Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 15

Annabelle's point of view

It was 7 in the morning and me and Xavier were having breakfast. Thankfully, Damon was not here because normally we would have breakfast at 9. But as we had to leave early today that's why we were having breakfast early.

I had packed all our clothes. If I'm being honest, I was a little excited to get out of this place and meet people. But I was nervous too, they are xavier's friend so I don't actually expect them to be nice.

The maid came and served breakfast. It was the usual sausages, eggs, bacon and toast. Before I had the chance to chose, Xavier had already piled food on my plate. My eyes widened as I looked at him shocked but he was not looking at me but silently eating.

He had added a little of everything.... Why was he being so kind nowadays? This question had been circling my thoughts for a long time. I don't know what changed him but the day after I visited my parents. He was acting differently. Not that I mind it but it just feels weird seeing him like this.

I don't want to have too much hope because I'm scared. It could be one of his plans where he gains my trust and then he breaks it very badly. And I clearly don't want that.

After finally finishing breakfast, we were ready to leave but obviously my luck isn't that good because Damon just had to show up. I tried to get close to Xavier. Wow, I'm getting close to one Demon to be saved from another.

I tried to get into Xavier's side. He obviously was surprised by my step but I wasn't looking at him, I was looking at Damon with fear in my eyes. Damon looked at me and smiled, and not one of those kind smiles, those evil ones. I just looked down and that's when I realized that Xavier had wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him.

Xavier gave Damon a curt nod and turned around with me still glued to his side. We went to his garage and this time he picked the black audi.

There were some old cars. They looked very pretty too. He knows how to waste his money.

We sat in it and the guard opened the gate for us. It was completely silent and to be honest it was kind of making me uncomfortable. Xavier was driving while I was sitting in the passenger seat looking outside the window. I don't know if I should open the windows or not. Maybe Xavier would get back but it's just a window. Oh God, I'm being scared of opening a window now. Is that what my life has come to? Yes....

"x-xavier, can I open my window?" I turned towards him and said. Wow this is I think the first time I haven't stuttered much. He looked at me for a second and looked deeply in my eyes. His dark blue eyes were boring in mine. I just kept looking in his eyes, a thing I don't do much because to be honest I'm scared but today I wasn't scared. I don't even know why....

Xavier give a little nod and turned his attention back to the road. I opened my window happily and breathed in the fresh air. We had crossed the borders of the pack and now we were in no man's land. It was so pretty. I had never been out of my pack. The land was green with crops growing. And as it was a sunny day, it looked even prettier.

I wish I could capture this place but my phone had been not so nicely broken by Xavier. As if reading my mind, Xavier gave me his phone without looking at me.

"I don't have a pin so u can just open it and use the camera if u are willing to." he said to which I nodded warily and took his phone. I opened the camera and took a few pictures of the place and turned to hand it back to Xavier.

"here, thank you." I said to which he nodded and took his phone still not looking at me. I looked out the window again and sighed. It's going to be a long ride.


I feel someone shaking me, I open my eyes and look at Xavier who is saying looking at me with a slight bit of annoyance and.......adoration? I don't know. I run my eyes and look around to see we are in a big room with lilac walls and white furniture.

"I have been trying to wake you up for a while now. Get up, we need to get ready for the ceremony." Xavier said to which I nodded. So we finally arrived. I didn't know I fell asleep. Oh well...... But wait, did Xavier brought me up here? A slight ting of red covers my cheek as I think of how I must've looked in front of their friends being carried by my mate. I should've remained up. Why did Xavier not wake me up?

"umm why didn't you wake me up before when we arrived?" I said to which he looked at me with a smile.

"you were looking too cute and peaceful sleeping. I didn't want to snatch that from you so I didn't wake you up." he said to which I nodded a little angry. How can he so easily say that? First he took my peace and now he is trying to return it. Sure.

I got up and went in the bathroom and took a shower. After the shower, I took out my clothes and Xaviers too. I wore it and looked in the mirror. Xavier had bought me this dress when he bought me that whole wardrobe. It was very pretty. I'm sure if it weren't for the situation I was in I would have appreciated this dress...

But not now. Right now, it just looked like a piece of clothe on a mannequin. I curled my hair a little because as Xavier had said in the car that I shall be presentable. Hah. I'm just a doll with which he can play anytime he wants and do anything he wants.

I put on lipgloss and mascara and looked in the mirror. I looked presentable enough. As I was looking in the mirror. Flashbacks came in my mind of my 18th birthday.

How I was so happy when Selena readied me. How I was excited to find my mate. But oh well. I guess I shouldn't have been that excited.

An arm around my stomach snapped me out of my thoughts as I saw my mate standing behind me. I would still feel the sparks but to me now they meant nothing. Just a reminder of my fate.

Xavier hid his face in my neck and gave my a peck on my mark. If i wasn't forcefully marked, I would've found this very nice but guess not.

"you look ravishing angel." Xavier said to which I muttered out a little thanks. I was not in the mood to have 'quality time' with my 'mate'.

A knock on the door made Xavier leave me and I sighed in relief. He opened the door to see a maid who said something to Xavier and went away.

"the ceremony is about to begin. Let's go." Xavier said to which I nodded and put my heels on. I went next to Xavier and held his hand that he offered.

We went downstairs and I'm not going to lie but this house was very pretty. But if I'm being honest, xavier's house is more pretty bit it's my cage so I don't like it.

We arrived in the garden which had been decorated with pretty white red roses and white flowers. It looked very pretty.

Me and Xavier were given a seat on the same table as the alpha and Luna. The ceremony started and the alpha and Luna came down the aisle. I looked at the Luna with awe. She was gorgeous.

She had red hair and green striking eyes. Her height was a little bit taller than me but she obviously looked short next to the tall alpha. She was looking very pretty in her pretty dress but one thing that was standing out the most was her smile. She looked happy. I lightly smiled at that.

I wish I could be happy like that but I guess it is not in my fate. At least other people are happy. Not everyone has to suffer what I am suffering.

They both arrived at the patio and looked at each other with love and affection. A thing I wanted to have for my mate and my mate for me. Oh well.

The whole ceremony passed by with me still deep in my thoughts. I snapped out of my thoughts when Xavier squeezed my thigh and I hissed a little in pain and looked at him scared. He ignored the question in my eyes and looked to his front. I moved myeyes to where his were and there stood the alpha and the Luna smiling.

I stood up and smiled too as Xavier stood. Xavier hugged the alpha and congratulated him while I forwarded my hand for the Luna to shake.

"I am Annabelle June willows. But you cane call me Ann or Anna or Belle or anything you want." I mentally slapped myself for that introduction. The Luna just laughed and introced herself.

"I am Lilliane Janet. But you can call me lily or li or Janet or anything you want." she said and a ting of red covered my cheeks. She looked nice.

We all sat down and Xavier and the alpha started talking about business. Lilliane had been keeping me company but her parents arrived so she went to them. She is really nice. She makes me remember Selena. Oh how I miss her.

I looked around to see everyone happy and laughing. Some people were drinking while some were eating. It looked like etch a joyful place. I looked around and spotted Lilliane talking to a woman probably her mother, eagerly. She seemed pretty happy. Well who wouldn't be happy to find their mate? Me...

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