Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 26

Third person's point of view

Her eyes moved here and there, thinking of ways to avoid him. He could only chuckle at that. The blush on her cheeks rose as she heard him chuckle.

Xavier was actually surprised, no scratch that- he was perplexed by the things his little angel had said in the kitchen to the maid.

×××this is Xavier's POV from the time Ann was in the kitchen×××

I was currently looking through some documents when I heard a slight commotion downstairs. I sighed as I rubbed my temples. What was it now?

Getting up from my chair, I stretched my limbs before I took off to see what had caused the commotion downstairs.

As I moved downstairs, I felt the scent of my little angel get stronger. What was she doing down there? Was she part of the fight?

Worry etched my features as I heard someone screaming.

"And how are you going to do that? You are just pathetic!" I heard a maid say as she yelled at my little angel. How dare she say that to her Luna?I moved my eyes to my little angel just to see her standing there. Her back was facing me so I couldn't see her face, I tried to look into her mind, to feel her emotions but I felt nothing. That was odd.

"And says you." hearing her words, I looked at her back with slightly wide eyes. Was that my little angel whom I just heard? A smirk made its way on my face as I looked at her using her power and authority on the little she wolf.

"You-you bitch! You stole him away from me! He was supposed to be mine!" the maid screamed. Goddess, her voice had a high pitch. It did not sound nice at all. Her words shocked me, did she literally just say that to my mate? How fucking dare she? The urge to move forward and teach the little she wolf a lesson was strong but I wanted to see what my little angel would say so I controlled myself.

"Ah I see. Too bad, he isn't yours. He's mine." the laugh bubbling in my throat wanted to be escaped so badly. Of course I knew she hated me, still does but her words warmed my cold heart. She called me hers.

"HE IS MINE!!! HE ONLY BELONGS TO ME AND I TO HIM! YOU BITCH! YOU GOT IN THE WAY OF US!" oh goddess, save me from her high pitched voice before I tear my own ears off.

And who in the fucking world gave her the permission to call me hers? I only belonged to one person and that was my little angel and her only.

"Have you ever fucked him?" I almost stumble hearing her words. Only one word came to my mind, woah. I know she would regret saying that later a lot but right now she seemed determined to show the she wolf her place.

I know I had forced myself upon her and I regretted it more than anything. The regret and guilt would claw at me every single day. I couldn't stop it because I knew it was my own fault and I needed to be punished.

"No, but I know he wants to! If you weren't in the way. I would've been the Luna!" the maid screeched once again. I give her a weird look even though she can't see it. Even if I hadn't found my little angel, although I can't imagine my life without her, I would never have had this she wolf as my Luna. Hell, I never had even seen her before and she was basically planning herself to be Luna.

"Well, so the answer no, yeah?" angel asks again and the maid mutters a little 'all because of you bitch'. I looked at her with frowned eyebrows. She really was crossing her limits.

"Aww, such a shame you will never get to do that. Just going to say he is ama-" she says and I know she doesn't mean any of the words she is saying. I know how much pain she was in but I still chose to ignore like the bastard I was.

"What is going on here?" I cut her off, she frozes on the spot recognizing my voice. Slowly turning around, she looks in my eyes and I look in hers. Her eyes were epitome of innocence, kindness, sweetness, shyness and of course pureness.

A slight chuckle bubbled in my throat once again as I had thought of what had just happened. So my little angel is fiesty too.

All the mischief vanished and was replaced with worry when I saw her struggling to breathe. I moved towards her but as on instinct, she took a step back. Goddess, I really did fuck up, didn't I?

I won't hurt you. Please. Just calm down. Your breathing is having, you seem to be having a panic attack.

I said through our mindlink as I took careful steps towards her.

Even more than you already have?

Her words cut through me like a knife. She now had her hand on her chest as she tried to calm her rapid heartbeat. Her words were true, of course I couldn't deny it. I knew I would have to try extremely hard to win her heart that I had broken along with her whole self.

I am sorry. I know I can't change the past but I intend on changing the future.

He was determined to change. To forget the awful ways his father had taught him. To forget all the terrible things he had done to her. But he knew he could never do these things even if he sacrificed himself. Because he knew his demons would never stop.

But he was still determined. He was determined to have a better future with his little angel. He was determined to help her escape the horrible nightmares she would occasionally have of him. He was determined to show her that he had a heart. That he wasn't the cold and ruthless man everyone pictured him as.

I passed a sharp glare to the maids who were listening to the conversation even though it was through mindlink, they could see the Luna stepping away from the alpha and having a panic attack seeing him.

What if you hurt me again?

Well then, I would prefer a silver bullet through my chest than the thought of ever hurting you again. I hadn't voiced my thoughts because when I looked at my angel, she seemed to be lost too deep in her own thoughts.

Her face contorted into a weird one. But after that, her face turned into one of pain, immense pain. Maybe she was remembering my acts. I wanted to stab myself for doing what I had done to her. Maybe I should do that.

I took little steps towards her, her breathing had now returned to normal. I took her small hands in his when I saw the tears that were now shining in her eyes. How would she feel when she would snap out of her horrifying thoughts just to see the monster in them in real life once again?

Her hands felt cold against my warm ones but I liked the coldness and the peace they brought. She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him, unconsciously she held her hand tighter. This made him internally smile as his cold heart filled with warmth once again.

"Let's get you to the bedroom." I said as I led the both of us to our room. I had already mindlinked a maid to bring angel her meal. The maid had told me what had happened, she was an elderly woman, she was like the mother I had lost to that monster.


The memories of my mother tried to resurface themselves but I, with a heavy heart, pushed them away.

Hopefully he won't remember it.

I was confused for a second before I realized that my little angel had opened her thoughts to me. I smirked at that before saying.

"Oh, don't you think I forgot your little stunt back in the kitchen." my smirk widened as I saw her eyes widen and a blush cover her cheeks.

×××back to third person's POV×××

"My little angel does look very fiesty when she uses her power." he say as he takes a seat on the couch and relaxes himself whereas she goes to sit on the bed.

Oh goddess, she was regretting what she had done so much now.

"The maid was being disrespectful and my wolf couldn't let that happen." she said as she shrugged slightly. Xavier raised a brow at that, her wolf might have been in control before but when he came there, he knew it was his little angel by her eye color. Luca had told him that his little angel's wolf, June, had grey eyes.

"You do know that your eye color changes when your wolf is in control?" he asks, her cheeks redeen even further realizing that she had had momentarily forgotten that. How long was he even standing there? She though to herself.

"Of course I know that. By the way, how long were you standing over there listening in on the conversation?" she asked trying to change the topic but it was honestly a terrible attempt because the way her eyes moved here and there indicating that she was embarrassed and nervous.

"Long enough to hear quite a few interesting things." Xavier said as he looked at her with an extremely innocent look, if it weren't for the smirk on his face, anyone would think he was actually innocent.

"I-okay." Annabelle said because she didn't know what else to say. She shouldn't have said all the stuff she had said, she would've just left the maid and never said anything. But she needed to stand up for herself. She wouldn't let any more people take advantage of her.

"Don't you want to hear what I said?" she hear Xavier whisper and almost fell off the bed when she noticed that Xavier was now sitting next to her on his side of the bed.

That wasn't what surprised, their close proximity did. Xavier's lips were grazing slightly against her ear, his warm minty breath hitting the side of her face. If she would turn around, she knew his lips would be on hers.

"I-What did you hear?" Annabelle asked even though she knew she wouldn't like the answer. She was looking straight in front of her, her breathing was slightly heavy.

"That I belonged to a specific someone."

Xavier had moved slightly back, now he was sitting on the bed with his hand against the headboard with his eyes fixed on his little angel.

She stiffened slightly hearing him. Oh goddess, now he would punish me. Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut?

"I'm sorry, please don't pu-"

"Hey, hey. I won't hurt you." he cut her off as he put his warm hand on her cheek and made her look at him. The moment she looked into his eyes, all her previous thoughts were forgotten as only one thought now revolved in her mind.

Did he really care?

"Why do you care now?" she blurted out as she looked deeply into his eyes. His face was a few inches away from hers. Hearing her words, his brows furrowed before realization settled in.

"You are my mate…" he says quietly, his eyes still fixed on her eyes as if deeply searching something. But her face remained blank. If he knew how to be cold then she knew how to be blank.

"I was your mate back then too when you forced yourself upon me." she said as she tore her eyes away from his when she saw the pain and regret flash in them. She knew if she were to look into his eyes longer, she'd be the one feeling guilty.

"I know I can't change what had happened then. But I'll try my best to change our future. Look, my heart had been fucked pretty badly by my dad. He turned it ice cold. But your fire, that fire in your eyes. It melted that ice. It melted the walls my father had forced me to create. " he said, she could feel his scorching gaze on herself. Her eyes, on their own accord, met his stare.

The emotions that shone in his eyes made her heartbeat race. He was looking at her with adoration, care and love?

Her lips parted as she put a hand on her chest to calm her rapid beating. His eyes followed the movement of her hand and a smile set on his lips at the thought of his little angel being affected by him.

As she calmed her rapid beating, she sucked in a deep breath. Her lips suddenly felt dry so she licked her lips, this action did not go unnoticed by Xavier. His eyes visibly darkened at the sight but he controlled himself. Little vixen. Xavier thought.

"May I take you out tonight?" Xavier asked quietly as he looked down to his lap. He had never asked a girl to go out with him so this was fairly new to me.

"Aww you are blushing and like on a date?" Annabelle was surprised at his words. She looked at him to see him looking down at his lap, a slight blush covering his cheeks. The sight brought a smile to annabelle's face. He looked like a teenage boy who was asking his crush on a date.

"Yes, like on a date." he muttered quietly. Hearing him, Annabelle let out a wholehearted laugh which made the blush on Xavier's cheek deepen and a smile to set on his lips.

He looked up at her and playfully glared at her to which she just shook her head and laughed once again. Her laugh felt so nice to hear. Her laugh was like a melody to his ears. It wasn't one of those high-pitched fake ones. It was a pure and utterly sweet laugh. Just like her whole self.

But you tainted her.

A frown settled on his face at the words. A pang of regret and pain hit him. Seeing this, Annabelle put both her small hands on his red cheeks making him snap out of his thoughts.

"Hey, don't be sad! I will go out with you." Ann said smiling at Xavier, hearing her words a smile made its way on his face too. He was happy to hear that she had decided to give him a chance, even if it was a small one it meant a lot to him.

His eyes then shifted to her lips who were lifted upwards in a beautiful smile. The urge to feel them against his own grew stronger so he gave into it.

Slowly joining their lips, he stayed like that for a few seconds before parting away. Annabelle now had a soft blush on her cheeks. The color made a laugh escape Xavier's throat.

"Look who's blushing now." he said as he laughed at her, she just crossed her arms across her chest, puffing out her cheeks as she pouted and glared at him. He just chuckled at that. She looked adorable when she was mad.

With a one last peck to her adorable pout, Xavier stood up to leave to handle some pack word because the beta was still struggling with all the work that had been now dumped on him.

"Take care angel and be ready by 7." with those words said, he left leaving Annabelle a mad and flushed mess.

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