Forcefully Mated

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Chapter 3

Annabele’s point of view

I still can’t believe it. I’m Xavier knight’s mate. Why moon goddess?

Wait do my parents know? What was their reaction? Are they angry? What about my friends? Will I never meet my family and friends again?

“what are you thinking” I snap out of my thoughts when I hear someone ask me something. I look up to see Xavier staring at as well as his friend whom I don’t know yet.

“N-nothing” I stutter out. I thought that my response would satisfy him but it seemed to do the opposite. Well that is just my luck.

I try to speak up but stop when Xavier grips my jaw tightly. Tears starts to blur my vision.

“annabelle trust me when I say i hate liars. What the fuck is bothering you?” he yells furiously. I try to form a sentence but fail miserably.

“I w-was thinking about m-my f-amily” I say. He loosens his grip a bit and smirks.

“good girl. And now you don’t need to think about your family because now only I am your family. Understood” he says smirking.

I only nod in response. And that right there ladies and gentlemen is how my life is gonna be for the rest of my life.

We enter the castle like house that was going to be my cage for the rest of my life. I sigh. Why?

I feel a harsh tug on my wrist to see that Xavier is pulling me to somewhere. Oh no. Is he going to? No please moon goddess not this.

“relax I won’t do such thing to you...yet”he says but this doesn’t help a lot either because he said he was going to do it.

" we will have a marking ceremony tomorrow. I will have a dress picked out for you. The maids will get you ready. “he says making me tense. He is going to mark me and then mate me. But I’m not ready.

" will y-you m-mate me? “I stutter well I have been doing that a lot lately. He clench his fists. He seems angry.

" yes I will. Do you have a problem with that? “he asks. He has some real anger issues.

" I’m not r-ready yet.” I say to which he raises his eyebrow and smiles sweetly at me. Maybe he will change his mind. He won’t forcefully mate me.

" well sweetheart I don’t care if you are fucking ready or not. “he spats. Okay so maybe I was wrong. He will forcefully mate me.

" but wouldn’t that be c-considered r-rape? “I ask. Well forcefully being mated is just like rape although he is my mate that fate gave me but I didn’t think he would be like this - wait who am I kidding? This is Xavier Nicholas Knight. He will obviously do that.

" and who do you think will stop me from doing that? Huh little one?” he says with an evil glint in his dark blur eyes. Oh yeah I forgot that he is the alpha and no one would dare want to against him. Well they would if they had a death wish.

“that’s what I expected. Now come on I want to sleep.” he says tugging at my hand. He leads me to an incredibly big bedroom.

He takes off his shirt and pants. He gestures me to do the same but I shake my head. I am NOT getting naked in front of him. He sighs and hands me a shirt that he picked out from the closet that I am yet to discover.

He takes off my dress slowly. I shiver in fear not in delight so do read carefully. I was scared that he might lose control and mark me right now.

He puts the shirt on me and goes down to lay on the bed. He gestures me to come and sleep and I do because I don’t want him to get angry. I lay at the far end of the bed but then his arms wrap around me and he pushes me in his chest.

I remain stiff. He waits for a while for me to relax but that didn’t happen and he just slept. But sadly sleep didn’t find me the entire night.

I wake up in the morning to someone snoring softly in my ear. I freeze. What is that? Well more like who is that? Then the events of last night come crashing down on me.

I move my face a little and see Xavier sleeping peacefully. Wait wasn’t i up the whole night? When did I sleep? Well whatever.

I get out of the bed as quietly as I can but luck isn’t just on my side these days.

“where do you think you are going?” I hear his groggy morning voice behind me. I look back at him to see him leaning against the headboard. His arms crossed on his bare chest and his watching my every move like a hawk.

I try to speak but it seems like all the words died in my throat. He raises his brow when I open my mouth but shut it as no words come out once again. I sigh and just point at the bathroom. He nods his head and let’s me go.

I do my business and take a shower. I sigh sadly when I realize that my favorite lemon body wash and shampoo aren’t available.

After the bath. I wear the shirt that Xavier gave me. Well it is more like a dress because it reaches my mid thighs.

“I had my assistant shop for you so your things will be delivered by I guess 3 o’clock “he says after clearly checking me out. I just nod my head. He leaves without another word.

I sigh and take out my phone that was switched off. I turn it on only to be lasted with thousands of messages by my family and Selena and Jaxon.

I open my brother’s messages first. Well he is obviously too lazy so he sent voice mails. I open the last one.

“Ann please fucking reply. Did that fucker do anything bad do you? Just please fucking tell me. I’m so fucking sorry Ann. I’m so sorry.” carson’s voice tells through my phone. And at the end he starts crying.

I feel tears burning my vision too. I didn’t have the courage to reply him back and tell him that he will forcefully mark me and then mate me.

Suddenly my phone starts ringing. He must have seen that I have seen the messages. I accept the call.

“Ann oh my God. Ann. Are you there?” carson’s voice barks through the phone.

“yes, I am Carson.” I say smiling at my brother. He cares for me so much. I hear a sigh of relief from his side.

“God Ann. I can’t believe this. Did he forcefully mate or Mark you?” he asks. Anger seems to be building in him. At his words tears start falling from my eyes.

“H-he said that he w-ill m-ark and m-mate me today f-forcefully.” my voice seems broken. I hear a loud growl from the other side.

“he will not fucking do that. I will kill him” Carson yells but even he knows he can’t kill the alpha. He can get banned from the pack and turn into a rogue. Moreover he won’t be able to do it. Xavier is a lot stronger than him.

Suddenly I hear footsteps approaching. My heart starts beating faster.

“Carson I will talk to you later. I think he is coming. Tell mom and dad and Carlos that I’m okay. Bye” I say and without waiting for a response. I end the call and hide the phone under the pillow.

I lay down on the bed. The footsteps stop and the door opens. I’m comes my nightmare. He looks at me and raises a brow but then shrugs and sits on the other side of the bed.

I look at the time to see it is almost 6 o’clock. Didn’t the assistant have to bring the clothes at 3 o’clock.

“my assistant had something important to do in the office so he couldn’t bring your stuff.” he says answering my unasked question. I don’t say anything.

Suddenly he pulls the pillow from underneath me. My eyes widen. He will see my phone. He takes my phone and raises his eyebrow. My heart is beating a million times a second.

" oh so that is what you have been doing in my absence. Huh. And who the fuck is this Carson?” he yells making me flinch. Goddess what will he do?

“he is my b-brother.” I say looking down. Suddenly I hear a loud crash. I look up in alert to see that he had thrown my phone. It’s screen was completely shattered. Oh goddess.

He comes over to me. I move as far away as I can from him. He growls loudly making me flinch. Tears are now forming in my eyes.

He pushes me down and climbs on top of me. Oh no. What will he do? He is currently hovering above me. I feel like I might cry. Well I am already crying.

I try to push him off but he just takes both my hands and pins them above my head. Now I am full on sobbing.

“p-please don’t D-do this.” I beg. He just smirks. He leans down. I close my eyes shut. Why moon goddess why? I have been asking that question a lot lately.

“I won’t do anything,,, yet.” he whispers in my ear as he lightly nibbles on it. I shiver in fear. Of course. If he wouldn’t do it now. He will do it later.

Soon he climbs off of me. I sat up as quickly as I can. And bring my knees up to my chest and put head in between them and cry my heart out.

What did I do to deserve this?

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