Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 16

Annabelle's point of view

It had been a long day. Currently me and Xavier were in the room that had been given to us. The ceremony was very nice and fancy. It felt great seeing people around me although I did not know them but they all looked like amazing and kind people.

Lilliane was just like Selena. Cheerful, funny and extremely pretty. I liked her a lot. The alpha was funny and kind too. It didn't look like he was the alpha. It surprised me to no extent that this alpha was my mate's friend.

Oh well. I saw Xavier from the back of my eyes and I turned to him, a genuine laugh came out. It felt oddly nice to see him laugh and smile. Of course it did, he's my mate after all. I am supposed to care for him. I still do….my heart aches to be with him but I won't listen to my heart. It will only end up in me getting hurt. .

I wore a simple royal blue dress. I had to wear it to the dinner hosted by the alpha. I thought all couples mate quickly after marking each other but Lilliane and drake were taking their time. They were so cute together. I adore them. I'm sure everyone does. They are just too nice.

Me and Xavier went down to the dining hall. I was starting to get a little nervous now. Now I would also see more people like Lilliane's parents. I'm sure they will be just like their daughter is but it would just feel weird and awkward seeing that Lilliane is twenty one years old while I am eighteen.

I know most werewolves would mate the moment they find their mates but I was literally the youngest person there. It definitely made it a little awkward.

Me and Xavier sat down on our designated chairs. Some people were already here. Well most were. More than half the table was full of people I did not know but they all seemed very kind.

"Heyyyy!!!" I stood up when I saw Lilliane. She came to me and gave me a hug. I returned her hug and smiled. It felt like I had known her for a long time. She smiled and sat on her chair which was next to me.

The maids started to serve and they all looked happy, they were frankly talking to Lilliane while serving. They all looked like a big family which made me smile. The maids in Xavier's house hate me for a reason I am unknown to. They just give me glares or laugh at me.

A maid came to serve me and smiled at me. I returned her gesture and said a little thank you. She was an elderly woman probably in her late 40s. But she looked so kind. She made me remember my mom.

Thinking of mom, Is she taking care of herself? Is she getting her sleep? I hate her habit of not sleeping. It hurts me to see those dark bags under her beautiful eyes. My mother is my role model. I would love to be just like her. When I was seventeen, my main goal was to be like my mother and have a mate like my father is to my mother. My father had always been so loving and kind towards my mother. He was always there for her.

I guess the first thing I can maybe do but the second….. No Chance. Xavier is not like my father. Xavier is an alpha while my father is a pack warrior. Xavier is cold and ruthless while my father is funny and sweet. But I feel as if there is a reason Xavier is like he is. Everything has a reason. His behavior would have too.

I sighed and ate my food. Everyone around the table was busy talking or eating while I looked like I was forced to be here. It wasn't exactly that. I wanted to be here.

I played with my food with the fork. I didn't want to eat. I just didn't feel like it. I looked at Xavier to see him talking to someone I did not know. Lilliane was talking to her sister who was sitting next to her.

"Why aren't you eating?" I looked up when I heard Xavier's voice. He was looking at me while frowning. Why is he worried? Wait, is he even worried?

" I just don't have an appetite." I said, shrugged and looked at Xavier who was still frowning. Xavier sighed and looked back at his plate while I looked at mine. But what happened next… I Would have never expected that to happen.

Xavier grabbed my jaw softly and fed me from his plate. I looked at him with wide eyes while he looked at me with a little smile. Everyone around the table was in awe while I was embarrassed.

Suddenly anger started bubbling within me. Is he trying to pretend in front of all these people? So they all can think he cares? I looked at him and sighed. He had left my jaw but was still looking at me with that smile. That smile. Why did it look so genuine? It was as if he actually cared.

I ate the bite and sighed. I was sure my cheeks were red by now. Xavier was still looking at me, I looked at him and raised my eyebrows but he just smiled and pecked my lips and went back to his food while I sat there frozen. What the heck just happened?

I now think I might look like a tomato. This was embarrassing but why did it feel… Nice? I don't know and I'm gonna try to give it not much thought either. I went back to my food and silently ate.

Lilliane bumped her shoulder in mine and I looked at her to see her looking at me with a smug face. Oh Goddess. Don't tell me she is thinking about something I hope she is not thinking about.

"You both are so cute together!! Although your mate looks cold and stuff but he acts so nice towards you. He must love you lots!" she whisper-squealed to which I gave her a small smile.

Hah. She doesn't know how he is. What he does. He surely loves me. He just loves my body. That's all. And of course the power that comes with me. He is just using me for his own purposes. If that's love… Then I'm sure I'm loved a lot by him…

I sighed and stood up from the table. I felt like vomiting. Everyone looked at me and suddenly I felt awkward. Xavier looked up at me and frowned. Oh goddess stop with the frowning.

"Where are you going?" Xavier asked to which I replied, "I just don't feel good. I'm gonna go and rest." I looked at Lilliane and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry, I just don't feel good. Please continue your dinner." I said to which Lilliane let out a little laugh and shook her head saying it's fine and that I should take care of myself.

I nodded and decided to go back. I smiled. Lilliane is so nice. While going up, I looked around the house. It was very pretty. There were vases and portraits on the walls but it wasn't fancy, it was modern.

I went to our room and decided to take a shower. I really needed that after a long day. I went into the bathroom and took a warm, relaxing shower. It felt so good. I brushed my teeth and dried my hair with a towel. I then opened my bag and took out my pj's. I was busy searching for them that I didn't hear the door open. I turned around and bumped into…. I Looked up and saw Xavier, he was looking at me. Our eyes met and I turned around and picked up my pj's that I had dropped.

Why was today such an embarrassing day? First him carrying me, then him feeding me and now this. I quickly ran into the bathroom and wore my pj's. I got out and saw Xavier sitting on the couch while doing something on his phone.

My cheeks were slightly red from before and now they were even more. I guess it is turn my cheeks pink day. Oh goddess, why am I so bad at making jokes? I went and was going to sit on the bed when I felt something soft touching my feet. I screamed and looked down at my feet to see a black cat sitting there.

Obviously my scream was heard by Xavier too as he came running to me. "What the hell happened?" he said to which I pointed at the cat wandering in my feet. Xavier looked at it and sighed. He crouched down and picked it up and looked at me with a raised brow. He looked like he was trying to control his laugh. Was this funny to him?

"You were scared of this? " He said while moving the cat in my face to which I nodded and looked at it warily. It's not like I didn't like cats. Just it scared me. It looked like a cute cat. I sighed and picked it up to which it meowed happily.

I smiled and went to sit on the bed. Xavier sat on his side of bed too. A knock was heard on the door. Xavier looked up and said come in. A little girl around 8 came in. She looked so cute. She had her light brown hair in pigtails while her rosy pouty lips were giving her an even more cuter look.

"oh I am sorry. Fluff disturbed you. He is one naughty cat." she Said and came towards me. I smiled at her and gave her the cat. She smiled and looked down at the cat and pouted.

"Fluff you will not disturb anyone from now on. You understand, you naughty cat." she scolded the cat to which I laughed, she looked up at me and smiled looking a little embarrassed.

"I'm sorry he disturbed you." she said to which I smiled and said it's alright. She smiled brightly and said goodnight and left. She looked like such a nice girl. I smiled and sighed.

I turned around and saw Xavier looking at me with an emotion I couldn't quite put my finger on. When he saw me looking he turned around and laid down. I sighed and did the same turning off the night lamp. I put my arm under my head and thought about the events that had taken place today. Oh well, guess it was an eventful day….
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