Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 21

Xavier's point of view

I fixed the cufflinks on my suit as I walked down to the basement to meet someone special. Someone special. A smirk made its way on my lips as the thought came to my mind. Oh, we were going to have some fun.

I looked at the guards standing stiffly outside the dungeon entrance, they bowed down without looking at me and then went to their previous position. I gave them a stern nod as they opened the door to the dungeons for me.

I passed the many rooms holding the ones who betrayed me. The strong stench of urine and blood hit my nostrils making me slightly cringe. The moans of those who had been here recently wanted me turn around and go back but I want going to do that. I had a special someone to meet.

I entered the very same cell I had thrown my angel in. As I stepped into it, overwhelming guilt swarmed my body. I closed my eyes, taking a deep, cleansing breath through my nostrils and released it through my mouth before turning my attention to the person looking at me with calculative eyes.

I gave him a sarcastic smile as I sat down on the plastic chair, the cold texture of the chair welcomed me, a shiver ran up my spine at the frigidness of the hard plastic.

I brought my hands up to my face resting my elbows on the knees as I looked at Damon with my smile still not fading and a crazy glint in my narrowed eyes.

"oh so the torturer is going to be tortured. My, my. That would be a sight to watch, won't it brother?" i said as I looked at the person I once called brother. Hearing me words, his eyed narrowed down as he glared at me. If it were any other wolf I would've snapped their neck in a second but it was my dear brother. I couldn't do that to him. Now, could I? Of course I could and I will.

I stood up from the chair and took teasing steps towards Damon. He carefully noticed every single step I took. He was trying to predict my moves. In all honesty, it was a great move but considering the fact that he was chained down and I was very unpredictable, it would be useless.

One of my best fighting skills was that I could predict the next move of my opponent. He taught me that even though I didn't want to be taught. Oh well, now I am and I can't change anything. As Damon was a brother to me, I also taught him but one thing that he didn't knew that I was unpredictable. Another one of his skills he wanted to teach me. Atleast one thing he ever did is coming in handy for me.

I moved around Damon inspecting his state. I mean he was only here for a few hours so he looked fine. I'll make sure to change that in a matter of time.

I moved to the torture table that I had asked the guards to put it in here. It was filled with multiple torture devices. Whips, knives, daggers, pliers, branding irons, shock collars, wooden and steel bats etc. You name it and it was here.

I picked up the whip inspecting it as I turned around to meet Damon's stare who was already looking at me, anticipating my next move.

"you had once said that Whips were your favorite way of torture. So why not start with them?" I said as I moved behind with Damon. I could see his fists clenching as he waited for me to bring the Whip down on his back.

I clenched my jaw, grabbing the whip tightly. I raised it above my head before harshly connecting it with Damon's back. The sickening sound felt good but knowing who I was whipping did feel bad even though it shouldn't.

Damon let out a little hiss. I brought the whip back, I could see the blood seeping through his now torn shirt. Imagining all the heinous things he had done to angel, I brought the whip back, more harshly this time.

After some time of hearing Damon's hisses and cries of pain, I stopped. My arm was badly hurting now. Throwing the whip down on the floor, I looked at Damon's back. My eyes squinted down to painful slits.

His back was all bloodied now. His once perfectly ironed shirt was now laying on the floor in little shreds. All those shreds were covered in his blood. His remaining shirt clinged to his back.

Damon's head was lowered as he let out long deep breathes, trying to tolerate the agonizing pain on his back. Guilt quickly rushed through my veins.

He was your brother…

But he molested my mate!

Didn't you? You did even worse than him. Don't forget that.

I closed my eyes as now the guilt took over my body completely. He was no better than him, in fact I was even worse than him. I am punishing him for what he did. But… Who will punish me for what I did?

Sighing, I sat down on the chair. The cold was welcomed by me. I held my head in my hands as I heard Damon taking deep breaths. Even his breaths could tell he was in pain.

Your mate was in pain too. Why didn't you notice that?

Because I was too blinded by the things my father had drilled in my mind!

I hated him. I hated him so much. He killed my mother in front of me and I couldn't do anything. He abused my mother and I never said anything. He abused me and I never said anything. He drilled those terrible things into my mind and I never said anything. I never stood up for myself. This was all my fault. I didn't save my mother. I was also the reason she isn't alive. I should've protected her from him. But I couldn't. I just stood there like a coward.

"I-is the big b-ad alpha on a gui-lt trip?" Damon said, his sentence would often stop with him coughing up blood. Even after getting tortured, he didn't have slight remorse for his actions.

"oh, don't you worry brother. I would never feel guilty while doing this." I said the words with as much confidence I could muster up. Giving him my signature cruel smirk to make it seem I didn't feel guilty. I knew my eyes were shining with guilt but I had learnt to hide my emotions very well so I know he couldn't see it.

Hearing my words, the bloody smirk on Damon's face reduced a faction but It was still there. He took in a few more deep breaths before speaking.

"goddess, you are very good at hiding emotions, aren't you?" hearing his words, I raised my eyebrow. I was never going to confess that I was guilty for hurting him.

"I am, aren't I?" I said with my infamous smirk. Hearing my words, Damon shook his head letting out a little laugh which soon turned into a cough. Guilt wanted to make its way through, but I blocked it.

Moving towards the table again, I picked up one of the knives. It was small but very sharp. A slight touch was enough to cut through someone's skin. Flicking it between my fingers, I moved towards Damon.

Seeing the knife, Damon didn't do anything. He just stared at it with a neutral look. One rule that I had taught him was that never show pain, it gives your enemy the satisfaction you don't want to give.

Grabbing the knife, I drag it across Damon's arm. A hiss escapes through his bloodied lips. The cut wasn't too deep because I didn't want him to blead to death, but it was enough to hurt like a bitch.

Suddenly, anger takes over me when I imagine the misery my mate had to go through because of the both of us. I stab Damon in his arm, a sharp cry of pain escapes his lips as the knife cuts through his skin.

Taking a few steps back, I look at him, breathing heavily. I couldn't do this. I-I couldn't.

"I, Xavier Nicholas Knight, alpha of the red dawn pack, ban you, Damon Trenton, and condemn you a rogue." with a heavy heart I say those words. Hearing my words, Damon's eyes widen as he looks at me with shock. He probably expected me to torture him till he begged for his own death. But I couldn't do that, even if I wanted to.

" guards! " I yell, hearing me, three guards enter the cell. They all give me a slight nod before standing up straight.

"take this rogue out of my sight." I say as I make no eye contact with Damon. I couldn't look him in the eye right now. I just couldn't.

As the guards drag Damon's battered body out, he says one last words that make me turn around and look at him in the eye but he was already gone as he laughed like a sadistic.

"I'll come back and take what's mine!"

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