Annabelle knew at that time that her happiness was snatched.

Everyone had stopped what they were doing. They were staring at each other to see who was gonna open the door. The door bell rang again. Annabelle got out from her sadness and rushed to open the door. She knew Xavier was an impatient man, he wouldn't like someone making him wait.

Annabelle opened the door to see the devil. She frowned at the thought. When did she started being like this? Oh, since he raped her and took her innocence. Not to forget that he forcefully mated her.

Xavier was about to shout at whoever had opened the door. He was the fucking alpha. They had to respect him. If they didn't, he would make sure to not let them see the next sunrise.

But his anger disappeared and got replaced with lust and..... Admiration? He didn't knew but lust was for sure. He looked at his little angel's beautiful pale legs. He started moving his eyes up to her face but stopped at her chest. He saw Annabelle shifting uncomfortably. He looked at her face and smirked. My little angel.

Her beautiful blue eyes held fear, sadness and pain. He frowned at that. Didn't she want to go with him? Of course she didn't. Who would want to? After what he did to her, she must hate him.

Thats what we want. We want her to squirm in pain and fear beneath us. She's a woman and women are nothing.

The demons that had been continuously shouting at him since he had visited Scott darkly whispered to him. He shook his head, trying to get them out. But who was he kidding? They were never going to leave him.

He wrapped his one arm around her waist pulling her flush against him. His other hand wrapped went into her hair as he kissed her roughly showing his dominance through one mere kiss.

Annabelle wanted to push him away but how could she? There wasn't a centimeter between them. As Xavier felt Annabelle panting hard, her lungs constricting up. She needs to breath. With this thought, Xavier parted their lips. He but his lips as he saw Annabelle panting hard. Her swollen lips inviting him even more but he restrained himself.

"let's go inside babe. Now shouldn't we?" Xavier said smirking. Annabelle just nodded still panting heavily. She lead them both to the dining room where she saw everyone standing, waiting for them.

Xavier and Annabelle sat down. Everyone gave a little bow to the alpha and sat down. Xavier gave them a curt nod. The tension in the air was so thick, you could literally cut it with a butter knife.

Annabelle was eating her food peacefully when she felt a hand on her thigh. She froze. By the sparks, she knew it was her mates. She felt uncomfortable but her wolf was happy. Obviously. She really didn't like how her wolf always loved to be close with their mate even after what he did. She knew every wolf loved their mate but still, she didn't like it.

She continued eating her food. No one was talking. Who would want to talk to the rapist and captor of their sister, daughter and friend?

After finishing the food, Annabelle and Xavier got up. Seeing this, everyone got up too.

"we will be taking our leave. It was a pleasure meeting you all." Xavier said in a monotone voice showing he really didn't meant what he said. Obviously, how could he? He was a cruel and evil man.

Everyone gave a nod. Katherine looked up at her daughter. She so badly wanted to hug her but she didn't want to anger the alpha so she stayed in her place. She saw Annabelle looking at the floor with a tear streaming down her cheek. My poor baby. Katherine thought as she silently cried.

They exit Annabelle's house and sat in the car. Xavier put the car in ignition and started driving back to their home. The car was filled with silence. But the silence was comforting. Both were in their own deep thoughts. Annabelle thinking about her family who she won't be able to see while Xavier thinking about his family who he never wishes to see again.

Xavier so badly wanted to erase those memories while Annabelle was remembering her memories. Xavier looked at Annabelle and saw her eyes closed and smiling to herself. Seeing this, he had a ghost like smile on his face too. He loved her real smile, not the one that she had to fake on the marking ceremony.

Xavier suddenly stopped the car making Annabelle snap out of her thoughts and look at Xavier confused. She didn't know why he did that?

"what happened? Is every-" she started saying but Xavier cut her off by kissing her, hard that from the impact she almost banged her head in the car window. Xavier wrapped one arm around her waist while the other was lost in her silky blonde locks.

This was he could erase those memories. He thought as he kissed her harder. He licked her bottom lip asking for entrance. Which she obviously didn't give but Xavier couldn't let those memories come back so he tugged at her hair harshly making her let out a cry of pain. He took this as an opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth. Her mouth is always so sweet. He thought as he roamed every corner of her mouth. He smiled in the kiss. She was his savior.

Annabelle on the hand was struggling for air. She had tried pushing him off but he seemed to be in another world. She wanted to cry but she couldn't. She didn't have any more tears left.

Xavier finally let go and smiled while Annabelle tried to get air in her lungs. Both of them were breathing incredibly hard but Annabelle was in another level. She didn't kiss anyone before Xavier so this was hard for her. While Xavier knew what he was doing.

Xavier unwrapped his arm from around her waist but kept the one that was in her hair there. He loved her blonde silky locks. He caressed her cheek smiling. But suddenly as f a switch went off and made him show what he had actually done.

He looked at Annabelle to see her breathing hard with her swollen red lips. Her hair was a mess while her hands were trembling.

How could he do this? And that too, to his own mate? He wasn't like this. Or was he?

"I'm sorry" Xavier unconsciously whispered. Annabelle who was still breathing hard when heard Xavier's word became still. She looked up at him with shock written all over his face. What shocked her even more was that there was regret, sadness and pain oh Xavier's face.

"I-I want to stop but I can't. I-I am sorry." Xavier stuttered out. He had hardly apologized to anyone after his father's death. So saying this was a little difficult for him.

Annabelle was still shocked so she didn't register his words but when she did. She wanted to pinch herself. She couldn't believe it. Xavier Nicholas knight was apologizing.

She wanted to be happy but she couldn't be. She wanted to hug him by seeing the pain in his eyes which was not only for her but there was this underlying pain. She couldn't tell why it was there but it seemed to have a big impact on him.

Annabelle didn't say anything. She just nodded. She didn't know what to say. She was surprised, confused and most of all sad. Why was she sad? Well because she couldn't forgive her mate this easily and seeing the pain he had in his eyes was making her feel even sadder.

What had happened to big bad alpha which caused this pain? She thought. With this thought she was determined to find out what had happened to him and to maybe forgive him If he would stop doing what he had done in the past.

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