Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 20

Xavier's point of view

I was sitting in my office, lost too deep in my thoughts. I knew she never liked me for what I did but now, she must hate me. I know this time she won't be able to forgive me easily. I put her in dungeons for God's sake.

A knock on the door snapped me out of my thoughts. I muttered a 'come in'. I looked up to see Damon. Rage coursed through my veins as I looked at his face.

" why are you here?" I gritted out as I gave him a deathly glare, he smirked at that. He had the fucking audicaty to smirk. Oh, you wait and watch dear Damon.

"oh, I just decided to pay my brother a visit." he said still smirking. I clenched my jaw and closes my eyes taking deep breaths. I opened them again and gave him a dark look. He knew not to mess with me. But still he was still doing it.

"Damon, get out. I'm warning you." I said with my eyes still closed. I could hear him moving and I felt him close to me. He was standing right behind me.

"and what if I don't?" he whispered in my ear. In a second, I had him pinned against the wall. My hand was tightly wrapped around his neck cutting his air supply. He looked at me and smirked. He was still not afraid that he was going to die. Of course he wasn't. He knew I wouldn't kill him. Even though I badly wanted to.

"you were my brother. How could you?" I gritted out to which he just laughed. I have him a deathly glare making him stop laughing but the smirk on his face was still there.

"well you were her mate too. How could you? Huh?" he said, hearing his words my glare faltered and the hand that was wrapped around his neck loosened. He was right. Feeling my hold loosen, he pushed me away and punched my jaw.

I snapped out of my thoughts and punched him harder. He knew he was no match to my strength. Even though he was one of the best warriors we had, he could never win against me.

He looked at me and wiped the blood that came out from his nose. He looked at and shook his head, smirking.

"don't you dare fucking talk about my mate with your filthy tongue." I gritted out as I felt my wolf surfacing. He wanted to be in control. He wanted to tear the mere wolf standing in front of me. He hated disrespect. This was triggering him.

'not now' I said to my wolf to which he growled loudly. I could feel him pacing back and forth wanting to come out very badly.

'let me out. I want to tear this excuse of a wolf's throat apart.' my wolf said and I smirked. That would surely be a scene to watch but I couldn't let that happen. Yet.

'don't worry, you will have your fun. But not right now.' I said to which he nodded eagerly giving me a wolfish grin.

I cut our mind link and looked at the person I once called my brother standing in front of me. He was looking at me as if calculating my next moves. But he knew he could never do that.

"you see, I think the once big bad alpha has gone smitten over his mate." he said smirking. I knew what he was trying to imply. I looked at him with a cruel smirk of my own.

"well don't worry, you'll get to see the big bad alpha." I said as I went to pour myself a glass. I could hear his steps behind me. I closed my eyes as I gulped the bitter drink in one go.

I looked to my right in my window where I could see his reflection holding a knife. I smirked. He really thinks he can kill me. Well, Goodluck to him with that.

As he reached close and was about to stab the knife in my back I turned around snatching it from his hand and passing a swift kick to his stomach making him groan and clutch the area where I hit him.

"you really think you can kill me with these pathetic attempts. It's a shame I expected better from you but guess not." I said as I put the knife on my table and looked at Damon who was looking at me with hate shining in his eyes. I'm sure my eyes had the same look but there was a wicked glint in them too, shining and alerting Damon what he just put himself in.

Damon lunged forward and I simply stepped aside with my hands behind my back. Damon turned around and was ready to attack again when a knock interrupted us. Damon sighed frustratedly. Well, someone's eager to 'kill' me.

A maid came in after I said a short come in. She looked around to be in her late thirties. She gave me a bow before standing up straight. Worry was evident in her brown eyes.

"alpha, the Luna. She has locked herself up in the room and wouldn't eat. And by the sounds of it, she also seems to have been crying. I think you need to see her." hearing the maid's words, one emotion coursed through me. Guilt. Overwhelming guilt. I nodded at the maid telling her that I'll take care of it. The petite woman sighed and left.

" well guess we won't be getting our chance to play. Huh? Don't worry. I'll continue just where we left. Now excuse me, I need to go to my mate. See you later dear brother." i said as I spit out the last word as if it was venom. Damon looks at me with wild, crazy eyes and I just smile in return leaving him alone in the office as I hurriedly go to our room.

As I reach the door, I raise my hearing abilities and what I hear breaks my cold heart that never knew it could be broken. I could hear my little angel sniffing as almost silent sobs escaped her lips.

I didn't have it in me to knock at the door. I couldn't. Hearing me, she would just be in more pain but I couldn't let her stay hungry. She had to eat. I mentally said a sorry to her as I knocked on the door. I knew I could open it easily but I didn't feel like just barging in like that. Just like I did in her once happy life.

"I don't want to eat. Just please go away." I hear her try to shout but it ends up being a broken whisper. My heart ached at the brokeness in her voice.

"I-it's me angel." I said softly, hearing my voice her sniffles came to an abrupt stop. I could hear almost nothing anymore except her slightly unsteady breathing pattern.

"I said, I wanted to-to be alone. Can't I ever get what I w-want?" she said quietly as I sighed. It wasn't my idea to actually be here. Hell, I was going to give her as much time she wanted. But I couldn't let her do this to her. She needed to eat.

"I know angel and don't worry. I will leave you alone. Just please eat and I won't disturb you." I said. I could hear some shuffling and then the door opening. I looked down at the small figure standing with her head lowered and her hair covering her face.

" I know you could've just easily opened the door then why didn't you? " I heard her say as she looked up at me. Her eyes were puffy and red, her cheeks were red and her nose was red too. All in all, she looked like a tomato. Goddess, now is not the time for this.

" I-I just didn't feel like it. " I said nonchalantly avoiding angel's gaze. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Obviously she didn't believe me. I mean, I wouldn't believe myself either to be honest. She still nodded and then went to her previous position on the bed looking at me with pain shining in her blue eyes.

I mindlinked a maid to bring angel her lunch as I sat down on the couch. I was trying to avoid her burning stare but it was practically impossible. The tension in the room was so thick that you could literally choke on it. The knock on the door slightly broke the tension. I muttered a come in as the same maid from before came in. She bowed down to both of us before serving angel her dinner. The maid left after that and the tension was back to before.

Angel was still looking at me as I avoided her gaze. I heard and sigh and the cluttering of the utensils. I slowly moved my eyes to the bed to see angel eating her lunch while looking down. I just sat there watching her eat. After she was done, I decided to leave her alone.

"I am going to go." I said awkwardly as I stood up and headed towards the door. I looked at angel to see her looking down, feeling my gaze on her she looked up at me and nodded. I turned on my heel and grabbed the handle of the door. I turned around and whispered a small 'I'm sorry'. My words were barely audible but I know she heard me because of the look in her eyes. She was looking at me with a funny face.

"you really think a sorry will change what you have done to me?" she said with bitterness lacing her voice. She didn't look like the girl I had seen in the club or even yesterday. She looked different, and I was the reason because of it.

The bitterness in her voice, the funny smile playing on her lips but most importantly her eyes, those beautiful eyes. They were void of any emotion except coldness. The coldness in her eyes made me remember how I was cold to her. How I looked at her.

"I know it won't change anything. It can never heal the damage I have inflicted upon you." I said as I avoided her eyes. To be honest, they didn't even seem like her eyes. I could hear her standing up and moving towards me.

I felt a soft finger underneath my chin as angel lifted my face slightly. As I looked in her eyes, my heart broke. Those eyes that were filled with warmth and joy were now filled with coldness and voidness.

"you are right. The damage you have inflicted upon me can not just be forgiven or forgotten. And I know the heinous things you have done to me will forever be engraved in my mind." she said with no emotion whatsoever. She then took a step back and looked at the bed and then looked at me with tears shining in her eyes. The pain was so much, it felt as if it was physically hurting me.

That pain… it was there before too but I always ignored it. How much pain she must've been when I marked and mated her forcefully? How much pain she must've felt when I beat her? How much pain she must've felt when I threw her in the dungeons?

" you may be guilty of your acts but you won't be able to earn my forgiveness that easily. You'd have to try very hard. And by very hard, I mean very hard. I'm surprised I'm giving you a chance but you see I'm not as cruel as you are." she said as she looked at me with no emotion. I nodded at her words. Surprise would be an understatement of what I was feeling. She was ready to give me a chance? But why?

" don't be so happy that I'm giving you a chance. It doesn't mean that I will forget what you did and forgive it." she said snapping me out of my thoughts, hearing her words I nodded again, no words escaping my mouth because of the shock and surprise.

'you better not mess this up or trust me I will never talk to you again' my wolf said in my head and I nodded smiling. I would never mess it up this time. I have already messed up before. But not now.

'don't worry, I won't. Not again.' I said to wolf before cutting our mind link.

I looked at angel to see her sitting on the bed now. I didn't know what to do so I just bid her farewell and decided to teach Damon what he needed to be taught.

I knew I was no better than him but I was still punishing him. Would that be fair? Probably not. But I wouldn't just leave him. He has to be punished. I won't kill him but I'll make sure that angel doesn't get to ever see his face again.

I went to my office and decided to mindlink the Gama as he would be the beta now because surely I wouldn't let Damon be the beta anymore.

I was looking through some files when I heard a knock on the door. I said a small 'come in' and the person entered the room. I could tell it was the Gama. I looked up at him and gave him a serious look, he gave me a little bow before standing up straight.

"you requested my presence, alpha." he said and I nodded and asked him to take a seat which he quietly took. I looked up him and down. He was still looking straight ahead. I nodded to myself and put the file I was holding back on the table removing my glasses.

" won't you introduce yourself?" I said raising an eyebrow. His mouth slightly fell open in realization. Of course I knew him but I just wanted to test his skills.

"I am Jaxon grey, alpha." he said and I nodded. He was a good warrior and was appreciated for his skills too. He would be a good beta and the fact that I know he won't hurt angel just made him perfect for the position. I asked him to leave. I just wanted to see him and if he had confidence or not. I had seen his physical skills but I needed to see his other skills too. And they seemed good enough.

Well now it's time for some fun with our old beta. I smirked at the thought as I stood up to go and see Damon. Oh, you better be prepared dear beta...

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