Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 14

They finally arrived home. Xavier hadn't said a word after that, neither had Annabelle. They both were too lost in their thoughts to talk.

They both went to their room and Xavier went to do his night stuff and change into comfortable clothes while Annabelle sat on the bed thinking the events that had happened today. Most of all what happened between her and Xavier.

Xavier soon came out and Annabelle took that as a sign to do her night stuff and sleep. She went into the bathroom and looked at her stuff. She saw how changed she was. It was as if the old Annabelle never existed. She shook those thoughts away and washed her face. After that she brushed her teeth and changed into comfortable pajamas. They were black with pink hearts and a face of a bunny in the middle.

She chuckled at that. It was so cute. It was incredibly comfy too. She really liked it. She went out to their room. She saw Xavier already laying down with his hand under his head supporting it as he breathed steadily indicating her that he was already asleep.

She walked towards the bed but didn't know that she tripped on Xavier's shoes. It was dark so she couldn't see much and her senses weren't on high alert. A little scream tore from her lips as she waited for impact to come but it never did. Instead she collided with a hard chest and by the scent she knew who it was. She opened her eyes to see Xavier looking alert. It looked he had never slept. His eyes held worry.

They were so close that she could feel his breath on her lips. Her blue eyes looked into his similar but dark blue eyes. She felt a tug at her heart and knew it was the mates bond. She lowered her gaze not wanting to look in his eyes for too long.

Xavier steadied Annabelle, unwrapped his arm that was around her waist and went back to bed. Annabelle did the same. She went to her side of the bed and laid down. She was still in a little shock.

"be careful next time" Xavier said making Annabelle look at him but he was facing the other side so she only saw his massive back. Annabelle first nodded but then remembered he couldn't see her so she let out a little 'yes'. At this he hummed and then there was the silence again. Both were too deep in their thoughts to say anything.

Annabelle soon fell asleep but Xavier was still wide awake. He couldn't sleep. His demons won't let him. Xavier turned around to Annabelle to see her sleeping peacefully facing him.

He had a little ghostly smile on his face seeing this. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her close to his chest. Her head laid on his chest as he breathed in her citrusy scent.

Annabelle snuggled close to Xavier making him smile. He hugged her making his demons quiet. Of course they were quiet. Why would the disturb Xavier now? He had his savior.


Annabelle woke up with someone's arms wrapped around her and by the scent she knew it his mate. She got out of his arms slowly trying not to disturb him. She finally got out of bed and looked at Xavier and smiled. He looked so peaceful, innocent and angelic. But her smile soon turned into a frown. The devil was once an angel too.

She frowned at her thought and shook them away. She went to the bathroom and did her morning stuff and decided to get ready after taking a shower.

She went to the closet and looked through the numerous dresses that Xavier had gotten her. She would've been fine with a few but he had to go all out. Maybe this is his way to make me stay. Well he can't actually let me go. He would force me to stay. Not that I am staying here with my choice. Ughhhh. She was irritated by her strange thoughts.

She finally picked out a dress. She wore it while singing...

Fire on fire.
Would normally kill us.
But this much desire.
Together we're winners.
They say that we're out of control
And some say we're sinners
But don't let them ruin our beautiful rhythms.

It was a pretty green dress with long sleeves. It also had a belt type thing on the waist. It looked so simple yet beautiful. She paired it with nude color shoes.

She applied lip gloss and mascara and put her hair into a ponytail. She looked in the mirror satisfied and went outside to their room.

The first thing she noticed was that Xavier was not in the room. Second that the shower was on so he must be showering. She decided to wait for him to come out because she surely didn't want to go down alone. She didn't want the incident that had happened before to happen again. She was scared of these men.

Xavier woke up feeling cold. He looked around to see his little angel but she was nowhere to be found. He started panicking. Where is she? With that thought he got up but stopped in his tracks when he heard her singing. It was such an angelic voice.

Fire on fire.
Would normally kill us.
But this much desire.
Together we're winners.
They say that we're out of control
And some say we're sinners
But don't let them ruin our beautiful rhythms.

He smiled at her voice and decided to go to the bathroom. He did his morning stuff and then went to take a shower.

After showering, with a towel wrapped around his waist and ije drying his hair. He went out. He was drying his hair when he noticed Annabelle sitting on the bed fumbling with her fingers.

Xavier cleared his throat causing Annabelle to look up quickly. He was surprised that she didn't snap her neck. When Annabelle looked up, her face turned red. Her mate was only in a towel showing off his eight pack. She was getting red by each passing second as her wolf was saying stuff she shouldn't.

Xavier was confused but then he remembered he was just in a towel. He smirked. His little angel is so shy and innocent. He shook his head while smiling and went to the closet closing the door behind him.

Hearing the foot close, Annabelle looked up and sighed in relief when she found out her half naked mate in the room.

Xavier changed into some comfy black sweatpants and Grey t-shirt. When he looked at Annabelle, she was in the same position as before Xavier went to the closet to get changed.

"umm let's go have breakfast." Xavier said to which Annabelle looked up and nodded. Xavier decided to offer her a hand. So he slowly forwarded it. At first, Annabelle thought he was going to hit her so she flinched and got scared but soon realized he was just offering his hand so she put her trembling hand in his.

They both exited their room and went to the dining hall. As always, Damon was already present there. He was using his phone but looked up when he sensed Annabelle and Xavier coming. He smirked at Annabelle but it soon turned into a frown when he noticed their hands that were entwined together.

Xavier pulled out a chair for Annabelle which surprised her a lot but she managed to say out a little thank you. Xavier gave a mod in return and went to sit on the head seat. Soon the maids started serving breakfast which included toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and cereal. In drinks, there was orange and mango juice for Annabelle , black espresso for Xavier and English tea for Damon.

Annabelle was about to fill her plate with what she wanted to eat but Xavier beat her to it. Xavier put a slice of toast, two sausages, some scrambled eggs and bacon. Then he decided to have his own breakfast that consisted of the same things except for the espresso.80

They all started eating their breakfast with one question in their mind.
What was up with Xavier's behavior?

"angel, we will be leaving tomorrow to one of my friend's pack. He has found his mate and the Luna of the pack and he has invited us on the ceremony." Xavier said to Annabelle. She looked up and gave him a nod. Jealousy stirred inside Damon hearing the 'endearment' Xavier had given to Annabelle. Only he should be allowed to do that.

"what should I be packing with me? Should I pack for you too? Will we be staying there for a while?" Annabelle asked in her angelic voice that made Damon silently groan. Oh how he would love to hear her scream his name with that voice of hers when he would make her reach her high.

" you can pack something comfy and elegant for the ceremony for the both of us. A suit for me perhaps. And as for staying, we will stay for only a day so pack a single outfit with you." Xavier said as Annabelle nodded in understanding. She then continued eating her breakfast.

Annabelle was kind of happy that she would be leaving this place for a day because she wouldn't have to see Damon. But she would be far away from her family, not that she would actually meet them in a while but still. But it would maybe be fun to have another girl with her for a day. Maybe she could be friends with the Luna of that pack.

"I'm done. Angel would you like to come with me?" the scrapping of chair and her mates voice make her snap out of her thoughts. She looked at Xavier and hurriedly nodded. She didn't want to stay with Damon alone for even a single second.

Xavier nodded and forwarded her hand for Annabelle to take which she gladly took and left.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day...

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