Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 29

Annabelle's point of view

"Oh dear goddess, this is so boring." I whine as I put the letter down on the table. Xavier looks up from the letter he was reading, his glasses on, a little chuckle escaping his lips as he dropped the letter.

"Well it is how it is." he says shrugging slightly, his tongue sweeping out to moisturize the corner of his lips. The shrug had caused his glasses to slightly slide down and now sit on his nose like you would see on professor, but this difference was that Xavier was a handsome one.

"How do you manage to do it every single day?" I say as I stare at the letter as if it would kill me any second now.

"You get used to it."

Sighing, I pick the letter up again reading it carefully. It was from a fellow pack who had some rogue problems going on. The pack alpha seemed as if he wasn't requesting for help but mroe like demanding.

"May I go and make both of us coffee?" I ask as I look at Xavier. He looks up from the screen of his laptop, a slight nod of his head and the tiredness shining in his eyes shows me that coffee would be the best idea.

I get up from my seat in front of Xavier's desk, patting my dress to remove any creases. Passing Xavier a small smile which he returns, I head down to the kitchen. Honestly, I didn't want to go there but I knew I couldn't just hide like that forever.

I stepped into the kitchen to see it empty. Maybe the maids were busy with other chores around the house.

I look around the kitchen, searching for coffee and sugar. After a few minutes of struggling, I finally find it.

In the midst of making the coffee, I hear a slight scream that causes my heart to momentarily stop. The scream seemed to be belonging to a girl. The pain in her scream could be easily identified.

I put the cup back at the island before rushing outside. I run as fast as I could, the loud and painful sobs of the person getting louder and louder as I reached closer.

A head of blonde hair came into my view, I take careful steps towards it.

"Who are you?" I ask, sceptical of the girl sitting there. She still doesn't look up, her hair was covering the majority of her face so I couldn't make out her appearance.

There is some girl crying on the pack grounds. She doesn't smell like our pack.

I mindlink Xavier as I keep my gaze on the girl, careful that she wouldn't attack or run away. She could be a rogue but she didn't smell like a complete rogue either. She had the scent of a rogue on her.

Her skinny, pale and bloodied arms tried to push her body up only for her to collapse right back. I wanted to rush towards her to help her but I didn't want to take any risks.

Is she a rogue? Where are you? I'm coming there.

I hear Xavier. I quickly reply telling him what I had found.

"Angel.." I turn around when I hear Xavier. He looks at me before his eyes move to the girl laying there, a frown setting on his face.

"Can we help her, please?" I ask Xavier desperately. Even though I did not know her, she seemed to be in pain and I couldn't see her like that.

Hearing me, Xavier gives a slight nod before shifting into his wolf. His clothes tearing apart as his bones broke and rearranged themselves, fur appearing on his tan skin.

His black wolf stood tall, he lowered his self a little indicating me to put the girl on his back. I looked back at the girl to see her sobbing had seized.

I rush towards her, moving her hair away from her face. A slight gasp escapes my lips as I look at her bloodied face. Her lip was bleeding, her neck was covered with little red bruises. I took in a deep breath before picking her up in my arms. She weighed very less than I had anticipated her to. She was malnourished.

I carefully put her on Xavier, making sure that she wouldn't fall.

You too.

I squinted my eyes. I wasn't sure if both of us should sit on Xavier. But right now wasn't the time to think such things, quickly and carefully getting on Xavier, I held the girl in my arms. She looked around my age. Her breaths were steady but the constant frown that was etched on her features made my heart clench in pain.

Xavier quickly rushed to the infirmary. Xavier growled a little causing majority of the nurse's attention to turn towards us. They rushed towards us, quickly taking the girl with them.

A nurse came and gave me a pair of scrubs for Xavier. I looked at Xavier showing him the scrubs, he nodded his head and moved towards the room that the nurse had told us to use. I put the clothes on a table before heading out of the room.

As I stood outside the room, my thoughts diverted to the girl. Those bruises on her wrists and cheek showed signs of struggle. Those bruises on her neck showed signs of harassment. That scent on her showed…

"Are you okay?" I look at Xavier who was now standing in the scrubs, his brows furrowed as he looked at me with worry shining in his eyes.

"I- there were bruises on her neck, face and wrists." I say as I let out a shaky breath. Hearing me, Xavier's posture goes rigid. I look into his eyes, tears slightly forming in my eyes. His eyes were closed as he took in deep breaths. Opening in his eyes, he looked at me with regret and pain shining in his eyes.

"I'm s-"

"May I talk to you alpha and Luna?" a doctor comes up to us, worry shining in her brown eyes. I nod my head without giving it a second thought.

"Is she alright?" I ask even though I knew she wasn't.

"The poor girl had been forced by rogues, there are signs of a lot of struggle and clearly thr rogues didn't hold back." she says, my heart breaks little by little at each of her words.

"We have cleaned all other minor bruises but the injury we are worried about are the internal ones. She has lost a lot of blood, we have supplied her with blood. She will be alright but she needs a lot of rest." the doctor finishes off.

"When will she be up? So we can't shift her back to our house." I say quietly looking up at Xavier asking for permission. He nods his head quickly before turning his attention away from me. I knew the guilt was clawing at him right now but I couldn't do anything. Even if I wanted to.

"She will be up in a few hours, you can take her when she's up. Just make sure she rests." the doctor says, I nod at her with a small sad smile.

"You can go if you want to, I'll stay here." I say as I look at Xavier. Without looking up Xavier nods, bidding me farewell before leaving.

I open the door to the girl's room carefully, trying not to wake her up. I look at her and my heart crumbles at her sight. Her blond hair was sprawled on the pillow, her wrists were wrapped in bandages. Ointment was applied on the bruises on her neck and cheek. Her lip that was once bleeding was now also cleaned.

Sitting on the chair that was sitting next to her bed, I look at her with pain. She looked around my age, her face had that look of innocence that was similar to mine. Her chest rose and fell slightly indicating that she was still here, otherwise you could think she was dead from her sickeningly pale skin.


A hiss of pain that was followed by coughing wakes me up from my slumber. I look around in alert, my eyes quickly falling on the girl who was coughing badly.

I quickly pour water in a glass before passing it to her which she gladly takes, still not looking me in the eye.

She passes me the glass, I knew her thirst was yet to be quenched so I poured water in it once again before passing it to her. She gladly took the water from my before gulping it down.

"How are you feeling?" I ask carefully taking my seat back in the chair. Her head hung low, her hair acting as a curtain. She doesn't look up and just keeps staring at her lap.

"May I know your name? I'm Annabelle." I say trying to initiate a conversation with her but I still don't get a reply. Sighing I run a finger through my hair before closing my eyes.

"H-ha-zel" I hear a little voice say making my eyes snap open. I look at the girl who now had her hair out of her face as she stared at me, her hazel eyes boring into my blue ones.

"That's a very nice name"

"Thank y-you." she says as she looks around the room in confusion. Probably wondering where she was.

"You are in the red dawn pack. Which pack are you from?" I ask, she quickly looks at me in alert before relaxing slightly. At the mention of pack, her eyes slightly tear up and I instantly regret my decision of asking her about her pack.

"S… Silver heart pack." she says looking down at her lap. I nod my head still feeling guilty.

Do you know about the silver heart pack?

I ask Xavier since I didn't know much about the packs.

Yea, that pack was attacked by rogues and almost the whole pack had died. The remaining ones were taken by the rogues as slaves I think.

Hearing him, my heart breaks even further. The pain of losing a pack, losing your family, losing your innocence. This girl must've gone through hell.

The girl belongs to that pack. Her name is Hazel. Can you look into it?

I turned my attention to Hazel to see her staring at the ceiling, she was now laying down on the bed, a few tears had rolled down her pale cheeks.

She's the beta's daughter. The pack had been attacked a few months ago.

I nod my head at his words, my eyes still fixed on Hazel.

"Would you like to go back to our home?" I ask, she looks at me through the corner of her eyes before giving me a slight nod. I call in thr nurses that get a wheelchair for Hazel and we both leave the infirmary. The house wasn't very far so I had rejected Xavier to offer us a car.

It didn't even take us a minute to arrive at the house. Stepping inside, I found Jax pacing in the living room. His eyes quickly snapped towards mine, a sigh of relief escaping his lips as he came towards us.

His eyes quickly fall on Hazel,his brows joining together as he looked at her with sadness and confusion.

"Can you help me take her to the guest room?" I ask Jax to which he nods quickly, his eyes still not leaving Hazel's.

Hazel was already asleep as the doctor had injected her with a drug that would lessen her pain and make her drowsy.

Finally arriving at the guest room, I open the door for Jax who was carrying Hazel in his arms, his eyes still fixed on her. What was up with him?

Moving in, he gently laid Hazel down on the bed. His finally connected with mine, there was a slight twinkle in them. A thought came to my mind and a smile made its way on my lips.

"She's your mate." I say as I smile brightly but my happiness was short lived when I remembered what she had to suffer through. My heart ached for her.

"I-I'm not sure. I do feel a connection with her but it's not strong…" Jax says, I look at him with confusion. What does he mean? I had never heard such a thing before.

"What do you mean?" I ask, my eyes shifting from Jax to Hazel then back to Jax. He stood there with a frown on his face as his eyes showed clear sadness and pain. There was confusion shining in them too.

"It might not be my place to tell you that. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry, I understand. Where is Xavier?" I ask, I didn't want to push him and the subject seemed to make him uncomfortable and sad so I decided to drop it.

"After telling me that you were coming, he went straight to his office. He didn't even make eye contact with me. That's why I was so worried." he says, I nod feeling slightly guilty now. Even though I shouldn't.

"Okay, I think I'm going to go check on him. Will you be staying here?" I ask, he nods his head as he looks at Hazel. I smile and exit the room closing the door behind me softly.

When I arrive at Xavier's office, I raise my hearing to see if I could hear something but I end with nothing, complete silence.

I put my hand on the knob, but instead of twisting it, I just hold it. I didn't know if it would be right of me to disturb him right now. I couldn't even tell him it wasn't his fault. So me going there would probably just make him feel more guilty.

I sigh, turning around to leave but stop in my tracks when I hear something break, it sounded like glass. Then came the pain, what was he doing?!

I rushed towards the office, opening the door with a loud bang. My eyes quickly meet Xavier's, a guilty expression was etched on his features.

My eyes left his and moved to his hand, a gasp escaping my lips as I took in his sight. Regret starts seeping within me, I should've came in before, it would've prevented this from happening. Tears were slightly forming in my eyes as I took careful steps towards him.

How could he do this?

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