Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 28

Annabelle's point of view

We were currently sitting at the dining table, waiting for breakfast to be served. Jax was sitting in front of me while Xavier sat on the head seat.

My thoughts shifted to last night, a smile made its way on my lips without my permission.

With a swift movement, Xavier had me in his arms. My hand, instinctively, went around his neck. My other hand was holding my shoes, using one hand was kind of hard, the reason why my hand was wrapped around his neck too tightly.

"Woah, calm down there angel. Don't wanna break my neck." Xavier said, tightening his arms around me to prevent me from falling.

"Damn, you really are very light." I hear him mumble quietly, if it wasn't for my wolf hearing, I don't think i would've heard him. I look at him with an 'are you kidding me?' look.

"I'm anything but light." I say. I would've attempted to shrug but I don't think it would be possible in this position. And it was true, I didn't work out and ate a lot.

"You are practically nothing compared to the weights I pick while training." he says with a very slight shrug of his shoulder. I look at him with narrowed eyes, of course he worked out a lot, you couldn't just get these unholy muscles without some effort. Wait, unholy? Are you kidding me? Where is my mind these days?

"We're here." Xavier announced, carefully putting me down on my own two - wait no, I looked down at myself to see myself sitting in a chair.

Xavier goes to the other side, taking his own seat. My eyes traveled to our surroundings to only be met with woods. The place was illuminated with fairy lights and fake candles.

"Angel! Hey! Aren't you going to eat?" I snapped out of my thoughts as I looked at Xavier who had amusement shining in his eyes with a little smile playing on his lips.

I looked at Jax who looked at me weirdly. A slight blush covered my cheeks when I realized that I had been lost a little too deep in my thoughts.

"Aren't you going to eat?" I hear Xavier ask and I look at him, giving him a slight nod, I focus on the food in front of me.

Picking up a chunk of eggs, I put it in my mouth, chewing on it slowly. I didn't really have an appetite but I know if I didn't eat, it would result in me getting hungry, obviously, and then I'd have to go to the kitchen to eat which I wouldn't be looking forward to.

"Are you not hungry?" I look up to see Xavier staring at me with worry shining in his eyes. Jax's attention now was also diverted towards us. I just shrug.

"Just don't have an appetite." I say as I poke the egg with the fork. I hear Xavier sigh before scraping of chair. I feel a presence next to me, turning around I see Xavier sitting next to me, his plate also had shifted with him. He sat there eating quietly, occasionally stealing glances at me, with guilt shining in his eyes. What was up with him?

Does your stomach feel upset?

I frown at his voice. I, for some reason, look down at my stomach with my brows pulled together. My stomach was perfectly fine.

I don't think so. Seems perfectly fine to me.

Please don't say this because of me.

What does he mean? My mind was clouded with confusion as I looked at him with a slight frown on my face.

What do you mean?

I mean, that did the food from last night make your stomach upset?

My mouth slightly opened in realization. Last night, the food was made by Xavier. He was so shy. A smile made its way on my lips at its own accord as I remembered it.

"s-so how's the food?" I look up at Xavier who was looking at my food nervously, his eyes slightly squinted.

I look down at me food in confusion. It was pretty good, far better than the maids would make.

"It's very nice, why do you ask?" I said as I tilted my head to the side, looking at his face which showed nervousness. I grinned a little when I saw a red color start to appear on his cheeks.

He had made the food.

A little sigh of relief was about to escape his mouth when I said something, internally controlling my laughter, "Wait, now that I think about it, the salt seems a little less."

I scrunched my nose up to make myself more believable. I looked at Xavier to see his mouth slightly open, closing his mouth, he looked at his food with a slight pout of his lips.

"I knew it. I should've read the recipe." he mutters to himself, looking at the food with a frown. A snicker escapes my lips followed by laughter.

Xavier looks up at me confused.

"I'm sorry, the food is actually great. I was just messing with you, I know you made it." I say after controlling my laughter. I look at Xavier to see him looking at me with a playful glare.

"Little vixen"

"Hey! Stop zoning out." I snap my neck up, looking at Jax who was looking at me with the most weirdest look ever. He had a slight smirk on his face, but his eyes showed worry while his cheeks were red. Was he alright?

"I wasn't zoning out." I state, Xavier and Jax look at me with the 'are you kidding me?' look.

"Sure, well I'm gonna head off to check on the warriors." Jax says as he stands up with both his hands on the table. He gives me a little wave after giving Xavier a little bow.

"Well, I'm going to check some documents." Xavier says, also standing up. I quickly stand up too. He looks at me with a little smile.

"May I join you too? I want to help." I say shifting from one feet to the other. I wasn't sure if he would let me help me but what was wrong in trying?

"Are you sure you want to help?"

"I am the Luna, aren't I? So I suppose it's my job to help you with the pack." I say with all of the confidence I could muster up. I look at Xavier to see him trying to suppress the grin that wanted to appear on his face. He soon gives up, grinning widely at me.

"Damn, I've said it once and am going to say it again, you look hot when you use your given power." he says, chuckling. I purse my lips as I glare at him while blushing slightly.

"So can I come?" I ask as I look at him with hope shining in his eyes. He looks me in the eye and sighs in defeat.

"Fine, little vixen."

I grin at his words causing him to smile slightly. He forwards his hand for me to take, I take it without hesitation. That seems to be a first.

"So what do you normally do?" I ask looking up at him as we both head to Xavier's office. He looks down at me and shrugs lightly.

"I read letters from different packs and decide if I should reply or not-"

"Why decide? Shouldn't you help every pack?" I cut him off. He chuckles a little before coming to a halt.

"Goddess, you are just too nice." he states. I look at him confused. Why would he say that?

"Because you are nice. You have decided to give a monster like me a chance. And for the packs, there are packs who don't give a shit about their packs and when they need help, they start contacting the bigger packs." he says. I nod in realization at his words. I didn't know such packs would exist. A pack is like your family, how could you not care for them?

"Shall we go inside now?" Xavier asks, I look at him and nod. He opens the door to his office for me to step in. I look at the office on awe, it was organized and clean. Not a single peck of dust was present.

"Where shall we start from?"

Unknown point of view

I grabbed an apple from the island, taking a bite from it. My eyes fell on Zach who had just entered the kitchen. His brown eyes found mine and a smirk formed on his lips matching the one I had.

Throwing him a wink, I exited the kitchen. I saw a few men and women sitting on the sofas in the lounge. All of them watching something thriller, I think. Romance wasn't the thing around here.

I quickly spot Danielle who had just entered the room, her black leather jacket slunged over her shoulder while she wore a white top that reached just above her belly button showing the piercing we both had gotten together. Her black Jean shorts showed her pale but muscular legs on display. Spotting me, a grin settled on her red tainted lips.

"My girl! How have you been?" she said as she came running towards me, her fiery red hair bouncing with each step.

"I've been good. How was your trip?" I ask as we both embrace each other. Soon pulling away, she looks at me with her green eyes shining with mischief and pride.

"Great, as always." she said as she flipped her hair dramatically. I chuckled at that. Of course she would never mess anything up. After all I was the reason behind her each success.

"Well that's good. Sorry, I have to take my leave, I have some work to do." I say giving her one last hug before rushing up thr stairs, going to my room.

Opening the door to my room, I smiled a little. This was my room. Mine only. The desk was littered with letters for different jobs while the sheets on the bed were messed up because of last night. The vanity overflowing with different cosmetic items.

I headed towards my table, picking up a random letter, I opened it to see it was a letter from him.

What does he want now?

Quickly crumpling the paper I threw it in thr trashcan which was already filled with useless letters. Sighing, I went to my bed. I took off the sheets, throwing them in the laundry basket. I put on new, clean sheets before fluffing the pillows up making the bed seem more decent and clean.

Sitting down on the bed, my eyes fell on the photo frame sitting on my side table. A smirk made its way on my lips. Picking it up, I touched it lightly.

A slight pout settling on my lips as I saw the bright smile on his face, his eyes showing happiness. How could he smile so happily without me?

I picked the document that was sitting next to the frame. Opening it, I saw all the information I had gathered these past months. It was tough to get all these but I wasn't going to give up. How could I? After all It was me who we were talking about.

One thing caught my attention. The smirk in my face widened seeing it. Now this would make it even more fun.

I went to my desk, picking up the letter I had received from a very good friend of mine. I laughed at that. Friend. That's the last thing I would ever have. Sure Danielle and I got along well but she was my partner, that was it. Nothing else. I didn't have time for these petty friendships. They were just pointless. Why would you even want to tell your personal life to someone who would probably tell it to others? People weren't worthy of trust anymore.

I went to my vanity, searching for my red lipstick. I sighed in annoyance when a few of the products fell down on the carpeted floor. Finally finding my red lipstick, I put another coat on my already red lips.

Looking in the mirror, I smirked. My grey eyes twinkling, my black hair falling in little ringlets framing my heart shaped face, my cheeks shining with the highlighter I had applied. Twisting one ringlet around my fingers, my smirk widened as I thought about him.

Moving to the frame, I picked it up carefully. I put it on the side table at the position where it has always been in. Moving towards the door, I turned, my attention quickly falling on the eyes that stared right back at me. I smirked.

"Don't you worry, I'll be back love"

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