Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 19

Annabelle's point of view

Currently me and Xavier were in the car driving back to our pack. After that 'incident', Xavier had been very quiet, he would rarely speak. I felt bad for him. He would just look into space completely ignoring his surroundings. I had to shake him multiple times to snap him out of his thoughts. But when I would, I wish I didn't because most times he would say mom, that would just make my heart ache. He would see me, he would give me a little smile that seemed extremely fake. But I couldn't say anything.

The silence in the car felt awkward but none of us wanted to break it. Although I did want to break it, I was nervous. I started fiddling with my fingers that were in my lap. But a hand stopped me from doing so. I looked up, confused at Xavier who was still looking at the road.

"Why are you nervous?" he said quietly. I opened my mouth and shut it again. What should I say 'Oh, because I don't like the silence so I want to ta-', wait, I could actually say that. There is nothing wrong with it.

"I just don't like the silence." I said and felt a little proud noticing that I didn't stutter. Oddly enough I wasn't scared of Xavier anymore. But I wouldn't let my guard completely down. Xavier looked in my eyes for a second and then turned his attention back to the road.

"So what do you want to talk about?" I looked at him like he had grown two heads. He was practically acting dead after that incident and now he will talk. Wow.

"Anything. Just not silence." I said and shrugged. Anything was better than this silence. It was irking me. I looked at Xavier to see him thinking.

"What's your favorite color?" he said and looked at me with a brow raised. I looked at him for a few seconds. Was he serious right now? Wow.

"Yellow. And yours?" I asked. He had turned his attention back to the road. He nodded his head and said "midnight blue". I nodded but of course a nod wasn't enough. I just had to blurt something out.

"Like your eyes" He looked at me and let out a little chuckle and nodded with a slight smile. "Yes, like my eyes."

"Well that's cool. I like yellow because lemons are yellow. Yes, I know it's a stupid reason but I just like yellow. It's such a bright and lively color." I said and shrugged. I had always liked yellow because it just looked like the sign of happiness.

"Well I like midnight blue, as you say my eyes. They are the same color as my mother’s" he said with a little sad smile on his lips. I looked at him with sadness. I didn't know her mother but seeing the love in Xavier's eyes, I could tell she was a great woman.

"I'm sorry" I whispered while looking down. I feel his finger under my chin and he makes me look at him. His eyes have pain but guilt too. That's what his eyes look like most of the time now. Him showing his emotions to me is something I would've never expected.

"it's not your fault…. It's mine. I couldn't save her." he says and turns his attention back to the road. After that, we just sit in silence. This time, it didn't feel awkward because both of us were too lost in our thoughts to care about the silence.


We both get out of the car as I look at the cage where I will be held captive again. I sigh and shake away my thoughts but they weren't leaving my mind.

We both enter the house and I look around to see maids moving around. All of them completely ignoring my presence and passing seductive smiles to Xavier. Are they blind or something? Can't they see that he already has a mate? Who is standing next to him.

Xavier completely ignores them and wraps his arm around my waist gently. I look at him confused but he keeps looking ahead. I sigh. We decide to have lunch and went to the dining hall.

As we entered it, my heart started rapidly beating. I didn't want to see him. This was the time I was dreading. I look down at my feet as we both sit down on the table.

"welcome back Xavier and Luna." I hear his voice making me mentally gag. I look up at him and give him a small, fake smile to which he smirks. Idiot!

"trust me when I say this, the house had been so lonely without you both." he says to which I glare at him. He looks surprised but quickly covers up with his infamous smirk. I wanna just slap it off his face.

I don't even know where this sudden confidence came from but I'm proud of it. I will not cry now. I will be strong. I won't let both of these men take advantage of me.

Lunch was soon served and everyone ate in silence. And once again, it was irking me. Goddess, I just can't keep quiet. I looked around the table to see Damon already looking at me. I rolled my eyes at that. I look at Xavier to see him looking down at his plate and eating slowly.

"I'm gonna go and check stuff in the office. You may continue your lunch." Xavier said after finishing his meal. I was surely not going to stay here with Damon so I stood up too. Xavier looked at me with a raised brow because half of my meal was still remaining. I'd rather be hungry then stay with him. I just shook my head saying I am full.

Xavier nodded and we both exited the dining hall. I smiled at that. Xavier left for his office and I obviously decided to go to our room. As I was walking I heard footsteps, my heart started pounding in my chest.

I had a slight idea of who it might be. I started increasing my pace not even looking back to see if I was right or not. But when I heard a 'stop', I was sure that I was right. I increased my pace even more. I'm surprised I didn't knock into something.

I was finally at the door but got roughly pushed. I looked at him with a deathly glare although I know it must've looked pathetic considering I was looking up at him because of my height.

He let out a laugh seeing my pathetic attempt to scare him. I looked at him with all the hate I could muster. But still he just shook his head while letting out a chuckle that sounded no where near humorous, it sounded rather evil.

"why in such a hurry sweetheart?" he said to which I didn't answer and went back to open the door but he roughly grabbed my arm and made me turn around. I had to bite my tongue to stop the cry of pain that wanted to be let out. He had grabbed the arm where I had hurt myself. I know the bruise wasn't as bad but still it hurt because he grabbed too roughly.

"answer me." he said in a dark voice moving his face closer to which I moved mine back. I looked up at him with confidence to which he laughed. He thought this was funny. Idiot.

"my choice. Who are you to question me? Huh?" I said angrily. I was angry, yes but I was also a little scared. He raised his brow at me and a dark look crossed his eyes.

" oh, so the cute, little kitten wants to become a tigress? Seems the little vacation has changed you. Eh?" he said to which I glared at him and snatched my arm out of his grip. He wasn't focusing on it so his hold wasn't tight which made it easier.

He moved his face forward again as to kiss me but a loud sound stopped him midway. He looked at me with surprise and anger. My hand had connected with his cheek so hard that my hand was hurting. I looked at my hand in surprise and mentally did a happy dance.

I looked at him with a smirk and were ready to go back into the room and lock it because he really looked scary and my confidence was crumbling little by little inside.

He grabbed my arm again. What's with people grabbing my arms? I looked at him with an annoyed look clearly showing that I wasn't in the mood, but the thing was I was having a little panic attack in my mind.

"you will pay for this, kitten" he said to which I said "go to hell". He looked surely surprised. I mean I was surprised too so him being surprised didn't come as a shock.

"leave her alone." we both were looking at each other angrily. I mean I had hate in my eyes but he had amusement. I turn around and see Xavier looking at Damon with one of his deathly glares. I looked at Xavier afraid. Oh, don't tell me he thinks it's my fault again.

Damon suddenly left me and smiled at Xavier as if he was not just seconds away from doing I don't know what to me. Probably something not good. Xavier came to me and grabbed my hand gently, okay this is a sign that he is not angry or else he would've almost ripped my arm out.

"I said, leave!" Xavier shouted at Damon when he didn't see him moving. Hearing this, Damon gave me a glare and left. I looked up at Xavier to see his eyes closed as he took in deep breaths.

Okay, maybe it isn't a good sign after all. We enter the room and I was ready to explain when he put his hand forward, gesturing me to not say anything. I stood there for a few seconds as he took in deep breaths. Was he alright?

"I know it wasn't your fault…. It never was." he said but whispered the last part as I looked at him slightly confused. Did he always knew it wasn't? So he just decided to blame me. I was so confused right now.

"you knew it all along." I whispered, he looked at me with guilt and remorse. I took a step back. He hurt me even though he knew it wasn't my fault. He put me in the dungeons! For no reason….

"H-how? How could you?" I looked at him with anger and betrayal. He just looked down in shame. I moved towards him and asked him the same question again. How could he?

"I'm sorry. I-I don't have control over somethings." he said to which I looked at him and shook my head. I couldn't talk to him right now. He was still looking down.

"can you leave please? I need some time alone." I said to which he looked at me but I didn't look back. I just stared at the door behind him. He sighed and left. As soon as he left, I crumpled down on the floor and sat there looking at it.

This was the place where he beat me for no reason. I know he did a lot of stuff with no reason but this…. This hurt.

I sighed and wiped the tears that wanted to be let out. I wasn't going to cry. I wasn't going to cry. I chanted over and over in my mind as I went to the bed and laid down not before making sure that the door was locked.

I just looked at the ceiling, the ceiling I would look at to distract me when he forced himself upon me but I would never succeed. The pain wouldn't let me succeed.

I closed my eyes tightly thinking about anything other than him. But I couldn't. My thoughts were completely occupied by him and him only. I yelled loudly for them to go away but they wouldn't. He wouldn't.

I fell into a dreamless slumber with one thought. Why?

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