Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 18

Xavier's point of view

Me and Drake were just discussing some pack problems. The problems we addressed were not major so we weren't too worried about them. We were one of the biggest packs that existed in this area, everyone knew not to mess with us.

Of course Drake is a very funny and crazy guy but when it comes to his pack, he is one of the most feared alphas right now. Drake is very serious when it comes to his pack. He dearly loves and cares for it, that's why his pack members love and respect him too. As they say;

Give respect for respect

We were finally done with the work. Drake and I decided to go to our mates but he got an important call to attend so I decided to go alone. I had no problem with that though. I followed her scent and went downstairs. She was in the gardens. What was she doing there? Weren't they supposed to be in the room? I sighed, maybe they both decided to hang out outside.

I looked around as I stood in the gardens, there were kids playing around happily. I looked at them with jealousy and envy, why did I never get a chance to be like them? I sighed and shook my head. It was too late, nothing could change now. He was gone. He was gone.

I decided to look for my little angel. I sniffed and smelt her scent. I followed it but when I saw where she was, I froze. The beast inside me started to violently pound on the cage it was in, begging to be let out. My body started heating up as my hands turned into clenched fists.

There stood Annabelle talking to a boy who looked like he was trying to control his laugh. But soon his eyes fell on me and he turned pale, he must've seen the deathly glare I was giving him. Annabelle asked him something again but his eyes were fixed on me. Annabelle turned around and when she saw me, her face paled. I kept my glare on the boy for a while before turning it to Annabelle.

In our room, now.

I practically growled in the mind link. I saw her tremble in fear. She should be scared. I will make sure of that. She will regret talking to that boy. She started taking baby steps towards me. But stopped when a hand wrapped around her arm making her stop and turn around. I mentally growled in my mind. This was making me frustrated. This was making the beast inside me frustrated.

I looked at the owner of the hand to see Lilliane looking at Annabelle with a frown. I went to Annabelle and wrapped my arm around her waist tightly, enough to show her what was coming but not visible.

"I'm sorry Lilliane but Annabelle doesn't seem to be feeling good. She mind linked me that she didn't feel well so I came to get her." I said calmly. I didn't want her to suspect anything. She frowned at what I said. She was such a kind lady, not whoring around like my mate.

"Okay, we will hang out later. Hope you feel better soon Ann." She said, smiling. I looked at Annabelle to see her struggling to smile back but all she could feel was fear right now. I knew she was scared, very scared. This made the beast inside me feel superior.

"Oh she will. Now please excuse us. We will take our leave for now." I said to which Lilliane smiled, nodded and left. I looked at my angel to see her trembling in fear. I smirked at that and lowered my head to whisper in her ear.

As I whispered the words, I could practically feel her shaking. I smirked at that and took her back to our room gently. I didn't want anyone suspecting anything. When we finally reached our room, I opened the door and led her in. I unwrapped my arm around her waist and made her stand in the middle of the room while I stood in front of her.

She wrapped her arms around herself as she continued to tremble. She looked close to fainting but I didn't care. The beast inside me had completely taken over. I couldn't do anything now.

Annabelle looked at me with fear in her eyes as I stepped closer to her. She was about to say something when my hand harshly connected with her cheek. From the impact, Annabelle fell down. Tears had started to pour out of her pretty blue eyes.

I crouched down and grabbed her jaw roughly making her whimper in pain. She was sobbing now, her cheek was red and looked swollen, her lip was bleeding too. This made the beast inside me feel good. He was happy by what he had done.

I was about to slap her again but my hand stopped midway when she yelled at me and covered her face with her hands. My hand froze midway. Her hands were in front of her face, protecting her like a shield. My hand wanted to move so badly but it couldn't. It was just stuck there. She yelled at me to stop. She had begged me a lot of times to stop, but this time was different, she yelled.

She wiped her tears and stood up. I stood up too and looked at her with a frown and a glare. How dare she yell at me? Who does she think she is? She is a normal pack wolf. I made her a Luna. I gave her respect. And she does this.

"Why don't you ever listen to me? Do I matter that little to you? You never give me the chance to explain because you are always blinded by your rage and possessiveness." She screamed at me as I stood there frozen registering her words. What she said was true. I never listened to her. I couldn't. He wouldn't allow me to. He forced me to not listen. He made me like this.

"Have you ever heard me out? NO! You haven't and I don't think you ever will. Why? Why do you always put the blame on me? Huh? Tell me." She said again, she was sobbing and yelling. Her cheek was swollen and red, as she talked I knew it must've hurt moving her jaw from where I grabbed it roughly. I still said nothing. I couldn't. Whatever she was saying was the truth.

"You, Xavier Nicholas Knight, men like you. I hate them. I hate them! I hate them! I hate them!" she screamed loudly but when I heard her words, they sounded distant. It felt as if I were falling into a dark pit, my vision was getting hazy and dark. I kept falling in that pit and I knew what it was. It was my past. It was him. My mind disconnected from my body completely, my world shifted to my suppressed past. What had happened many years ago had scarred me, always telling myself it's his fault.

The little boy was hiding behind the door as he saw his father screaming at his mother. The little boy had tears streaming out of his dark blue eyes.

"You bitch! I asked you to do one thing! And you couldn't even do that right! What the fuck are you even here for? Huh? To whore around!" his father screamed. The little boy couldn't understand most of the words as no one told him the meaning of them. He would ask his mother what his father would call her but she would always shrug it off saying it was just a word that meant nothing.

He never questioned his mother about it again because when he did, he would see pain in her midnight blue eyes. He didn't want to hurt his mother so he never asked again.

"I didn't do anything. Trust me please. He was th-" a loud sound echoed through the house. The little boy snapped out of his thoughts as he saw his mother laying on the floor clutching her cheek. She was crying loudly. His heart ached to go to his mother but he knew his father would hurt her more so he stopped himself and stood there crying.

"Stop! Please!" his mother screamed at his father but he didn't listen. Instead, he kicked her in her stomach which made her let out a little whimper. His father kicked her again and again making her cry louder.

Her mother's eyes moved to the door and she gave a little smile even through her pain as she looked at her son. The little boy put a hand on her mouth to stop the loud sobs that wanted to escape their way out of his mouth.

His father was still hitting her mother but she didn't care. She knew she might not survive this time. She mouthed 'I love you' to her son as he looked at her with his hand still covering his mouth and slightly shaking from crying.

She then looked at her so-called mate. She hated that word. He was a monster. She hated him. If she was going to die, she would just let him know how much she hated him.

"I-I hate y-you. I H-hate you. A-and men L-like you." she said as she coughed out blood. She quickly tried to cover her mouth so at least his son wouldn't have to see his mother bleeding but she failed as her so called mate crouched down and took her hair in a fist and took out a knife. Her eyes widened as she looked at the knife. She wasn't scared of death, she didn't want her son seeing his mother die.

When the little boy saw the knife, his eyes widened and he stumbled back accidentally hitting the vase. This caught his father's attention and he turned around and looked at his son. He looked so angry, the little boy wanted to run away so badly but he couldn't. He just stood frozen. His father started taking steps towards him making him take baby steps backwards.

His father stopped at the door and slammed it shut loudly. The little boy stood outside and started sobbing loudly, begging his father to leave his mother. He was so scared.

When his mother saw that the door was closed, she let out a sigh of relief. At least this way her son wouldn't see her dying, slowly bleeding to death. She laid there and closed her eyes. But she opened them when she felt her hair being pulled harshly. She looked at the monster's dark blue eyes that were filled with hate and disgust, she was sure she had the same look in her eyes.

"Well, guess your purpose here is done. I have the power and my heir. Now I don't need you. Finally! I get to kill a whore like you." he spat in her face to which she just sighed. She could never change him. She just wished her son wouldn't turn like him. But what was she thinking? Living with this monster will surely make him one too. And she couldn't do anything about it. She looked in the monster's eyes and whispered "I hate you".

The monster clenched his jaw and drove this knife into her stomach. Her eyes widened and she was ready for thR pain but she got incredibly confused. She didn't feel any pain. It felt as if she was floating on a cloud. It felt peaceful. She looked down at her stomach to see the knife sticking out with blood seeping through the wound. It looked bad but it wasn't painful for some odd reason.

She felt peaceful. She smiled a little. She thought about all the good times she had. Her family, her sisters and brothers, her friends and most importantly her son. She smiled thinking of him. She closed her eyes and let the darkness succumb her. She was finally at peace, she was free.

Xavier looked around to see he was standing in the room but Annabelle was nowhere to be seen. He started panicking. He looked around but stopped when he heard faint sobs coming from the bathroom.

He went to the bathroom door and touched it lightly. Her sobs felt as if they belonged to his mother. Oh, how he missed her. He wanted to so badly kill himself because the guilt just wouldn't leave him. He was unable to protect his mother.

Xavier fell on his knees and touched his forehead to the door, tears were starting to form in his eyes. The face of his mother came into his mind which made the tears forming in his eyes fall down soaking his shirt in the process.

"I'm sorry." he whispered. It was both to Annabelle and his mother. Sorry, that he couldn't protect his mother. Sorry that he couldn't treat his own soulmate well.

Annabelle heard Xavier. She was still scared but she was confused more. She expected Xavier to break the door and beat her to death, almost. But he said sorry? She increased her hearing and heard a drop fall on the floor. It was tears. This made her stop, was Xavier crying? But why? No, the big question was how? How?

Annabelle turned around and opened the door and saw Xavier holding his head in his hands and crying silently while being on his knees. She stood there with wide, red and puffy eyes. Xavier looked up and when Annabelle saw his eyes, she took a step back.

His eyes were filled with pain and overwhelming guilt but the pain. It was so much. It physically hurt her seeing him in that much pain. Was he alright? What happened? She felt like an idiot for still caring for him but she couldn't stop herself.

She crouched down and touched Xavier's soaked cheek. He looked in her eyes which were filled with fear, confusion and hurt. Seeing the fear made the guilt in him increase. He looked down in shame. He had never shown someone his weaknesses. He had never even cried in front of someone but he didn't feel bad crying in front of Annabelle.

She closed her eyes thinking that what she was going to do was right or not. She sighed and shook her head. She was going to do it. She wrapped her arms around Xavier and hugged him tightly. When Xavier felt her delicate arms wrapping themselves around him, he was shocked but when she hugged him tightly. Shock would be an understatement of what he felt.

Slowly he brought his hands and hugged her back, crying in her shoulder. Loud sobs echoed through the room. Annabelle's heart ached when she would hear him sob. His sobs were filled with pain and guilt. It felt as if the pain and guilt were physically hurting him. The agony in his sobs was indescribable. She let him cry out his pain as she just hugged him with tears in her eyes too. His sobs caused tears to form in her eyes. She couldn't believe this.

Xavier Nicholas Knight was so broken from inside. If someone had told her that before this, she would've laughed but seeing this made her heart ache. His sobs felt so broken as if expressing his heart. She now knew the reason for his behavior. She now knew that Xavier Nicholas Knight was not who he seems to be. He was so different. He was broken. She promised herself that she would mend Xavier, heal his wounds and wipe his tears even though he did so much bad to her. She couldn't leave him like this. She would change him. She was determined to change him. I will change him. He will be changed. Annabelle promised.

She would make Xavier Nicholas Knight a different man.

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