Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 24

Her words hadn't left him stunned because he knew she was lying. The lie was as clear as day. She truly was a bad liar.

Patting the little girl's head, he stood up and went back to their room. A smile made its way on his face when he had felt the happiness she was feeling seeing her best friend.

The smile soon diminished when he remembered he had always felt her pain but he ignored it. Thr times he had forced himself on her, her screams, her cries,he ignored them all. The time he threw her in the dungeons, her pleading, her cries.

A shiver ran down his spine thinking of all the heinous things that he had done to her.

Sighing, he opened the door to their room and went inside. He looked at his angel who was sitting on the bed with a book in her hand. Her attention had moved towards him but it was only for a second before she moved her attention back to the book.

Xavier sighed and went to the closet to change into some comfy clothes. After wearing a black fitted t-shirt with grey sweatpants, he exited the closet.

He sat down on his side of the bed and looked at Annabelle who still had her attention on the book.

He saw that Annabelle was now laying on the bed with her back against the headboard with her book still in her hands. Her hair was open and resting on her shoulders in lose curls. In that position, her hair reached her lap easily.

Suddenly the urge to run his fingers through her hair overtook him causing him to blurt out something that made him mentally smack his forehead. Great, another addition to the lists of things she thinks I am.

"can I touch your hair?" hearing him, Annabelle furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Xavier with a weird look.

Was he alright?

Annabelle thought as she looked at Xavier who seemed to be having an inner battle because of his bluntness.

Annabelle didn't know how to reply to that. Was she supposed to say yes? So he wouldn't get angry. Or was she supposed to say no? She didn't know for which reason she would say no.

Slowly nodding her head at Xavier, she looked at him with a weird look. When Xavier heard her response, shock would surely be an understatement for what he felt. He looked at her face to see a hint of uncertainty but found none which shocked him even more.

Slowly moving his hand towards her hair, he touched the soft, silky strands. Annabelle looked at his hand with a little smile as he touched her carefully as if she would break any second.

Slowly Annabelle scooted close to Xavier making his hand stop in her hair for a minute as he looked at her with surprise. Why was she doing this? Isn't she supposed to hate me?

Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her close to him. A slight blush covered her cheek as she laid her head on her mate's chest hearing his slightly unsteady heartbeat.

He presses a soft kiss on the top of her head as he runned his fingers through her hair gently.

With a sigh, Annabelle closed her eyes. So this was what it felt like to be normal with your mate. To have him care for you. Even if it was only for this once, she was happy and she wanted to relish in the feeling for as long as she could.

A thought crossed her mind, she looked up at Xavier who was looking down at her with adoration and a feeling she was unknown to.

"Can I meet your wolf?" she said as she looked up at Xavier expectantly. Hearing her, Luca had already started moving around and howling in happiness that he would get to meet his mate.

"Let me out. Hurry up." Luca almost yelled at Xavier who rubbed his temples. Luca was pacing around and almost jumping in happiness causing Xavier to have a minor headache.

"Ok, fine. Now calm down." Xavier said as he let Luca take over.

Luca's point of view

I looked down at our mate who was in our arms, seeing me, she smiled. She would've known I took control because of our eyes color changing but there wasn't such a big difference. My eyes just had specks of silver in them.

Pulling our mate close, I kissed her head as I buried my nose in her hair slightly. It smelled just like lemons. A content sigh escaped my throat. Her scent calmed me. Calmed us.

"How have you been, mate?" I asked as I looked down at mate who had her eyes closed with her head on my chest. A soft smile set on my lips seeing this.

"I'm doing better than before, I guess." she said as she slightly shrugged. A frown replaced the smile as I remembered what that human had done to mate. How could he do such thing to his own mate? He honestly was an idiot. He had really broken mate's heart and spirit.

Her wolf hadn't talked to me for days after that incident. She was clearly very upset. I was too. The human had done such terrible things to mate. He even threw her in the dungeons.

I didn't know why I had to suffer because of the idiot human's acts but I felt guilty. That I wasn't able to do anything. He ruined our mating process because of his idiotic, horny and cruel behavior.

"I'm sorry." those words escaped my lips before I knew it. She looked slightly surprised but not much. Looking at my face, she gave me a little smile as she shook her head.

"It's not your fault. So don't apologize." she said softly as her fingers caressed the skin on my hand. Her fingers felt so soft against my calloused hands.

"But it is. I couldn't do anything to protect you. I should've done atleast something." I said as I closed my eyes but opened them quickly when the image of our mate in the dungeons and crying formed in my head.

"Even you know you couldn't do anything so stop beating yourself up for a crime you haven't even committed." she said strictly, a little chuckle escaped my throat. She looked cute when she acted like this. Hearing me chuckle, she laughed a little too as she laid her head back on my chest.

" I wish you could stay here longer. "she said causing a slight pang of sadness to hit me. She looked up at me with a little pout and sadness shining in her blue eyes.

" Me too… " was all I said before I joined our lips. She probably wasn't expecting that because I could see her eyes that were widened. I closed my eyes after that, with in a second I felt her lips move against mine slowly.

I wanted to chuckle at her shyness. It just made her even more cute and adorable.

Pulling her close to me, I pulled her on top of me as I continued kiss her softly. Her lips were so soft and plush against mine.

I slowly pulled back as I felt her breathing get heavy and uneven. She gasped as she sucked in all the air she could. Her cheeks were now as red as a tomato making me laugh. She was just too cute.

"Wh.. Why are you laughing at me?" she said but stopped to breath then she said again. I just shrugged.

"Was just looking at your adorable face and those red cheeks. And how adorable they look at you." I said, this caused the blush on her cheeks to deepen.

She looked down but then suddenly looked up when she realized that she was on top of me. Quickly getting off, she sat next to me.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to me. She closed her eyes as she hummed in content. The smile on my face soon turned into a frown when I heard the human.

"I need to come back. I have some pack documents to go through." he said and I cursed him mentally.

"You can do that later. Let me be with mate for now." I said with a low growl. Such an idiot.

"You do know that you are an alpha too, right?" he said pointedly. I sighed annoyed with his behavior. Did he think I was dumb like him?

"I do know that but mate is more important." I growled at him. Suddenly the urge to strangle him hit me. But I controlled myself.

" So you are basically neglecting your duties as an alpha?" he said once again making me growl at him loudly. What was his problem? Couldn't he see mate happy for once?

Moon goddess, why did you have to pair me with such a dumb and idiotic human?

I kissed our mate's head one last time before I let the stupid human take over.

Xavier's point of view

I know I wanted angel happy but I had to take over. The excuse that I had given was not half a lie as I was already done with paperwork but a few still remained.

I looked down to see her face was covered by her hair as she laid peacefully on my chest. It was doing things unknown to me to my heart and I didn't know what to do. It was a weird tingling sensation. I think it was the mate bond and their sparks but they felt different. They felt more than just sparks.

Tucking her hair behind her ear, I looked at her cheeks which were still slightly red from my wolf and her kiss. Honestly, I think this is the only time she kissed someone with her own will. Guess I was going to be going on another guilt trip.

I could tell that she asleep now with her steady breaths. I rubbed her arm as she peacefully slept with a content smile on her face.

She still thinks she's in Luca's arms. Well, she would be disappointed sadly.

I slowly tried to make her lay down on the bed but froze when I felt her squirm and her beautiful blue eyes opening and staring into mine. She was still half asleep so I think she didn't realize that it was me and not Luca.

"Where are you going?" she asked as she rubbed her eyes. I laid her down on the bed abd looked at her as she looked at me with big expectant eyes.

"Something came up and requires my assistance."

She nodded her head. I was about to leave when her hands stopped me as she put them on my shoulders restricting my movements. Her lips inched closer to mine making my heart go into a frenzy.

Her lips joined with mine for a second and honestly I think it was the best second of my life.

She laid back as she mumbled out some words which almost had me collapsing on top of her because I felt almost all the energy and strength leave my body hearing her.

"Take care Xavier"

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