Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 2

Xavier’s point of view

“I told you I don’t wanna go” I yell at my beta and best friend Damon. He was currently forcing me to go to a club that I just opened recently to ‘loosen up’ as he says.

Damon has been my best friend as long as I can remember. We both trained together, ate together, bathed together and did every single thing together. We even used to fuck the same girl together before I was alpha.

Damon is 24 and hasn’t found his mate yet. He has blond hair just like an adorable baby. I used to tease him a lot about this well I still do but not a lot. He has green eyes that match his blond look perfectly. Overall he is a cute little boy but a great fighter.

“bro please you have to go. It’s been so long since you last got laid.” he kind of begs. I shake my head.

Now the cold and ruthless alpha will be known as the party guy and I clearly don’t want that.

“nope don’t want to ruin my image like you blondie .” I tease smirking he clenched his fists but quickly unclenchs them. I raise an eyebrow in amusement because I really enjoy annoying him. But then he says something that makes me a little angry but excited at the same time too.

“what if we find your mate there?” he suggests wiggling his eyebrows.

“well I already told you that I don’t need a fucking mate and you know that.” I say clearly trying to hide my excitement at the sound of my mate. But as usual I fail because I’m not good at hiding my emotions.

“well I can already tell by your excitement that you don’t want a mate” he says wearing a smug expression on his face. Now it’s my turn to clench my fists.

“okay fine but only this one time blondie” I smirk to which he rolls his eyes, a little smile playing on his lips.

We arrive at the club and as usual it is packed. We go up to the bouncer. He looks at me and bows and opens the doors for us. I look around the club to see people dancing, drinking and making out. I cringe at the people who are making out.

I go up to the VIP lounge that I made just for myself and my friends. I sit down in one of the red couches as I look down at the people dancing. The lounge has a big window that shows the people down on the dance floor. The lounge is soundproof so the music is not blaring.

“hey Xavier. How are you? Can I help you” Karla days in an overly fake seductive voice. I roll my eyes.

“it’s alpha Xavier for you and yeah you can help me.” I say in my emotionless voice. She finches a bit but then nods seductively.

“anything you want alpha” she whispers in my ear. I push her back and look her deadly in the eyes.

“you are fired” I say and as soon as my words register in her mind. Her eyes go wide. She looks like she is about to shit herself.

“b-but why” she says to which I just shrug.

“because I said so.” I say standing up and going down. I just wanna get a shot or maybe dance with someone while my amazing best friend is fucking some whore.

I go down to be met with the most sweetest scent in the world. It was a vanilla scent making my heart melt. Wait what? What the fuck was that?

No it can’t be. My mate is here. My fucking mate is here. But why the fuck is she in a club? That thought angered me to no extent. I hope she is not some whore who is currently whoring around.

I follow the scent but it feels like it was moving away. I sighed and went towards the VIP room. Maybe i was hallucinating because Damon has been taunting me a lot about that lately.

As I move towards the VIP room that is close to the exit the scent hits me harder. Okay so I wasn’t hallucinating. She is close. I look around but find nothing. I move towards the exit. As I move further I see a little silhouette probably of a little girl in her eighteens or nineteens. But as I move closer to her the scent starts increasing.

She tries to turn around but ends up colliding in my chest. Wow she is pretty tiny. I look down to see only the top of her head. I sighed.

After a while she finally looks up at me and as soon as she sees me her eyes widen. She’s scared of me. That’s good.

She keeps staring at me for a while. The club has gone completely silent by now and is looking at us intently.

“MINE” I growl making her snap out of her train of thoughts. She looks like she is about to piss herself. She tries to look around me but as I was pretty big and well built it was like a walk was standing in front of her.

She just looks down. Now this makes me angry.

“Look at me when I talk to you. “I growl loudly. She looks up at me and little tears are filling up her eyes.

" shh no need to cry baby girl. “I say and she looks up at me again wiping her tears. Oh my little angel.

" now let’s go. I want to mark you as soon as possible “I say because trust me when I say i want to bend her on the table in the corner and take her right now because I do.

" m-my friends a-are here. M-my parents must b-be waiting f-for me. “she stutters out. I smirk, like her parents would want to deny my order.

A thought hits me hard. I haven’t asked her her name yet.

" angel what’s your name? “I ask in an overly sweet voice. She looks up at me again. She really is tiny.

" Annabelle June Willows “she says. Aww her name is so adorable just like her. I smirk a little. Oh the things me and my adorable and innocent mate could do.

" so Annabelle let’s go shall we? And don’t worry about your parents they won’t say no to me. “I say and she nods her head. I grab her hand and lead her up to the VIP room so we can take Damon with us.

We arrive upstairs and I see Damon pacing around like a mad man looking down at the club from the window. He feels my presence and shifts his gaze to me.

" bro where the fuck were you? Why were the people all gathered around in the corner? What the fuck was happening?” he says all at once. I roll my eyes. I look down at my mate to see her looking down at the floor. She is obedient

“well if you wouldn’t have been fucking some random whore than you might knew but anyways I found my mate.” I say smirking. And as soon as Damon hears it his smirk matches mine. We are not those lovey dovey mates. We have always planned something else for our dear mates.

" aww isn’t she cute? ” he says looking at my mate. She just keeps her head low.

" MINE” I growl at Damon who immediately takes a step back and annabelle flinches.

“OK ok I didn’t say anything. You can have her all to yourself” he says raising his hands in surrender. I give him a stiff nod.

“let’s go, she must be tired” I say to which Damon nods. And we were off to my no our house.

Selena’s point of view

I was still shocked from what just happened.

Ann found her mate and her mate is fucking Xavier knight. God that poor girl. He is literally the most ruthless alpha in all the packs.

“hey let’s go we have to tell her parents.” Jax says snapping me out of my thoughts. I mod my head and we both head to jax’s car.

Finally arriving at Ann’s house. We practically run inside. I open the door with the key that Ann gave me and run inside with Jax hot on my heels.

" what the - what are you guys doing here and where’s Ann?” Carlos yells at us. The last part catches everyone’s attention. Now everyone is looking at us.

“u-um Ann found her mate.” I say to which everyone flashes me bright smiles. Just wait a while to know who her mate is.

“well why didn’t she come with you guys she should’ve given us the news by herself” her mother Katherine says a playful smile playing on her lips.

“oh come on mom she’s probably fucking him right now although I never thought my sister was like this.” I try to speak but Carson was quicker than me. His father glares at him making him shut up.

“well her mate is umm” I try to form a sentence but goddess it is so fucking hard. I am getting frustrated now.

“who is it? Are you just gonna keep blabbering or tell us already” Carlos says. Everyone is looking at us intently. I glare at him before answering.

“Xavier Nicholas Knight” I say and as soon as they hear me they all stand up. Carlos almost knocking the chair he was sitting on. Anger was literally radiating off of them.

“WHAT that’s not fucking possible. Not him” Carlos says, his eyes burning with rage.

“don’t tell me he took her forcefully with her” Katherine says to which I just lower my head. She gets the answer and starts crying.

“my poor daughter. What did she do to deserve such a mate? Why moon goddess? Why?” she screams the last part. I feel tears stinging my eyes too.

That guy could do anything he wanted with her. She was always so kind and sweet. But why then this is happening to her? She didn’t deserve this.

She was always a fairy tale type girl. She always thought she would be wandering in the woods when she would see her prince charming coming towards her. They both would look at each other and everything would dissappear around them. They would kiss and then they would marry, have kids, and grow old and die together.

But all her fantasies were like torn. All her dreams crushed. Her freedom gone. Her life destroyed.

Now she was his mate. The mate of XAVIER NICHOLAS KNIGHT.

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